BCS committee could consider Mountain West exemption request next week

By Brian Murphy

The BCS Presidential Oversight Committee could consider the Mountain West's request for an exemption next week at its meetings in Washington, D.C. The Mountain West was allowed to apply for an exemption after reaching certain on-field qualifications.

If the waiver is granted, the Mountain West's champion would receive an automatic berth in one of the five Bowl Championship Series bowl games in each of the next two seasons. After that, college football is expected to move to a four-team playoff. The 12-member Presidential Oversight Committee will vote on the new format at its meetings.

Idaho President Duane Nellis is a member of the committee.

The Mountain West requested its exemption in December, but the committee has put off making a decision for months.

BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock said with such a full agenda, it's possible no decision will be made.

"We don’t know for sure because the agenda next week is pretty full," Hancock told the Idaho Statesman. "If time permits, I expect they will take up the matter. If not, they will likely address it in a teleconference later in the summer."

Boise State is scheduled to play in the Mountain West in 2012 and the Big East in 2013. If the Mountain West is granted the exemption, the Broncos would be in an automatic-qualification conference each of the next two years.

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As said many times....Big East is

Big Mistake....

The majority of my predictions have come true....

Can't wait...

...to hear the rest of them.


So you really think staying in the MWC is a better idea?

Korp....Yes I do think so....

BSU should stay put and help the mwc build....in the meantime, they should aggressively try to enter into one of the Big 5....If patient, they will get it....

The Big East is a Big 'Dead' End....
The Big East is a Big Corner with no way out....

In 2013, who is in the Big East that matters in cfb?

why ARE we reading this?


You fry wants with that?

name them

a couple that have not come true: boise state finishing 9-3 last season & hyper-inflation taking over the united states economy.

B81....hyper-inflation is


Only slowed down by bailouts and the QEs....but the day is here and it wont be any fun....

On 9-3, yes I lost and paid the wagers (except to one).....

ok so I was 29 out of 30....

PLEASE come to your

PLEASE come to your senses...save the whole athletic department and stay in the Mountain West!

If anything at all ugly

You are entertaining......

§ Not really

Unless potato chips and bell towers are in the mix.

Doesn't BSU need a

Doesn't BSU need a conference like the Big East to qualify for one of those 4 playoff slots?

This has become such a virtual brothel I don't give a crap.


You fry wants with that?

Would you give a crap...

if you were a proctologist?

No, I would not if I was a proctologist

It is the patient's responsibility for that endeavor.


Good point.


Why doesn't the world beat a path to your door for your predictions???? Probably because they are very Ugly.

Really?? They're SO busy

Really?? They're SO busy that they don't have time to consider THIS?? Another stall tactic from the rediculous BCS!

UGLY you are....

...LOL.....yet another feeble attempt to get BSU to stay in the WAC Junior conference. I would rather see BSU go back to the BIG SKY then stay in the Morphed WAC. Heck I think I would even rather see them play the IDEEhoe drunks then San Josie. NOT!

My Predictions Thus Far

1. BSU will go undefeated this season (2012) and finish the season ranked # 5 and get snubbed again. I have reviewed the returning players and believe we are in great shape. Yes, we lost 18 of 22 starters but actually those starters were backed up by many returning plyers who got significant playing time last season (2011). I don't think we miss a beat.

As I have said many times, on these boards, the BSU Broncos HAVE TO GO UNDFEATED to have any shot at any relevance in the minds of the human component of the rankings.

The Broncos cannot afford even one loss. If they lose any game the sason is basiclaly over for the Broncos.

Hence, we find ourselves in the same position we have been in for the past several years. Nothing new.

2. I predict the Broncos will not have a team/coach melt down like they have had in each of the past two yeaars toward the end of the season.

3. I also, predict that Patti will be the starting QB after the middle of the season due to injury. I am afraid there will be many injuries to ankles and lower legs and knees, as BSU continues to use the small Tinkerbelle type football slippers and not the more ankle protection frinedly Higher topped football boots favored by professional teams.

4. Another prediction I have is that the Bronco horse that is ridden in Bronco stadium will get excited at least one time and sanitation specialists will be called in to rapidly remediate.

5. Also, after the 4th game of the season, razor will discover that a couple of generous sprays of WD-40 works as well ss any viagra type pills on the market - and only costs a fraction of what the pills cost.

BAA Member # 63799

PS - If you have not joined or updated your Bronco Atheltic Association membership, please do, even though several regular posters to these boards will try to convince you not to do it.

VNDL....on predictions

1 thru 3--I dont know?

Predictions 4 & 5 have some merit....

I never thought of WD-40....

I'll second that

if aqfunk's predictions come true it will be a great season.

BAA 1093935


It's been several months since I've read any of your posts. I hope your prediction of an undefeated season comes true. So, which QB do you think will get the starting nod at the beginning of the season?

Good to hear from you!

BAA # 7192421


Mega likes for "BAA # 7192421"

That is awesome!



BAA #63799

Lots to consider on any move---


I don't care who's league they're in at the point-it's all drool


You fry wants with that?


1. Oregon will play in BCS bowls every season
2. Boise will not go undefeated this year or next
3. The MWC will not get the exemption to gain AQ status
4. Boise will never join one of the Big 5 conferences.
5. Joining the Big Least will result in nothing for Boise

There you have it fugly, sanford and son, broncos69 b43s42urine...

Enjoy eternity never playing in another BCS bowl!! LOL and rack me yet again..."hey vine thanks for the jim"...click...thats eddie from boise for ya!!!

broken record

This sounds like a repost from 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011? Two of those season Oregon lost to Boise State.

Now that USC is off probation the Pac 12 Championship might have two teams with winning records.


...the last meaningful win for Boise was...2009 vs. Oregon. Propelled them to undefeated season but lost in the lowest rated BCS bowl of all time vs fellow non aq TCU.

Since then, yes won vs Va Tech but meant nothing because of weakazz schedule couldn't bail them out when they lost to Nevada...lol!!! Yes won vs Georgia, however, meant nothing because weakazz schedule could not bail them out after losing to TCU and the rook qb!!! Again...LOL!!!

2009...Oregon loses to Boise in , rebounds by winning the Pac 12 conference and pounding USC by 4 touchdowns...and plays in the Grandaddy!!

2010...Oregon does not lose

2011 Oregon loses to LSU...rebounds to dominate Andrew Luck by 3 touchdowns for the second year in a row, wins the Pac 12...again and plays in the Grandaddy...again.

The lesson turds is that living in the past just makes you look like the regional odditty you are...go schedule and win multiple meaningful games in one season...live in the present...Boise has become a laughing stock in college athletics...

...and Oregon keeps losing to them...

... doh...

a few corrections

BSU did not lose to TCU in the Fiesta Bowl in 2010.

Grandaddy should only refer to the BCS Championship game and I know you didn't play in it last year.

On Your Predictions....

1. Maybe, maybe not. Oregon must always finish in top 5 of Pac-12, and that is not a guarantee....

2. I agree. Unless, Boise beats Michigan State....If so, then possible. My guess is BSU will be 10-2 or 9-3....

3. This could happen. But quality teams must stay, and new ones arrive. BSU leaving does not help mwc chances at AQ....

4. Probably right. Boise heading to the Big Mistake will hurt their future chances....they will be stuck in a conference and scheduling rut....who cares about the $8M tv deal....that will go cause Boise v Rutgers not too exciting....

5. Ugly agrees....

THEY WON'T. Stop the tabloid jounalism.


You fry wants with that?