Idaho counties stay off deadliest dozen list of predator killers

The Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services got unwelcome attention in The Sacramento Bee’s series by Pulitzer-prize-winning reporter Tom Knudson, which ran earlier this month in the Idaho Statesman.

This federal agency gets tens of thousands of dollars a year from Idaho mostly to kill predators on top of its federal dollars. It is loved by ranchers and hated by animal lovers.

But environmental groups that have opposed it have rarely made any dent in this shadowy agency because of its political support in the West. Knudson’s series may change that.

So to cash in on the new interest, one of the groups, Wild Earth Guardians, put out a report today on the “Deadliest Dozen” counties in the West. Surprise! Idaho’s is not among the leaders in animal killing.

In the 11-year period from 1998 to 2008, Wildlife Services reported it killed 40,089 animals in five counties in Wyoming, and 35,151 animals in three counties in Nevada. Elko County, Nev., is number one in the West with nearly 18,000 reported kills in an 11-year span. The remaining deadliest dozen counties in the West were found in California, Colorado, Oregon, and Utah.

The Knudson showed how non-lethal methods could work as well as killing without making as many people mad. But the agency probably faces a bigger problem, the need to cut the federal budget.

Whether they are killing or coddling predators the current mood in Washington is to cut even good programs to balance the budget. And how long will state lawmakers consider it more important to kill coyotes than to create high tech jobs or care for the elderly?

"And how long will state

"And how long will state lawmakers consider it more important to kill coyotes than to create high tech jobs or care for the elderly?"

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Do you know why we aren't on the "list"? Because we kill them ourselves. Animal rights people are appalling!

Rocky, I have an idea

How's about we hire some undercover federal agents to walk extra coyotes to Idaho so that more are killed and Idaho will make the precious "deadliest dozen" list, that way, when enough predators die, we can further our agenda, sure it will be twisted and manipulative, but the coyotes are being sacrificed for the greater good. When the public sees how many coyotes died unnecessarily, there shall be an outcry for stricter regulation, which in all actuality, will only stop the poor law abiding farmer from protecting his investments. This poor farmer who works harder in one day then any of us activists work in a lifetime but that is only because we are super educated and know what is good for everyone, and we cannot stay out of anyone's business. If people catch on to this ploy, we will bury it as, "the same old politics because of an election year," we may even get some executive privelege to cover it up. Maybe we can call it "2 Fast 2 Furious," whaddya think?

Nice idea, you have it scoped.


You fry wants with that?

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regardless of the USDA actions which are questionable at best,
Knudsen story is ridiculous and so one-sided it becomes garbage.

Start with the Norie story. The 3 contractors were told traps were in the area and it was "closed".
They DECIDED there was NO risk to them and their 3 dogs for their 3 day in the area.

Norie left his Husky dog unleashed over night in an area KNOWN to have wolves. This is stupid. Stupid is as stupid does and your dog gets into trouble. It has nothing to do with a snare. The dog could have just as easly been eaten by a pack of wolves during the night. Norie is a stupid baby and wants to blame his mistake on someone else. Norie's own account of the incident shows his mistake and has inconsistencies to boot.

Knudsen writes about it and tries to make it sensational. It's garbage journalism.
He uses a picture of a coyote with a full grown cow in the background and implies coyotes don't bother cows. CALVES dumas! It's garbage journalism.

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Our federal government should not be going any predator control. Eliminate the Wildlife Services. And fire Rocko.

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