Dog days of summer is an insult to dogs

Hot weather can be a pain for outdoor sports, especially if they include riding, hiking, running, etc. If it sounds like I am whining, it's because I am. I always remind myself that if I don't like hot weather, I shouldn't live on the edge of the desert. Boise is the only place I've lived where I dread the heat of summer. Fortunately, the cool mountains are coming into their summer prime. They're a short drive away, and a welcome escape from the heat. It's time to be like a good hippie and get high.

Think it comes from the Dog Star...

Which is highest around then.


You fry wants with that?

Its warm up here too

The chickens are shading up under the lilac bush.

Got any room for me under

Got any room for me under than lilac bush?


Lilac Bush

We didn't have many lilac flowers this spring, too many late frosts. Just enough room for the chickens under the bush, but it gets bigger every year. Best place to cool off is down by the river.

The tree swallows love chicken feathers for their nests. For entertainment we toss feathers in the air and watch the swallows swoop in and catch them.