Wild wolf pup on its way to new home in Virginia

The wolf pup picked up by out-of-town campers near Ketchum is on another trip, this time to Virginia.

The wild wolf was put on a plane to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Va. It has nine wolves but most important, two other pups that are six weeks old.

After the youngster’s DNA test showed him to be wild it was just a matter of finding him a new home. ZooBoise, where he’s been living gave the Idaho Department of Fish and Game a list of accredited zoos.

Busch Gardens has several zoos that are accredited but its facility in Wiliamsburg is not. Fish and Game selected it from the list sent by ZooBoise.

“It was not our decision,” said Steve Burns, ZooBoise director.

The facility has had wolves for more than 12 years and is where the National Zoo sends its staff to train them on capturing wolves.

Wild Giraffes

I suppose the giraffes in Zoo Boise are also "wild" giraffes?

There is no such place named ZooBoise.

...but "more important", your writing sucks. You already knew that.

The Statesman could save a lot of money by hiring a student from Capital High School to write environmental articles and posts to this blog.
Plus, it would be better.

Zoo Boise

That's the name of the zoo in Boise---Idiot!


You must have gone to BoiseStateUniversity.

Write the address down and GO/

Prove you don't need a computer to find it kids.


You fry wants with that?


Hey phan, you might read today's print edition.
Notice "Zoo Boise".

Here's your sign.

You wasted a tree?


You fry wants with that?

Siri says 2

"Busch Gardens has several zoos that "


Busch Gardens has TWO locations- WiLLiamsburg and Tampa Bay.

No need to jump into the confusion of the list of accredited zoos and "selected it from the list" even though it's not accredited.... whiskey tango hotel?

So, the little puppy is going to Va.

Google zooboise...

and you'll be directed to zooboise.org. You'll see at that site they call themselves zooboise. Edit: this is in reply to pimp2.


So the URL defines the zoo?

Sorry Pokeymon, read EVERYWHERE else on that site - they use Zoo Boise.
You can also go to the LIBRARY! and read it.

Rocko will "UPDATE" it here shortly when someone thumps him on his head. No worries.

Google is owned by the Dark Side.


You fry wants with that?

Should have just killed it.

Should have just killed it. Taxpayers money wasted on a POS Wolf.


...but I'm willing to bet a wolf contributes more to our earth, nature and the environment than you do.

I think they should...

...re-introduce it a few miles north of Williamsburg. Say, on the Capitol Mall.

Well said

A while back there was another article about the eastern liberal enviro-nutjobs complaining about our wolf hunt.
I had the same idea, if THEY love them so much we ought to send them a plane load, perhaps they could deplane at Andrews AFB, and RE-INTRODUCE themselves to eastern seaboard....


They are too busy...

whining about coyotes eating their dogs.

Maybe if this works out we

Maybe if this works out we can ship them about 500 more?

Obviously the way to get rid wolves...

...is to kidnap them from their parents and take them to the vet. They get a one-way ticket across the country. ;)



Arriverederchi! Adios! Write!


You fry wants with that?

Statesman - Bad and Spokesman- Good

The EXACT same story- MUCH better.

Rocko, you could learn something here:



Zoolander 2


You fry wants with that?

Zoo wolves killed their keeper


No we're not real hungry... we just wanna maul you!

"and notes that wolves are especially dangerous when a zookeeper goes in alone."