Is Idaho's Robb Akey on the hot seat? How safe is Boise State's Chris Petersen?

By Brian Murphy

Idaho football coach Robb Akey is among the bottom 10 Football Bowl Subdivision coaches in the country for job security, according to's Dennis Dodd's 2012 Coach Hot Seat Ratings.

Akey's 2012 rating is a 4.0 on Dodd's scale from 0 to 5 with five being the hot seat.

Just two coaches — Tennessee's Derek Dooley and Arkansas' John L. Smith — received a 5.0, which means "Hot Seat! Win or be fired."

Akey is one of eight coaches to receive a 4.0 or 4.5, which means "warm seat, better start winning." Akey is 19-43 in four seasons with Idaho.

Boise State's Chris Petersen is one of 15 coaches to get the lowest possible mark – 0.0, which means "can't be touched."

The other coaches with 0.0: Air Force's Troy Calhoun, Alabama's Nick Saban, Arkansas State's Guz Malzhan, Florida International's Mario Cristobal, Iowa State's Paul Rhoads, Louisiana-Lafayette's Mark Hudspeth, Michigan's Brady Hoke, Michigan State's Mark Dantonio, Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy, South Alabama's Joey Jones, Stanford's David Shaw, TCU's Gary Patterson, Washington State's Mike Leach and Wisconsin's Bret Bielema.

Petersen is 73-6 in six seasons at Boise State.

Who else should be on that list? Or which coaches should not be on it?

Idaho cancels football camp

Idaho has canceled its summer high school football camp. The camps have become a huge recruiting tool for many schools. Idaho is still sponsoring its junior football camps for younger players.

A high school player told me the camp was canceled because of a lack of interest. Idaho officials, including Akey, have not returned messages about why the camp was canceled.

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Idaho's problem isn't Akey - he's a good coach. Idaho's problem is that it's a football program that is at the bottom of the highly competitive FBS (or whatever it's going to be called) division and just doesn't have the wherewithal to grow to a competitive level.

A new coach isn't going to change that. Better recruiting isn't going to change that. Idaho has two choices, it seems to me. The first is to keep doing what they're doing and chase after the FBS dollars that trickle down their way, with the realization that the program is not going to experience significant success (in terms of winning games). The second is to bite the bullet and drop down to the FCS, where the program would be much more competitive and also rekindle the regional rivalries that it used to have in the Big Sky days.

Firing Akey won't do anything but add a little more chaos to an already chaotic program.

The Correct Choice

I think Akey and Spear are holding back the move to FCS and successes Idaho could have again.

being the Washington Generals of the FBS isn't a bad gig

Considering the money games and all, and speaking of which, maybe they should consider becoming an independent and rid themselves from the hassel of conference affiliation and home games. Instead, they could hit the road and play money games each and every week. Maybe some the players could even earn some extra money singing in hotel lounges while they're on the road. C'mon folks, depending on how you look at it, the Vandal football glass isn't half empty, it's half full. They just need to maximize their earning potential!
Disclaimer- the above was meant as humor and not to be taken seriously ;-)

That's spot on, hardcase

I couldn't agree more

I concur

As hardcase points out - the problem is not with Akey. I would disagree slightly as to the overall problem but then we will be splitting hairs and realistically Idaho's problem(s) are going to take years if they are to improve.Best case scenario for the Vandals is to drop down in class but they seem to have a major pride issue with that regard. There is a saying about pride and the fall - if Spear doesn't act responsibly the whole university will feel the crunch and not just summer camp!

Any news about what Hawk

Any news about what Hawk will be doing this upcoming season?


perfecting the art of kicking himself in the rear for leaving BSU for the Colorado gig! ;-)


C of I is looking for a coach to get back into college football. Even though the job would be small-time for Hawk, it may appear to be an interesting challenge for him.

Coach Job security

Coach Pete is as good as his last game. "What have you done for me lately" is the rule.

Akey is a great cheerleader and a .......

very poor coach. Problem Idaho has is that its really tough getting out of a downward spiral.

murphy, you just love tabloid sports


You fry wants with that?

Agree, Akey is not the primary problem...

...he seems like a pretty decent coach. The deck is stacked against U of I. It's a tough spot for them really. Geography and facilities go against them. It is such a hard climb for any FBS team to get into the upper echelon, you've really got to do something special to grow the program and get the recruits that keep getting you there. I just don't see it happening for U of Idaho. The state of Idaho is hardly big enough in terms of alumni and population to support one top-tier FBS much less two.

Also, had to comment on that note about Hawkins, he might indeed be kicking himself for leaving, and I think he's a good coach and a good guy, so nothing against Hawk, but it was the best thing ever for the Bronco's. Coach Peterson is the real brains behind the Bronco's rise to glory.

How competitive would the U

How competitive would the U of I actually be in the Big Sky? Are they better than Montana, Montana State, Weber State, Portland State? They may be a middle of the road Big Sky team.

Better the middle than the cellar.

I would like to hear from Vandal fans would you be ok with U of I returning to the Big Sky and have a chance to enjoy going to a game again?

Good point...

by Florida. Just dropping a division doesn't guarantee success. Presumbably going down a level means they'd also get less talent than when they are an FBS school. There are no sure-fire answers for U of I.

man we're all gonna die, face that.


You fry wants with that?