California wide receiver withdraws commitment to Boise State football team

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

Wide receiver Chris Seisay has withdrawn his commitment to the Boise State football team, he said Thursday evening.

The American Canyon (Calif.) High senior-to-be committed to the Broncos last weekend. He has not committed elsewhere, he said.

“I was caught up in the moment when I committed,” Seisay said by text message. “And I didn’t get the chance to talk it over with my parents.”

Seisay (6-foot-2, 175 pounds) said he isn’t sure if Boise State’s offer still stands. The Broncos usually back away from players who decommit.

Here is the updated recruiting class for 2013:

— LB Joe Martarano, 6-3, 215, Fruitland HS
— TE Alec Dhaenens, 6-4, 235, Fruitland HS
— QB Ryan Finley, 6-4, 180, Paradise Valley HS (Phoenix)
— OL Eli McCullough, 6-5, 255, Rocky Mountain HS
— C Andrew Tercek, 6-3, 285, East Central HS (San Antonio, Texas)
— LB Tanner Vallejo, 6-2, 220, Nevada Union HS (Grass Valley, Calif.)
— LB Durrant Miles, 6-4, 225, Bingham HS (South Jordan, Utah); expects to join in 2016 because of LDS mission

I'd back away from anyone that decommits,

especially a wide receiver. Coach says at practice "you think you can catch a ball thrown like that?" Seisay says "I dunno coach, gotta check with my mommy and daddy.". Maturity is important..Sunny...

Cool story, bro.

You typify the moronic element of the BSU fan base... Guess what, kids change their minds. It happens all the time with lots of commits and teams.

But go ahead, trash on him. Stay classy.

Sunny is not out of line

This kid never was "OKG."

I read what he had to say on his first interview following his commit. He said he was not sure if he was going to take in any campus visits. That told me he was not 100% locked in even though he said he was. I posted Chad on the 19th:

Submitted by IM4BSU on Tue, 06/19/2012 - 3:53pm.

Chadd, you said, "I’ll post more on Seisay when I’m able to reach him."

When you reach him Chadd, ask him if he is 100% committed or is he still not sure if he will entertain other campus visits. He said, he wasn't sure if he would or not? If the boy is 100% locked in he will not!

Frankly, I am glad he is gone - I thought he would linger and pull out later - this gives the Broncos a chance to reel one of the better receivers in while they are still there, such as Keys, Austin, or Larue

He's going to be on the other side of the ball at Oregon.

The kid made the switch from WR to DB/S this past season and will play CB his senior year. BSU evidently wasn't interested in him in the Bronco secondary, which played a big role in his decision to decommit. In addition, we should be mindful that BSU is dealing with a certain number of scholarships and at certain positions, which more than likely played a key role in why they didn't want to bring him in as a DB. Seriously, I don't know why some are so down on this kid, as it's clear that our staff considered him "OKG" or else they wouldn't have tossed him an offer at the end of camp.

I'm not down on him

I just wasn't high on him either. Watching his videos, I wasn't stumbling over myself with excitement. He was average AT BEST. Nothing stood out. So, I don't see it as much of a loss.

Wish I could disagree

But as a Boise State graduate and very long time (since the 60's) fan of Boise State I have to agree with the comment about the "moronic element of the BSU fan base." He's absolutely right about that.

You can see the proof of that every single day on the Boise State website, or as they call themselves. The amount of ignorance and stupidity that is on display there every single day of the week is shocking (and embarrassing).

I too have noticed an abundance of ignorance flowing from - They are not even worthy of a comment

your embarassment

Bronco Country is a website made to post opinions for discussion. It amazes me that people characterize all contributors by what they like the least. I think it's embarrassing that people are so intolerant of any opinion but their own in a society that pretends to support free speech. This kid who pulled his commitment will probably have to find another home since BSU is looking for players that really want to be in the Bronco program. It was his decision and if he has hesitations on coming to Boise then we really don't need to waste a scholarship on him. Someone will give him the opportunity to play.

I don't view that site, so why defend it?

Is this that Swansong cat?


You fry wants with that?

What was that you were say'n?

something about you thinking it's embarrassing that people are so intolerant of any opinion but their own? ;-)

Let's not be too harsh.

Let's not be too harsh. These are very young men. With that being said, I suspect the coaches recommended that the student-athlete discuss this with his parents.

I agree Fla

There just "might" be a little more to the story.

Very young men?

That's a load of bulls##t. He's 18 years old. He's an adult. He's not a little kid. Stop making these kids sound like some 10-yr old who needs permission to stay the night at a friend's house.

I'm 46, that makes him very young to anyone but Sandusky

We have nothing else to vetch about, I do realize.


You fry wants with that?

He just finished his junior

He just finished his junior year of high school. Are you sure he's 18?

Did he?

I don't believe he isn't 18 already. At 17, a person needs their parents' permission to enter the military. Are you telling me that at 17 this kid was allowed to make a commitment to a University without his parents' permission? The same legal procedures would also need to be followed.

Besides, at 6'2" and 177 lbs, Seisay is essentially an adult.

Some fine logic on display.

Being tall makes you an adult...hmm? I say raise the voting age to 6'2". Anger and hostility, if you don't have it your not being irrational enough, come on and give it a college, I mean grade school try! As once said by a guy "if your not with us your against us", ha! Decisions, they're the work of the devil.

This kid is no different than an adult

He is 6'2" and 175 lbs. Physically, THAT is an adult.

Those are the same stats as Trayvon Martin, who picked a fight and got shot. He also was 17 yrs old.


that he noticed we have WR's that run in the 4.4's and below range, maybe he wants to see if he can get an offer with slower WR's where he'll have more chance to play??

Bummer that is a little

Bummer that is a little suburb of my hometown Vallejo.
Vallejo has had some good athletes.
Tug McGraw, Bill Buckner, CC Sabitha, Jeff Gordon
to name a few of the well known ones. I worked with CC's
Grandma and my Ma's known Jeff since he raced go carts.

Gordon is a beast behind the wheel

I used to know a few guys when I was a trucker and we'd get to meet and greet at truck stops between races. Not much chance that the drivers hang with the transporters any longer, there were only a few who did it on a regular basis even then. Still it is nice when we get youngmen who know how to set goals and keep on track from an early age. I know that the only thing that is constant in this life is change, still one has to try and steer as steady a course as possible. After all we allow 17 year old's to enter the Military and to vote at 18.

Maybe they read this.


You fry wants with that?


If he doesn't want to be apart of the best football program in the country then forget him. We beat Oregon both times we played them. What does Oregon have that's better besides facilities and academics?

Uh, really?

LOL. You've got to be trolling/kidding. Oregon has a vastly superior conference affiliation, more BCS bowls (and greater potential for more), a national title game appearance, a bigger and better stadium, a more frequently sold-out stadium, a bigger fan base, crazy facilities that are among the best in the nation, more money than God, etc, etc, etc.

Are you serious?


Oregon has all that and lil' ol' Boise State still stomped em. And would do it again. And again.

Be a winner. Eat ducks for dinner.

...and aren't as good as

...and aren't as good as BSU....just with it

god doesn't need money, you realize

even ATHEISTS know that.


You fry wants with that?


That sounds more like sour grapes. I am a big BSU fan, but we really need to move on from the U of O wins. Let's turn the page.

Does it really matter?

He committed, then withdrew his commitment. Big deal. I saw the video with him on ESPN Recruiting. He's tall, and has decent hands, but little else. He's not very fast.

He had two throws on that ESPN video. The first one he caught, but the DB was getting burned all throughout that video, so maybe Seisay just draw a sucky DB. The second pass got knocked away by a DB who ran with him step for step.

I looked forward to this kid playing for us, as I would ANY kid playing for us. But, I won't lose sleep because he withdrew his commitment.

BTW, he'll never play here. When he withdrew his commitment, Boise State will withdraw their offer.


Move on!

It happens

If I had a dollar for everytime my son changed his major in college his education would have been free. Verbal commits are entertaining, but until national signing day it's unwise to treat them as something they aren't.


One of the football operations guys brought a couple of the players to a meeting I attended and spoke a lot about O K G ...Our Kinda...Guys... if this young man has ANY doubt he should go elsewhere.

True enough

about kids having the right to change their mind. No big deal. He might be back later, might not. You never really know until LOI day. That's what LOI day is all about.

Secondly, let's not totally rag on Like any other board we have some good posters and some idiots. We even have posters pretending to be Broncos and posting junk. And we have non Idaho posters that have never seen the state.

This is just an off season topic not worthy of getting all hepped up about.

Oh well

Oh well one less Californian in
Idaho.To bad a few thousand more wouldn't follow his lead.

32 players on the Bronco roster are from California

So yeah, that is a wonderful idea.


are going to happen once in a while now, as soon as Boise State offers it will start an influx of additional offers. If Seisay got an offer from Oregon, he can thank Boise State and then adios.

You could be right

Think of it this way. If Boise State is finding national success with "lesser" (interpreted: not 5-star) athletes, then the other schools may try to see if they can find the same level of success. What they fail to realise is that most of the success this school has is due to the coaching style of Chris Petersen and his assistants.


He's just committed to Oregon.

Good for him


I suppose

It must have been a quick talk with his parents.

Of the videos on his ESPN Recruiting profile, I didn't really see anything that said "OMG! We need this guy". We have a great WR corps already, and will do just fine without him.

Considering the other WR (Darren Carrington) that committed to the Ducks, I wouldn't be surprised if Seisay rides pine his whole time at Oregon.

Funny thing is, they both committed to the Ducks within the last 3 days.

According to Rivals

Jack Austin Wide Receiver has committed to Boise State. This kid will not back away he is for sure "OKG." Now Kendal Keys will visit in Boise in the fall and should Boise land him as well the Broncos will have commitments from what appears to be on par to any past receiver recruits

That would make two...and counting

Seisay and now Carrington...when the big boys come calling the blue pee group is left out in the cold...

Expect more of the same as the new Playoff format essentially leaves anyone not in the big 5 power conferences out of the loop...

Why would any recruit who can play for a big dog and play at Autzen Stadium,for a Pac 12 championship, in a Rose Bowl and for a National Championship ever pick the blue pee group??

Answer is...he wouldn' Eddie from Boise would say..."Hi vine thanks for the Jim"...Click...

Rack me again as per usual...

Poor bcluck

They are not going to Oregon to become a first round draft pick that's for sure......

I'll give you Carrington

Watching the videos on ESPN, he looks like he'll be a dominant WR. Good pickup, Oregon.

But, Seisay doesn't impress me. He has good hands and is tall, but he has no speed and no "breakaway" from the DB. Of the three pa-sses thrown his way on the ESPN videos, he only caught one, and that DB was getting burned left and right.

Again, I'm not losing sleep over him going to Oregon. I doubt he'll be a starter, especially over Carrington.

You are right, tho. If given the opportunity to play in front of bigger crowds and for bigger prizes, most recruits would jump at the chance. It's human nature. Does that mean the decision to go to a bigger school is good for their college "education" or their chances of getting to the NFL? No way. The last two NFL drafts are proof of that. These kids are going to big colleges to play football, nothing more. Don't lie to yourself. It's not about academics. It's all about football, and the exposure a big school gives them.

BTW, that won't be an issue when Boise State joins the Big East. Suddenly, the Broncos will also get the tv exposure and big money. Think an athlete is going to still go to Oregon when they can get the same exposure at Boise State? Oergon MIGHT compete for the Pac-3 Championship, but Boise State WILL win the Big East Championship. Facts.

That is for sure...

They're attending Oregon to play in the best atmosphere in college football, win Pac 12 championships, play in BCS bowls and win national championships.

That is what college football is all about after Oregon's legacy is current and dominant in the NFL with all pro's and starters all around the league.

One thing Oregon hasn't been is a one hit wonder as far as the NFL goes. Boise on the other hand...yeah a few players here and there, but 2-3 years does not make a pipeline to the NFL as we have seen.

Playing in the MWC and the Big Least certainly won't help the blue pee group...can only ride the wave of victories over Navy and La Tech so we have seen...

Rack me yet again....nice to be back on my blog!!

That was evident...

during this last NFL draft. So many Ducks flying (pun intended) off the Draft Boards during those first two rounds. Oregon has got to be the nation's most popular and toughest college football university.

P.S: Prove it on the field.

Sanford and Son

I believe 3 consecutive BCS conference championships, three concecutive BCS bowls, playing for the National Championship, being ranked # 1 by the BCS and the AP for half a season and a 34-6 record over those three seasons proves it on the field...and BTW 34 of those 40 games were against BCS competition...Boise hasn't played 34 BCS teams in it entire history of exsistence...

And Lamont and Aunt Esther...wake up...the big least is not considered a major conference anymore...the talk is about the big 5 conferences, pac12, big10, big12, sec and acc. After this season when the exodus of quality teams is complete there will be who...Boise St, Navy Rutgers...who else?? No one that matters in college football. It may as well be the Sun Belt or WAC or MWC because there will be zero consideration for big least teams in the BCS or the future playoff.

Boise crapped all over itself joining the big least...gotta travel all over creation to play nobodies and there is no reward...

Should have stayed home in the junkyard Fred...Rack Me!!

Back to making fun of my name?

Run out of good arguments?

To be honest, if the MWC held onto BSU and SDSU, and was able to steal Houston, SMU, and Tulsa...I would expect them to be a stronger conference than the Big East, especially if Louisville leaves. Boise State can't help the conference they are in. They are taking steps up (literally) to increase the level of competition. That's why they joined the MWC to begin with. Once they did, however, the top three schools (Utah, BYU, and TCU) made notice of their leaving. Without those teams, the MWC went back to mediocrity. Not exactly Boise State's fault.

Now, with the probable move to the Big East, we have West Virginia (the best team) leaving, and Pitt and Syracuse (two garbage teams) leaving for new conferences. Again, Boise State can't help that.

Is the Big East the best conference for Boise State? No. But, is it the best AVAILABLE conference for Boise State? I suppose it is. If more BE teams leave, tho, I would say "No". We will just need to see.

Now, stop being such a dick on these boards. Nobody hear brings up the wins over Oregon until idiots like you start popping off. Try to be respectful, if at all possible.

Rack that.

championship season is over for the Ducklings

now that USC is back off their probation status, thus the recruits have been pouring into USC and that spells trouble with a capital "T" for Oregon.

The Duckies will be fighting for second place now and I am not so sure they can pull it off? Frankly, I believe within the next couple years Oregon will be off the radar and settled into their new platform (mid-pack 12).

Poor bcluck

Don't look now, but USC is off probation for the first time in 3 years....