The Blue & Orange Store selling tickets Tuesday to Kellen Moore signing

On its Facebook page, The Blue & Orange Store in the mall on North Milwaukee Street gave some details about the Kellen Moore autograph signing this Saturday.

They'll be selling photos (with one ticket valid for two autographs) on their website Tuesday, June 26, starting at 9:30 a.m. These will be sold online only.

Click here for the full rules. The store's website is

How will he ever keep his job if he's ALWAYS HERE?


You fry wants with that?

Welcome to the world of sports----

"It's all about the money."

It's show biz!

It's the circus, it's theater, it's drama, it's comedy. it's tragedy. Pay 'em what the market will bear. It's capitalism and that ain't bad.

It's never been fair or logical.