Boise State football ties for second in nation in NCAA's Academic Progress Rate

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

The Boise State football team posted the second-highest Academic Progress Rate in the Football Bowl Subdivision through 2010-11, the NCAA announced Wednesday.

Boise State posted a 989 out of a possible 1,000 during the four-year period. Northwestern was first at 995 and Duke was tied for second at 989.

The NCAA announced last week that Boise State had received a public recognition award for finishing in the top 10 percent in the Football Bowl Subdivision. This is the second straight year that Boise State has earned that award. The Broncos posted a 981 APR through 2009-10.

The APR is a measure of a team’s academic performance. It accounts for eligibility, retention and graduation. This year’s numbers cover 2007-08 through 2010-11.

Teams can receive practice, scholarship and competition penalties based on their APRs, but no Boise State teams were penalized.

Six Boise State teams posted perfect single-year APRs for 2010-11 — volleyball, men’s cross country, men’s indoor track and field, women’s basketball, women’s golf and gymnastics.

Football led the Mountain West. Women’s outdoor track and field and men’s outdoor track and field ranked second and men’s cross country, women’s swimming and diving and men’s basketball finished third.

Below are complete numbers for Boise State, Idaho and Idaho State. No team was penalized. Idaho State football avoided penalties by showing improvement in 2011-12, but those numbers won’t be released for another year. Idaho State received a postseason ban last year. Idaho lost one football scholarship last year.

Idaho State posted its best single-year (950) and four-year (937) APRs as an athletic department since the system started. Five teams were perfect in 2010-11 — men’s indoor and outdoor track and field, women’s tennis, women’s golf and volleyball.

The Idaho volleyball program (1,000) received a public recognition award.

Boise State:

Men’s sports:
Football, 989
Basketball, 956
Cross Country, 991
Golf, 931
Tennis, 928
Indoor track, 969
Outdoor track, 959
Wrestling, 931

Women’s sports:
Softball, 944
Basketball, 956
Cross country, 961
Golf, 984
Gymnastics, 990
Soccer, 966
Swimming and diving, 985
Tennis, 966
Indoor track, 966
Outdoor track, 988
Volleyball, 948

Idaho State:

Men’s sports:
Football, 881
Basketball: 914
Cross county, 976
Indoor track, 960
Outdoor track, 965

Women’s sports:
Softball, 896
Basketball, 931
Cross country, 986
Golf, 991
Soccer, 967
Tennis, 936
Indoor track, 962
Outdoor track, 961
Volleyball, 983


Men’s sports:
Football, 934
Basketball, 960
Cross country, 948
Golf, 963
Indoor track, 963
Outdoor track, 948

Women’s sports:
Basketball, 961
Cross country, 994
Golf, 981
Soccer, 971
Swimming, 978
Tennis, 984
Indoor track, 961
Outdoor track, 961
Volleyball, 1000

Postseason ineligible:

Men’s basketball: Connecticut, Cal State-Bakersfield, Jacksonville State, Mississippi Valley State, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, Towson, Arkansas-Pine Bluff, UC-Riverside, North Carolina-Wilmington, Toledo

FCS Football: Hampton, North Carolina A&T, Texas Southern

Men’s soccer: Central Connecticut State

Men’s wrestling: Northern Colorado


Boise State football coach Chris Petersen receives a $40,000 bonus for the APR rate. The bonus standard is 955.


Boise State received 83 Mountain West Scholar-Athlete awards. Eight of those were football players: WR Tyler Jackson, Senior, 3.59 GPA, Business; TE Chandler Koch, Senior, 3.67, Mechanical Engineering; WR Matt Miller, Sophomore, 3.60, Business; WR Kirby Moore, Junior, 3.75, Communication; OL Matt Paradis, Junior, 3.57, Finance; LB J.C. Percy, Senior, 3.67, Finance; QB Joe Southwick, Junior, 3.66, Business; CB Jamar Taylor, Senior, 3.50, Communication.

Here is the full list.

Good job, coaches and players.

Out of curiosity, where did the football team from the ex-flagship university finish? Oh, now I see. Thanks for the update, Chadd..Sunny...


Ah yes, another example of BSU fan's making Idaho the focal point of what should be a positive article for Boise State athletics. Apparently still fighting to get out from the shadows. Kudos to the players and coaches though!


over the last several years, everytime there is an article about BSU, there has been a U of I pundit expressing his obsession over BSU's low graduation rate. After all of that occuring, plus the many generations in which Idaho fans and alumni bashed BSU for having nothing(and being forced to live with nothing), do you seriously think that people associated with BSU, who were forced to take all that verbal garbage, are just going to remain quiet and not return the favor? Think again. I'm not saying that returning the favor is justified, but it is going to happen.


Thanks for stating the obvious. My comment was just an indirect way of calling out the insecurities of people who make those snide comments. Just happened to be targeted at a Bronco fan this time. Oh well.

Can't we just focus on the good work at Boise State?

Without making it about Idaho?

Congratulations to our student athletes, staff and coaches. Job well done!!

UConn men's BB is inlegible for the Postseason?

Anybody else notice that? So is that just a one year ban for this upcoming season?


That's been known for a while. They appealed and lost earlier this spring. It is a one-year penalty.

6% graduation rate

Are the athletes the only ones graduating from bsu?

How does Idaho's numbers

How does Idaho's numbers stack up against the other Big Sky teams.

Odds in life....

Glad to hear that academics is important to the athletes. The commercials say that there is a 98.3% chance that these college players will go pro in something else. And according to other commercials, the odds of having a child diagnosed with autism is 1 in 110. Dang!!!
Odds you will get sent to voicemail from a girl who gave you her number: 76%
Odds that you will sound like an idiot when you leave a message: 92%

Chances you willt find a total dog that answered 80% plus


You fry wants with that?

In response to CoolHandLuke

Are you just as good at arm chair quaterbacking??

Could this be another one of

Could this be another one of AD's "mis-statements"?

Can't read Harleyslackwater

In blue letters "NCAA announced"

6% graduation rate

This is great news that the sports teams at BSU did so well. I wish the general student body could do half of what the sports teams.

With out the jocks to improve the Graduation rate to 6% it would be under 5%.

Let me know

when the process of improving the overall graduation rate is as easy as you make it out to be, especially considering that the University is underfunded.


Then why is ISU, Idaho ,and LC state do so well, They are under funded also.

They all have been around longer

which means they receive more money.

Any Social Security or Disability recipient will tell you...

or Elmo...

Hee hee hee! That's funny, huh, Dorothy?


You fry wants with that?

With what is ...

basically an extended high school curriculum at Cupcake State this is no surprise. How many communication majors can the athletic department churn out?

Boise's State Universiy.

I read all this gobbeldygook about graduation rates and academic standards between Idaho and BSU. Who cares? The simple truth is BSU is a Football University and a young National Football Powerhouse and Idaho is just a a State Constitutionally mandated Land Grant academic University and the center/clearing house of all meaningful and significant academic research monies Congressionally appropriated for Idaho's 4 colleges/universities.

Big Whoop !!!!

Both institution have entirely different purposes, scholar bases, and alumni social clas$es.

Why junk it up by trying to have Idaho be a football school and BSU be an academic school

I could not care less if BSU has academics or not. Actually, academics are a factual drain of the goals and objectives of the BSU Athloetics Department.

Having a library on BSU Campus is so copycat of Idaho, just as Idaho trying to have a good football team is so copycat of BSU. Both are just silly.

I have become a member of the Bronco Athletics Association and a supporter of Bronco Foot all because I just want the Broncos to go undefeated, bring a FBS National Championship Trophy back or our Great State of Idaho so people will buy more Made In Idaho products.

All the fiscal expenditures toward improving BSU academics is such a waste of resources when that money could be going to build BSU as a better Football University.

The City of Boise needs BSU Fotball to draw in people to support the Ada County economy.

Just call it what it is - Boise's State University

BAA Member # 63799

For the record...

From the Idaho Press Tribune..

BOISE — In a record-setting ceremony Saturday, more than 1,400 students walked the stage at Boise State University's commencement inside Taco Bell Arena. And those weren't all the graduates.

In total, the university doled out more than 2,400 bachelor's and master's degrees this spring, and graduated another 11 doctoral candidates. Of those students, 395 graduates with honors.

Student speaker George M. Fenton of Post Falls graduated with a 4.0 cumulative grade point average, earning a bachelor of arts in economics with a minor in mathematics. Fenton has served as an intern for Keynetics CEO Brad Wiskirchen, director of the Salt Lake City Federal Reserve, participated in a summer program at Georgetown University and fulfilled an internship at the United States Department of the Treasury in Washington, D.C.

I for one is very proud of both BSU and UofI graduates......

But then that's just me....

The correct word is 'am'

not 'is'.

But then that's just me.

The definition of 'doled' which you quoted seems to fit:

especially 2. and 2.b.


Definition of DOLE
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Do you have a degree from BSU?

Did you work for it or was it a charitable gife from the government to the needy?

I really don't care if BSU graduates any students nor has an academic program of any type. I am about the BSU Broncos Fotball Team winning games and going undefeated.

All that graduation ceremonies at BSU mean is a siphoning off of precious fiscal resources which would be better served providing better practice facilities, better thread counts in towels and fabrics used by BSU Football Players in the Bronco Lockerroom, top notch dairy products for the players to consume, and better pay for BSU Coaches and AD personnel.

If BSU were to ever take the giant step of disolving academics at BSU and focusing solely on football, an entirely monumental shift would be made toward putting BSU on the Nation's Map as THE PREMINENT Football University in America.

All it will take is the leadership of President Kustra to make that happen.

I have high hopes that someday BSU will be recognized to a greater degree for the parking facilities for the Bronco Fans to go to home games than meaningless labs and other fee draining activities normally associated with 'egghead' academics.

One can only hope.

BAA Membership #36799

confusing the heck with all the out of the woodwork...


You fry wants with that?