Calling All Writers! Upcoming Seminar in Spokane: The Art of Writing

June 19, 2012
A Public Service Announcement For Immediate Release
The Art of Writing Seminar, sponsored by the Loon Lake Ink Slingers announces their Friday, June 29th agenda for the monthly seminar at Ten A.M. hosted by Terry Hughes, author of the novel Burning Paradise. The seminar’s venue is The Depot, a Knapweed restaurant, located at 107 Shaffer in beautiful downtown Springdale.
One of this month’s guest speakers is Pat Douglas, a WordPress Web Site and Software Developer, who will talk to us about building our own Web Site or Blog and informing the public of our writing presence, teaching us how to sell our product on the Web. The second speaker is Frank Scalise, AKA, Frank Zafiro. Frank became a police officer in 1993 and is currently a major. He has written and taught courses at the Basic Law Enforcement Academy, written several college courses in police subject matter and co-authored A Street Officer’s Guide to Report Writing.
Many of his stories and novels take place in the fictional River City, a mid-sized city in Eastern Washington, with recurring characters. The River City series of crime novels begins with Under a Raging Moon.
Frank has authored ten novels, including crime novels with Jim Wilsky (Blood on Blood) and Colin Conway (Some Degree of Murder). Over fifty of his short stories have been published in more than a dozen different anthologies, as well as print and online magazines. His story “Good Shepherd” was a finalist for the 2006 Derringer Award. In 2007, his story “The Worst Door” was a finalist for this same award. Most recently, his story “Dead Even” was a finalist for the 2009 Derringer Award. These and other short stories are gathered together in three River City collections: Dead Even, No Good Deed and The Cleaner.
In addition to writing, Frank is an avid hockey fan and a tortured guitarist. His wife, Kristi, supports both.
There is a five dollar donation for this event. Contact Information: Eve Dubois, 509-844-6650.
A no-host lunch is available at noon.

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