New sports director hired at Channels 6 and 9

The Treasure Valley’s sports anchor squad is a boys club once again.

Paul Gerke started his new job as sports director for KIVI Channel 6 (ABC) and KNIN Channel 9 (Fox) this weekend, replacing Amanda Maynard.

Gerke — pronounced “ger-kee” — moved to Idaho from WBKB-TV in Alpena, Mich. He grew up a huge hockey fan. You’ve gotta wonder how he’ll feel after watching the Steelheads fling the puck around. Something tells me that Boise State football is about to become his new passion, anyway.

About football

His reacting to the MSU win or loss in the opener should be entertaining depending on his background.

Nonetheless, still no reason to watch a local newscast. Thank you internet!


What exactly is a "sports director"? I mean, really? Yet another reason I do not watch the local news. They spend more time reporting about sports and weather than they do "news".


Mike, is there a way to contact you by e-mail?

It's on his home page I believe.

Also in the Contact Us section on the main site.


You fry wants with that?