The race for Idaho GOP chair: one pundit's wish

I don't know Barry Peterson or Gayann DeMordaunt, the two candidates for state Republican Party chairman.

I don't have a vote in Saturday's race for party chairman. Heck, thanks to the GOP's closed primary, and the paper trail that goes with it, I can no longer vote in party primaries.

But that doesn't mean I don't have a rooting interest.

Check out Peterson's take on the race, as reported today by John Miller of the Associated Press.

"She's a nice kid," Peterson said of his opponent. "I told her, 'I want to wish you well, but I'm going to kick your tail.'"

Hey, he wouldn't be dull.

What more could a pundit ask?

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"I can no longer vote in party primaries."

Wow, who knew news commentators were being turned away at the door!


Of course, nobody's being "turned away at the door," and that's not what I wrote. But as I wrote two months ago, many Idahoans — and not just journalists — can and will no longer vote in primaries, when their voting practices are a matter of public record. That's just the reality of it.

Kevin Richert
editorial page editor

I can't get this image out of my mind.....

In Iraq, women voted for the first time. Their index fingers were stained with ink to show everyone who had voted. This came at great risk to themselves and their families. They knew the ink stain may mean a beating, torture or even death but they proudly and bravely displayed their ink stained fingers. Now in Idaho - you, some judges, and some others complain about your vote being a matter of record. I could care less how you vote - I could probably predict with 90% accuracy how you would vote - and I could care less - it has no affect on my impression of you. So again, the image - women in Iraq proudly and bravely displaying their ink stained fingers and you stating you will no longer vote in primaries because someone may find out (or even care) how you voted. How small can you get?

This isn't Iraq. I hope our democracy is bit more advanced

"I could probably predict with 90% accuracy how you would vote." Comments like those are exactly the reason some of us don't want our vote to be public record. Given your comments on so many topics, I would argue that how people vote absolutely impacts your impression of them.

We are much more advanced in our democracy than Iraq. There is absolutely no reason to force Idahoans to make their vote public. There is no reason to make those who work in the public sector, or in non-partisan positions, register with a specific party. There is no reason my boss, or Wayne Hoffman, or anyone else needs to know how I vote.

No, citizens here might not face death or beatings (again, this isn't Iraq), but they could certainly face very subtle discrimation and even possible loss of employment or appointed positions. And why? To benefit the party at the expense of the voter.

The system in Idaho was NOT broken. Any plan to limit voting goes against our Idaho way of life.


You forgot one very important word in the last sentence of your reply to tetpilot. It should read "That's just the ASININE reality of it."...Sunny...

Chicken little

"I can no longer vote in party primaries."

THAT is BS Kevin.

You CAN vote if you want.

EVERY reader on here knows/expects you to vote Democrat. So what? Stop being a wussy by blaming the stupid closed primaries on "I can't vote"!!!

That is totally different than "I don't want to vote".

Fight for your right... yeah! !!! rock on!

But what if KR is a Republican?

If all the liberal media domination theorists are correct, KR would put his job at risk by being outed as a member of the GOP.

Whose the wussy ?

Hey stone thrower why don't you then quit hiding behind a fake name?