GOP picks Joan Cloonan to challenge Idaho Sen. Bock in Boise's District 16

Cloonan is hoping the third time is a charm as she makes another bid for the Legislature in Boise.

A Ph.D. chemist, lawyer and former environmental officer at J.R. Simplot Co., Cloonan is a longtime member of the Idaho Board of Environmental Quality. Her current term expires in July.

Cloonan ran for the Senate in heavily Democratic District 19 in 2002, garnering 29 percent against then-Democratic Sen. Mike Burkett. In 2008, she did considerably better a District 16 race against Democratic Rep. Grant Burgoyne, who won 56 percent to 44 percent.

Cloonan was chosen by acclamation to replace
Dennis Warren,
who campaigned for the seat in the May GOP primary but dropped out after receiving a promotion at Blue Cross of Idaho.

District 16 includes Garden City, Northwest Boise and the Boise Bench north of I-84 and roughly east of Cloverdale and Eagle roads.

In a news release, Cloonan said she was gratified to receive the unanimous support of the District 16 Republican Committee. "Thank you for your support. District 16 has been the center of serious divisions among different factions within the Republican Party. I am gratified to have unanimous support and appreciate the trust that the district representatives have put in me to continue to work for good government, for the people, following, supporting and under the guidance of our state and federal constitutions.”

Cloonan also volunteers with a group that trains refugees in textile arts, English as a second language and mentors them in business, sales and marketing.

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Lost in Leftland

Gee for a minute, I thought a Republican might try and run in the dreaded (literally in some cases) District 19. I've been without representation in the district for 30+ least I can call every other legislator besides my own.

Enjoy the Ride...there is no return ticket.

Throwing something against the wall

It's a shame that we have a candidate who likes to run that hasn't a district that want her. Maybe the Governor can find another place to keep her busy.

I support

Les Bock.

too bad

It's a shame that when the Republicans finally put up a smart candidate.. it has to be in a District that has a smart Democrat incumbent. Maybe if we all chippe in we could get Joan to move to another district that is currently represented by an idiot. The possible locations are many.

Les Bock

has done a terrific job representing us in the 16th, and has helped provide some (but not enough) much-needed balance in the State Senate. Sorry, Joan, nothing against you personally (you are doing some fine volunteer work), but the last thing we need in the legislature is MORE GOPers.

Whomever the crap that is.


You fry wants with that?