Monday morning QB outdoors: Trails, mosquitoes and camping (updated)


Just got back from camping in the Stanley area. There weren't many campers in a lot of the campgrounds, which was surprising, and we had our pick of a campsite. The weather was great with 80s during the day and mid-30s at night.

Hiked the Little Casino Creek trail. Some big trees down on the trail. They didn't deter mountain bikers. In all, the trail was in good shape.

Fishing in the Salmon River was slow. The river is still a little high and the trout weren't taking anything on the surface.

The mosquitoes are out in force. We had lots of them, especially in the marshy meadow areas where there is still lots of water. It's probably the first big hatch so take along the bug juice and zip up the tent screens.

By the way, the meadow near Capehorn and Marsh creeks is fully recovered from the tracks left by someone who drove into the meadow. It was so green and lush, I couldn't even figure out where the photo was taken a couple of summers ago. It's good to see Nature recover.


I just got a current campsite availability report for July 6-8 from the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation.

Although there are a few vacancies peppered throughout state parks, statewide, the best camping bets for that weekend appear to be Bruneau Dunes, Dworshak and Massacre Rocks State Park’s. Lake Cascade has a few sites remaining as well.

Folks can still make reservations up to 24 hours in advance of their stay by going

Photo by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman