Labrador's grazing bill extending permits passes the House

Idaho Republican Rep Raúl Labrador’s “Grazing Improvement Act of 2012” passed the House.

The bill, co-sponsored by Democratic Rep. Jim Costa of California, would extend grazing permits from 10 to 20 years. The bill also would codify appropriation rider language that requires expired grazing permits to be renewed under existing terms and conditions until the renewal process is complete.

“My bill will help ranchers in Idaho and across America who are increasingly burdened with red tape by providing them a streamlined permitting process to help them access public lands,” Labrador said.

The backlog for permit renewal exceeds 4,200, he said.

“This is an unacceptable number of backlogged permits, all of which negatively affect America’s livestock producers,” he said.

The bill was passed as a part of the National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act, which would hand over operational control all public lands within 100 miles of the border with Mexico to the Border Control. This would include wilderness and wildlife refuges and would allow roads and other developments to be built.

That’s the main reason environmental groups like the Wilderness Society oppose it. But the group also opposes Labrador’s bill. It points out that no other government entity hands out 20-year permits.

David Moulton, senior legislative director at The Wilderness Society called the bill a “virtual giveaway of over 247 million acres of Bureau of Land Management and National Forest rangelands to the approximately 27,000 livestock producers who have grazing privileges on the lands managed by these two agencies.”

Ranchers pay $1.35 per month to graze a cow and a calf, and sheepherders pay 27 cents a month to graze one sheep on federal lands, a price critics have long said was too low. Ranchers say he high costs of grazing on public lands justifies the low fees, which don’t even pay for the agencies' oversight costs.

Rocky, proof read and spell

Rocky, proof read and spell check.

Does Apple have that?

Does anything Labrador do ever work?

Is the House still playing cards and being idiots?


You fry wants with that?

From 10 to 20 years?

Makes sense I guess, cows and sheep are living a lot longer now-a-days.

Rape Of The Taxpayer

$1.35/27 cents = WELFARE RANCHING.

"The bill, co-sponsored by

"The bill, co-sponsored by Democratic Rep. Jim Costa of California"


Apparently SandHugger is willing to pay MORE than 1.35 to use these marginal areas of public land.

What are you gonna do with it SandHugger?


The fact SH and other VEGETARIANS say this is welfare ranching must imply someone else is willing to pay more for use of the land- and therefore this rate is too low.

BEEF for lunch!

You were against Brokeback Mountain?


You fry wants with that?

When people ramble

on about socialism why do they never use examples like this?


When it benefits Republicans, it isn't socialism. When it benefits anyone else, it is.

READ Please

The bill was introduced by a California DEMOCRAT. Why is it we assume everyone that raises cattle, or sheep or goats are Republicans.

Enjoy the Ride...there is no return ticket.

What does that have to do with it?

Oh that's right - nothing. It was Labradors bill, the other guy was the co-sponsor.

The Republicans will not call this socialism because the vast majority of the benefit will go to them.

Because there are a lot of old goat Republicans.


You fry wants with that?

I support Labrador grazing...

...and anyone's right to herd cats.

More welfare

More welfare for those fiercely independent good ol boys. Charging into the 19th century.

Yes, Mister Ingalls


You fry wants with that?

we do

Supporters of free market capitalism often give examples like this, and farm price supports, and Solyndra and the rest of the Obama green giveaways, as examples of what's wrong with socialism and its close relative, fascism.


this is all Obamas fault. Romney must be elected to stop this.

And the GOP complain about foodstamps feeding the poor.

I guess ranchers deserve a break and children who are hungry do not.

Shoes on the other foot

what a bunch of stupid comments. Grazing is bad, a rip off, bla, bla bla. But the Goats denuding the Boise Front of weeds and other "valuable" vegetation are on the hit parade. The majority of people grazing public land are not getting fat by doing so. Rather, they are eeking out a living. The SIMPLOTS of the world run feedlots and fatten cattle on potato peels.

Enjoy the Ride...there is no return ticket.

I agree that there are many

I agree that there are many Ranchers who are barely getting bye, but I see no need to extend this to 20yrs, rather than simply cutting the red tape that they espouse to hate. They have the power, so then get rid of the red tape rather than lock in such commitments for 20yrs. I tend towards a conservative view point, but one big problem I have with the good ole boy network is when they refused to pass Federal ID for all workers last year. There is only one reason for this and that is that they all know far to well that this would remove illegals from the ranchers pay rolls. The bigger picture here is the security and sovereignty of our borders. Again, immigration for these type of workers needs vetted and can be done so quickly enough to satisfy work demand, yet they turn a blind eye and take the easy way out to help out the good ole boys when they could do the same if they actually went after the red tape that they say they despise.
In the meantime, given this economy, able bodied workers who are collecting welfare, could actually be given the choice to fill the workforce void and have their benefits adjusted to accomodate the salary the earn. Or, reduce their benefits by that amount.

This logic is the same logic that Phil Hart tried to use in his

Federal Court case for the reason he cannot pay or file his taxes. Simply astounding. Labrador states the agencies cannot keep up with the "backlog" of permits and regulatory processes to keep things in check, so were just going to extend what we should be doing out another 20 years. Labrador, you are disgrace to Idaho and even the legal process.