Idaho politics: Labrador votes to hold Holder in contempt of Congress

First Congressional District Rep. Raul Labrador joined fellow Republicans in finding U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress.

The 23-17, party-line House Oversight Committee vote stems from the failed Fast and Furious gun-trafficking operation. The attempt to infiltrate Mexican drug cartels resulted in the December 2010 death of Brian Terry, a U.S. border control agent.

"It has been over a year since this committee first requested and then demanded full documentation of (Department of Justice) files regarding this terrible operation," Labrador said in a statement after the committee vote. "Attorney General Holder has evaded questions and provided false information in an attempt to stonewall this committee from discovering the truth, and he must be held accountable for these actions."

Here is the Labrador statement, in full:

It has been over a year since this committee first requested and then demanded full documentation of DOJ files regarding this terrible operation. We sought basic answers: who authorized it, when they authorized it and why they continued to authorize it. Attorney General Holder has evaded questions and provided false information in an attempt to stonewall this committee from discovering the truth, and he must be held accountable for these actions.

When he testified before the committee last year, there were several inconsistencies in his testimony and past statements regarding Operation Fast and Furious, which left me to conclude that he is either lying or grossly incompetent. Mr. Holder has long since lost my faith in his ability to do his job and it has been many months since I was the first member of Congress to officially call upon him to resign.

Two days ago George E. McCubbin III, the president of the National Border Patrol Council which represents all of the agency’s 17,000 non-supervisory agents, called on Eric Holder to resign, saying the attorney general has shown "an utter failure of leadership at the highest levels of government." He even went on to say, "The standard that applies to these agents should at a minimum be applied to those who lead them. If Eric Holder were a Border Patrol agent and not the attorney general, he would have long ago been found unsuitable for government employment and terminated."

I could not agree with Mr. McCubbin more. I commend Chairman Issa and the Committee members for their leadership today in taking this important vote on behalf of justice for the family of Brian Terry.

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Of Course!

Naturally, he would follow along with the good old boys! May I PLEASE have a different congressman?

Are you also asking

for a different Attorney General? You might want to focus on the real issues here. Mr. Holder has something to hide. Mr. Obama has something to hide. It appears Mr. Obama's October surprise is coming on much sooner than anticipated. It's a nice stall tactic to try and get them through the election, but a very bad political move.

Mr. Holder, you should resign. Obama should be impeached when it is determined he has lied (again) to the American people. Nobody died in Watergate. Can't say the same for Fast and Furious.

The Faux News Conspiracy

is now in the real news. Here's the rest of the story: It's well known that Republicans plotted to commit treason on President Obama's inauguration day - when the likes of Eric Cantor, John Kyl, and Newt Gingrich came together at a fancy steakhouse in Washington, DC and vowed to sabotage the economy to ruin the President's first term. Voting no again and again to economic stimulus is just one part of the plan. The other is to carry out witchhunts - be it against Attorney General Holder - or Treasury Secretary Geithner - or President Obama's so-called "czars" This isn't about justice - this is about distractions, sabotage, and treason - led by people like Eric Cantor and executed by people like Darrell Issa and, oh yes, our first district newbie.

Your ignorance is showing.

Save some embarrassment and educate yourself on what exactly took place. People died, but that seems to be fine with you. There was a cover-up and lying, again, fine with you. It's not about Geitner, Gingrich, fancy steak houses,the economy,stimulus, Bush, Putin, France, or any number of topic that you would like to shift the focus to, it's about an Obama-Holder cover-up and lying.

Alternate Universe

Whew, that was fast with the name calling....must have hit a nerve. For those who don't watch Fox News and don't know what Fast and Furious is - here are the facts. It was a program started by the Bush Administration - and it's purpose was simple - though arguably misguided. Basically - the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives sold guns across the border in Mexico - in hopes that they could then track those guns as they made their way up to Mexico's biggest drug cartels - to then bust up those big drug cartels. The plan didn't work out too well - and in December of 2010 - a border patrol agent named Brian Terry was killed in a firefight with suspected undocumented immigrants along the Souther Border in Arizona. And it was later discovered that one of the guns that killed Agent Terry was traced back to the ATF's Fast and Furious gun-running mission. Eric Holder cancelled the program a month later.

Oh, I see

So Mr. Holder and Mr. Obama must be protecting President Bush. Gotcha. Right. That clears things up. Thanks for playing.

If Republicans are so concerned with weapons getting into the

hands of the cartels, why are they pushing for overturning the ATF rules on reporting by registered arms dealers on multiple weapon sales to individuals, and sales to foreign buyers, that are currently in effect in the border states?

I think the 'Fast and Furious' operation stinks and should be properly investigated. But Issa is not the impartial party to do that, and their 'concern' for weapon sales and deaths from them appears manufactured for political gain.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

The multiple weapons sales

The multiple weapons sales reporting requirement is beyond ATF's authority and is illegal. That's why republicans want it stopped. It's one of the things withHolder was attempting to justify with fast and furious. Nice try though.

Another comment by PW devoid of reality.

I see you've firmly bought into the unsupported conspiracy theory advocated so heavily by the Fox opinion channel. Oh, but you're a Republican so reality isn't something you want to understand since it almost never supports your opinions.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

Are you really that stupid?

...or do you work at it?

Meanwhile, where oh where are those WMDs?

I guess it was ok that many many many thousands of people died with the lies, oops, I mean flawed intelligence to start two wars under Bush. But, hey it was ok, it only brought about the financial collapse of western civilization. What about revealing the identity of a CIA operative? You may now report to the Soviet union wakeup2, your citizenship is waiting. Republicans have brought about the collapse of the United States of American and each republican should be looked at as a direct threat to freedom and democracy.

Well fortunately for us

it is the republicans who are the majority of gun owners in this country. So we're feeling pretty safe from your view of us as a "direct threat".

Don't bring a knife.


BTw, wasn't it Clinton's head of the CIA who told Bush and Congress that the WMD were there? Why would a Clinton holdover do that? Why would congress OK the war if they were not briefed on the same intel? Averagejoe is was below average on intelligence

nukester, it was sarcasm. It was the CIA

saying there were no WMDs. It was the Bush administration saying Sadam had WMDs conflicting the actual intelligence the CIA was presenting. And that's why the Bush Administration outed Valerie Plame. The Bush administration lied to the American people and many thousands of people died. Try harder to keep up and follow this ok?

Good post

One of the few on this that has half a brain about what they are talking about.

really twisted

and any more time spent in reply is time wasted

Swallow those GOP talking points whole?

The agent probably would have been killed by another gun. Think about it.




You sure can, just move.


Don't like your politicians being questioned or (god forbid) held accountable? If Holder was a republican would you suddenly be in favor of removing him from office?

Just vote for a new one. If

Just vote for a new one. If you can get enough of your fellow socialist's to get someone you like, you will have a new one. It's call democracy :)


apparently half of the population who still support this administration care nothing of laws or right and wrong


and you can have a corrupt question and I'll keep it real simple so you can understand...why would Obama use the executive privledge on documents if he had nothing to hide? He wouldn't... most corrupt regime ever....

I was first!!! I was

I was first!!! I was first!!! (Labradore stomping feet) I called for it first and no one is recognizing me!! I can hear the crying from here. No National political points for you.


How about the real issue? Do you still support Mr. Holder?

Absolutely.. Holder is a good American.

Fast and Furious may have been stupid, but you can thank the Bush administration for creating the program.

No, you are not correct. In

No, you are not correct. In the Bush case, Mexican authorities and ATF agents based in Mexico were both on board in advance. The guns weren't allowed to just vanish, as with F&F. Keep blaming Bush, though, makes you look very credible.

self edit

Deleted comment because it was a little trollish.

Needs no explanation, really

You voted along party lines, against the A.G. to maximize embarrassment to the President. No press release required. (But yeah, the "I was first!" is duly noted. There could be a post-political career for you working for the Idaho Reporter.)


Thank you for your brave leadership, Congressman Labrador! It has been a very long time since either party had an elected official as brave as you. Thank you for your willingness to stand up for us, even if it means you are standing alone.

Are you for reals?

I just puked on my keyboard.

Get a life nutjob

Yes and I just puked on mine reading your stupidity.

Something tells me the truth on this issue is somewhere in

the middle. I do find it disturbing that we didn't really care who was being killed with these guns until it was an American. Was Congress aware of this program when it started?

Executive Privilege

I was really surprised when the president exercised executive privilege over the DoJ documents. I expected that the AG would continue to stonewall the committee until this Congress adjourned, knowing that the committee's investigation would terminate with that adjournment. By asserting executive privilege, the president has taken the ball out of the AG's hands and put it in his own.

Executive privilege will stand about as much of a chance in this case as it did in Richard Nixon's. You can't use privilege to hide evidence of wrongdoing. I assume that this is another stalling technique.

It's kind of a shame that the Democrats on the committee are as hypocritical as the Republicans were a few years back when President Bush exercised executive privilege. Now, it's entirely possible that the DoJ really does have nothing to hide, that everything that needs to be aired has been aired, but unfortunately, AG Holder has made such a hash out of dealing with the committee that at some point, he's going to be forced to turn over the documentation.

It's kind of a shame that he didn't take the high road, produce the paperwork that showed that nothing from Fast and Furious had anything to do with Washington and was, as he claims, a locally run operation. Unless, I suppose, he can't because it did.

You'd think that these guys would learn from Nixon, Reagan and Clinton.

Politics as usual.

Personally, I can't believe Obama invoked, and am disappointed he did it. However, Issa has made a name for himself over the last few years as someone who intends to 'get Obama' no matter what it takes, or whether there is anything there to get him on. Issa represents politics at its' worst.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

Just like Ken Starr

was out to get Clinton. Turns out...he was right.

Right about what? The investigation was about a land deal in

Arkanasas...when nothing could be found there to implicate any wrongdoing on the Clinton's part Starr morphed the investigation into a witch hunt for anything they could get him on. And what did they get him on? He lied about a BJ! That was 65 million well spent...

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

The Obama administration leaks info......

Regarding US using computer viruses to attack Iran, regarding the UBL mission, regarding the identity of double agents, all for one reason: make Obama look strong. Now Obama uses executive priviledge to hide details of an operation that contributed to the murder of a US law enforcement officer. Why? A reasonable conclusion is that there is something there that is either illegal, embarrassing, or constitutes a coverup. Which is it?


of partisan politics.

Holder screwed up. He's outta there.

When Bush was screwing up you same people were calling for his head.

Fair enough, but now it's on the Dems and they need to address the problem.


Now the Republicans really, really, really aren't going to vote for Obama.

Great comment.

By November, this is forgotten.

You may be right....

We need to get back to the subject of Obama's miserable economic record.

The combination of this Holder/Obama screw up

and the economy make Romney a shoe-in.


Dream on. A lot can happen between now and November. One month equals one year in the run-up to a POTUS election.


How could there be more contempt than what the American people feel for this congress? Scum, creeps, thieves, morons, whatever. Every American feels contempt for these scumbags. Way to go Holder.

Issa and Grassley

Both Issa and Grassley are kooks. They, among others in the GOP, have totally bought into some crazy conspiracy theory that Fast and Furious was going to be used by the Obama administration to take away 2nd Amendment rights. The conspiracy theory was advanced by an even kookier right-wing blogger named Mike Vanderboegh, who has been used numerous times by Fox News as an expert on Fast and Furious, despite the fact that he is completely unqualified and an expert on pretty much nothing.

If the people investigating Fast and Furious actually think Fast and Furious was going to be used to dismantle part or all of the 2nd Amendment, as promoted on Fox News, they are too nutty for words, and their entire investigation is in question.

Issa, Grassley, and others on the investigating committee have PUBLICLY stated that they believe this conspiracy theory could be why Fast and Furious was allowed to operate. This is complete nuttery, as are they.

And Watergate was just a .....

3d rate burglary -who cares.

Oh what a bunch of bull

Put the bong down and quit blathering like an idiot.This a very obvious attempt to hide the truth.Holder is a criminal and needs to go to prison over this.This was nothing more then an attempt to advance an anti-gun agenda and renew the "assault rifle ban" but it ended up killing innocent people including a border patrol agent.How criminal can you get?

Do a websearch,

Katie Pavlich, "Operation Fast and Furious", perhaps the best documentation currently available. Also, Search, "sipsey Street Irregulars, Fast and Furious".

The Idaho Statesman has spiked this story for over a year despite the fact that it has been before congress for at least that long.

This isn't a Newspaper, The Idaho Statesman is a "Hide The News Paper" and "fish wrapper".

worthy of contempt

I'm actually contemptuous of congressman Labrador and all the other republican congressmen who are trying to smear the Obama administration for a failed operation that was initiated by the Bush administration. As a matter of fact, they are trying to blame Obama for everything that Bush did, just shy of starting the trillion dollar Iraq/Afghanistan wars and paying for them with tax cuts and deficits instead of tax increases and shared responsibility. Misdirection and smoke and mirrors are all the Republican party has going for itself nowadays and they are playing it to the hilt. Obviously their grand ruse is working as evidenced by many of the posters here.