California wide receiver withdraws commitment to Boise State football team

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

Wide receiver Chris Seisay has withdrawn his commitment to the Boise State football team, he said Thursday evening.

The American Canyon (Calif.) High senior-to-be committed to the Broncos last weekend. He has not committed elsewhere, he said.

“I was caught up in the moment when I committed,” Seisay said by text message. “And I didn’t get the chance to talk it over with my parents.”

Seisay (6-foot-2, 175 pounds) said he isn’t sure if Boise State’s offer still stands. The Broncos usually back away from players who decommit.

Here is the updated recruiting class for 2013:

— LB Joe Martarano, 6-3, 215, Fruitland HS
— TE Alec Dhaenens, 6-4, 235, Fruitland HS
— QB Ryan Finley, 6-4, 180, Paradise Valley HS (Phoenix)
— OL Eli McCullough, 6-5, 255, Rocky Mountain HS
— C Andrew Tercek, 6-3, 285, East Central HS (San Antonio, Texas)
— LB Tanner Vallejo, 6-2, 220, Nevada Union HS (Grass Valley, Calif.)
— LB Durrant Miles, 6-4, 225, Bingham HS (South Jordan, Utah); expects to join in 2016 because of LDS mission

You said it best

"Ouch" is right

You Boise st Small Potatoes dont get it

You guys are really talking trash to Oregon ?? Puhhhleaaase. Boise st fans really think they are Gods gift to college football, Reality check boise donkeys, You GUYS ARE NOT A POWERHOUSE. NEVER WILL BE. You do not have the resources to continue your fun little run. Petersen is a great coach, but beleive me, kellen moore & the gang are long gone.

1st round draft picks ? too bad you only have 4 in your entire history. Boise st is a little darling, always will be. The big LEAST is losing their BCS status, its pretty much gaurenteed.

Boise will never be able to make the jump like TCU & Utah have, and to be honest, those teams are much more respectable than boise anyway. TCU won the ROSE BOWL. bsu can only dream about playing in the rose bow. Utah was the ORIGINAL BCS BUSTERS, first to do it twice. Utah and then TCU were the first mid-major darlings, then boise st came along and hawaii.

Living up here in Tacoma, we honestly laugh at you guys claiming to be big time. Theres nothing going on in Idaho, and recruits down want to go there ( chris Siesay, Marcus Rios) BSU is a last resort. A plan B or C at best.

Husky football is on the rise, would dominate you guys this year. BSU will go 6-6, so i hope your ready for a reality check and get used to the cellar.

§ Fix the defense, then talk

This coming from a very long-time Husky fan (circa 1960) long before you were two cells joined.

How do you score 56 points and LOSE? By giving up 67 while being ranked 108th in points against in the FBS! Nice. Fix the defense and then talk, loudmouth.

At least when BSU gives up 67, THEY WIN (Nevada, 10-14-2007, 4 OT, 69-67).

Fix the defense, figure out how to beat Oregon (which the Huskies haven't done since 2003), then talk. BSU can beat Oregon; what's your problem?

Glad you know about cellars. Huskies aren't far removed from 0-12 (2008). Good thing you didn't wander on down through the wine cellars near Prosser to grab Kellen. Too much Tacoma pulp mill fumes?

When you go 2-0 vs. Oregon, then come back to talk, loser ... because right now you are zero for your last eight.

[And, yeah, I grew up in the U-District and spent lots of time in Hec Ed and Husky Stadium.]

we all try hard to back out of being committed you know


You fry wants with that? in the past because...

the past is all there is to be excited about for Boise fooseball. Boise beat Oregon in 08 and 09 and you still boast as if it just happened. Same as Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. What else has Boise done with all those pr firms and senators and congressmen and!!!

News flash dullrazor...those wins were seasons ago...Boise is still in the MWC and is heading to the Big Least which by the time Boise joins will be considered less than the MWC ever was...

Its over blue pee group...Kellen Moore and the speedster criminals are not coming back. We have seen how bare the cupboards are with the QB you have and the lack of any worthy recruits...

You keep losing the only good recruits you had...why?? Because Boise is less a player now and going forward than they ever were. Rebuilding and hoping for 6-6 this season, moving to the Big Least where there is no AQ status and zero BCS quality teams...

Back to square one...after losing to MSU to open this season there will be no one to qualify as a quality win...

No Bowls, no conference championships, nothing on the horiozon...may as well step down a level and go back to the big sky and get your butts handed to you by Montana...

LOL and rack me again as usual...gonna be a fun season...another BCS bowl for Oregon and no whining and crying from Boise...don't worry though, Im not going anywhere. I will be here every day...

You do that. No care given nor taken.


You fry wants with that?

Razor- reality check for BSU fall 2012

This fall will be a real eye opener and the little magical fantasy fun run with Kellen Moore & the gang is LONG GONE. You think that little puke Nick Patti will be a good QB ?? Kid isn't 5-10 with high heels on. He will get leveled in the Big Least. That must suck for BSU to have a very small & brief taste of football from 2006-2009, and now it's ALL OVER with. Petersen is a great coach, but without Kellen Moore and him luckily staying healthy, wouldn't have accomplished anything these past 3-4 yrs.

BSU fans think they're so accomplished and elite, you guys are so small potatoes. Nobody wants you, PAC12 doesn't, BIG12 doesn't, and both went out and got tough teams & schools with huge upside. TCU ( your big brother) made the jump to BCS status, has the respect of the entire country and will do well after a few seasons in BIG12. Utah jumped to PAC12 & instantly made a huge impact, came within a missed field goal of the PAC12 title game in their first year.

I was glad as a husky fan to add Colorado ( Denver market) & Utah (Salt Lake City market) because both metro areas are big and bring a lot to the table, unlike loser-town Boise Idaho.

Washington killed Boise last time we played and would destroy them this year too with Keith price under center. Sark will always have Petersen's number. Sorry Idaho

§ Yip, yip

More Pekingese than Malamute.

Fix the defense, then talk.

You know who huskyswagg is, right?

No need for cool software to evaluate. It's crystal clear.

He's no Husky fan. There's 20 little details that tell you that. Start with the fact Sark wasn't even on the sideline the last time UW beat the Broncos.

I wish we would get some real perspective on these blogs and not these phony pretenders.

§ Yep, JL

That was my initial thought. Real Husky fans who have experienced the highest and, more recently, the lowest are nowhere near as arrogant and boastful as "the swagger".

He's a fake, for sure. A member for all of one day. No coincidence there.

Hopefully we'll get a few classy Michigan State fans signing on before the game. We even had a couple of objective Georgia fans on last fall (except for Herchel, of course).

I think it's getting to be time for a meeting. Whatcha say?

Yes sir

Ive met a couple Spartans in the last few weeks. They were intelligent, classy thoughtful fans. Lots of respect and excitement for the game in a couple months.

Let's make a meeting happen. Find out when BBM 2 is back in Boise this summer. Lots to discuss.

Another group meeting?

Sweet! I'm in.

OK, I'll bite

Who is he? I'm not very good at recognizing the writing styles of posers and alter-egos.

You might be right

But, we'll never know until Boise State and Washington play again. Why didn't the Huskies come play at Boise in 2008? We had to settle for Oregon, and we thumped them in their home!

TCU is our big brother, and has always had a financial and geographical advantage over us. They were in the MWC while we were in the WAC. When we moved up to the MWC, they moved up to the Big-12. You can't just make a huge jump. If the Big East hadn't invited us, we'd be in the MWC for a few years, improving the whole way. We can't fix the size of the Boise Metropolitan area. We can only improve the school.

Whether we are in the Big East or still in the MWC, within 10 yrs we will be ready for a bigger, stronger conference. That conference could be the Big-12 or the Pac-12 or maybe just a more powerful Big East. We won't know until at least 2020.

I'll be rooting for TCU as well as Boise State. I want the "new kid" to show up the elitists in the Big-12. I'd root for Utah as well, but they didn't exactly impress last year. And, Utah has been on a decline ever since they beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. Honestly, since that game, they haven't been the best team from the MWC.

I agree dullrazor and michael landon....

time for a loser meeting. I'm sure you can recruit fred sanford, fugly, doggiestyleandponyshow, broncos69 and b43s42urine.

Time to face what they call reality...the glory days of the WAC are looooong gone!! your big brothers TCU, BYU and Utah have all moved on to bigger and better and your daddys, Oregon, Washington and the rest of the conference of champions along with the rest of the Big 5, Big 10, Big12, SEC and ACC will never invite you anywhere.

Welcome to the second tier of college fooball!! Leave the Bif time bowls, paydays and National Championships to the Big 5!!

Husky Fan since 1982

I grew up in Washington, also have lived in several other states ( Kentucky, Georgia, New Jersey,) But Tacoma has been my home and my Dad always been a huge Husky fan.

Went t graduate school at Washington, undergraduate at Rutgers University. I Love Washington Husky football, and I haven't had a lot of trash talk to throw out for a long time. Ty Willingham yrs were rough.

I do know the last time We played Boise state Jake locker was a freshman and we lit you guys up, Boise came into that game ranked (overrated)

I can still remember being at the Rose Bowl vs Michigan for the National Title in 1991 and being so nervous for that game, even though I was really young at the time. Best day of my life. I think those days Are coming back.

Boise fans will never experience this, and it drives guys like me crazy to listen to you bronco losers rave about being a "powerhouse". Until you
Actually have experienced big time college football for more than 6 yrs, Never use that word "powerhouse". Get ready for 6-6 next year

§ Okay, then

What pronouncement did Bo Schembechler make (about the Huskies) from the booth during that Rose Bowl?

Which play was a questionable touchdown?

What did Napoleon Kaufman have on his feet?

What did Elvis Grbac say about the Husky defense after the game?

What did Mario Bailey do in the endzone that was unusual?

What did Keith Jackson say Don James wanted to bite?

What did Keith Jackson say about Mark Brunell having lost his starting spot (due to injury) to Billy Joe Hobert?

What did Lincoln Kennedy say after the game on national TV?

If you are such a big Husky fan, surely you've seen (and should possess) the video of that game. Else ... NOT!!

When have BSU fans on these blogs bantered the term "powerhouse"?


And what about Naomi?


You fry wants with that?

Washington fan?....then more questions....

1. Who does Washington play in the Apple Bowl?
2. If in Tacoma, what is your closest volcano?
3. What two areas have most of your potatoes?
4. What two volcanoes are named after two famous beers of 1970s-1980s?
5. What did Barry Switzer say to Coach James after defeat in 1984?
6. What great University sets just 8 miles east of WSU?

He's probably googling the answers to those questions

Probably hear back from him sometime this afternoon. I find it interesting that we don't hear from several posters for months and then all the d-bags come out of the wood works at roughly the same time.

§ The Apple Bowl?

Plenty of bowl games have come and gone. There never has been one called the Apple Bowl.

Maybe he meant...

The Apple Cup, which is the rivalry between Washington and Washington State.

§ Obviously

Not exactly a malapropism, but typical for ugly.

Check your email.

Another Update in this Saga

Does anyone realise that the guy who committed to us AFTER Seisay committed to Oregon is rated higher by both Yahoo and ESPN?

According to ESPN, both players are 3-Star Athletes.

Jack Austin is 6'3" and 205 lbs with an ESPN Recruiting score of 78. He is listed as the #66 WR in the Recruiting Class.

Chris Seisay is 6'2" and 175 lbs with an ESPN Recruiting score of 77. He is listed as the #79 WR in the Recruiting Class.

Now, I understand Seisay will be playing DB. I saw some of the footage of him as a Safety, and all of his INTs came from really bad throws, rather than anything HE did. As I said before, I was never impressed with this kid's "skills".

Sounds to me like we got an upgrade by losing Seisay.

Zimo wrote about dog poop bags so why are we here?


You fry wants with that?