BCS leaders agree on four-team playoff for 2014

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

The leaders of the Bowl Championship Series announced Wednesday that they have reached a consensus for a four-team seeded playoff in college football, which would begin in 2014.

The plan will be submitted to the presidential oversight committee at its meeting Tuesday in Washington, D.C. The presidents also will discuss the plus-one model, which is a single championship game after the bowls are completed. That plan has been pushed by the Big Ten.

The 11 conference commissioners and Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick did not release any details of the plan. Some important elements of the plan still must be worked out, they said.

ESPN reported that the consensus is for a committee to choose the teams, for conference champs and those who play difficult schedules to get preference and for the semifinals to be played at predetermined bowl sites, rotated from year to year. The championship game is expected to be bidded out to a city, not a bowl.

Here's the statement from the BCS:

“We are excited to be on the threshold of creating a new post-season structure for college football that builds on the great popularity of our sport. We take our responsibility to our universities, our presidents, and to student-athletes seriously and we’re determined to make this great sport even more popular.

“At our meeting with the Presidential Oversight Committee next week, we will present our views so the presidents can make their decisions. On many issues we have achieved widespread consensus; on some issues, important and valuable alternatives have been suggested.

"We have developed a consensus behind a four-team, seeded playoff, while recognizing that the presidents will certainly present their views, including a discussion of a Plus-One. We also discussed various selection methods and look forward to having these discussions with the presidents.

“We are getting very close and we look forward to next week’s meeting. We have already had extensive discussions with our presidents and it remains important to note that all final decisions will be made by the presidents, either at next week’s meeting or at whatever date is appropriate.”

So in other words,

4 teams means that it would still only favor the powers that be. Nothing new.

yes SEC

yes...can't you just see it now..craig "body of work" james telling everyone..take the top four SEC teams and have a national championship game from within those teams..huh???no other team can play with the SEC...wait and see if he doesn't push his "body of work" garbage...oh yes he lost his political race because his body of work was not good enough when he played for the cheating SMU mustangs ...darn may be they will hire him as head coach at tex tech so he can baby sit his whining little boy...boo hoo daddy, coach leach hurt my feelings..

Win it on the field. Access trumps elitism.

Arizona State University President Crow's plan is fair for all. Win it on the field.

8 highest ranked conference champs. Single elimination games played on the highest ranked team's home field. Administered by the NCAA. Start the national playoff the weekend after the regular season ends.

Those not invited to the national playoff will go to the traditional bowls. Run the NCAA Playoffs and the traditional bowls at the same time.
(e.g. Rose: the PAC and Big top teams not invited to the playoff. The SEC/Big 12 "Sugar" bowl: the SEC and Big 12 top teams not invited to the national playoff. The ACC versus Big east champ to the Orange. The two highest ranked champions from the rest of the conferences to the Fiesta.) The highest ranked indie will replace a conference champ. If the Indie is higher ranked than a conference champ.
The NCAA playoff and the traditional bowls should run at the same time. Target a January 2nd completion date for both.

Notre Dame

WHEN WHEN WHEN will the BCS tell ND to join a conference...this biased selective school does not deserve to be a conference in itself...they haven't had a team worth playing in a bcs bowl game in years...but they try to rank them up with the big boys...you are using the name only to get the Catholics in a bsc bowl and get all the money a bowl game derives where the other schools divide it up within their conference...it sucks to have a biased vote from catholic sports writers...ie reference joke..Oregon State vs ND...tell me that wasn't a fix for the CHURCH

Oregon State vs ND

was an obvious fix, but the BCS has never really cared. All it cares about is the money it rakes in at the end of day, and including Notre Dame, which has one of the largest fan bases in the country, will only guarantee money. It's things like that that will only make college athletics less and less exciting as time progresses.

Nobody cares if ND is indie.


You fry wants with that?

Discussions of a Plus One?

Why call it a 4 team playoff if they haven't even decided completely on a Plus One. This report makes it sound like they have decided on playing to big games at the end of the season but haven't quite decided if the champions of those two games should then meet each other in a championship game.

My hope is that this "4 team playoff" concept will quickly grow into a larger playoff pool, thereby giving someone like Boise State a legitimate chance.

Wouldn't it be nice. . .

Wouldn't it be nice if it did, though I would suggest not holding your breath. 4 super-conferences, 16 teams each and only being in the top four get a chance = Boise State remaining with the mid-majors. Course that will now include all the rejects from the Big East and ACC. If by some miracle Boise State gets an invite from the Big 12 or PAC-12, then they will have a legitimae chance. Even though I know Boise St. could compete and most likely win, I just can't see a commitee taking Boise St. over Auburn or LSU for a chance at a Nat'l Championship/


now expand it to 16 teams and restore some faith!


Blind Faith II


You fry wants with that?

No room in that setup for....

Cupcake State! Boo Hoo nobody will play us because they are scared! Time to start baking more cupcakes again on University Drive.


I've had bowel movements that were smarter than you. Get a life (and a team to root for).

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Nothing more...

This is nothing more than the BCS' way of being politically correct and more or less telling the non-AQ's of the college football world to "go screw themselves". This is so obviously transparent that it will favor the SEC. We BSU fans can now only hope the Big East retains it AQ status so that they do not continuously get snubbed year after year. Yes...I said it....BSU will be a team to beat in the Big East.

don't look now but....

This whole enlightened attitude by the "haves" is only their way of restricting access to the "have nots". There will be no more AQ's, bowls will return to their traditional tie in's, no more restriction on how many conference teams can play in a big money bowl. Now the SEC can send a team to the Sugar Bowl and two or three more to the "play-off", making more money for them and no available slots for the have-nots. The whole process has to be limited to conference champions only. If you aren't the best team in your conference you should never be allowed to play for the NC (yep, that's you Alabama!). You may be the second best team, or the first luckiest, but if you can still go to the NC without winning the conference, there is no longer any reason to play all-out during the regular season. "Bama avoided playing a conference championship game but still won the NC with more rest and time to prep for LSU. Ask LSU how fair that is!

It's ALL about the money

This is only about one thing..........money. This is 100% intended to keep Boise/Houston/Hawaii/etc. excluded from any of the big money bowl games and NC game, all while a select few schools and conferences get richer. When the details are finalized, it will mean less BCS money for the little guy.

It's the same as in any business - the Rich get richer, the Poor get poorer.

The bowl money

has nothing to do with this.


Not gonna be any expansion to 8, 12 or 16 teams and Turd U, er, ahh, Boise State will not be getting any conference invitations from the Conference of Champions, Big 12 or any other major conference.

Boise had it's 15 minutes and could not hang. Playing one BCS team a season does not get it done.

Hey, here's an idea...how about hiring a PR firm,,,oh yeah, already did that. I know, how about calling some congressmen and senators and...oh, yeah, already did that.

I know, how about after losing to Michigan State you fade into the grey of the mediocrity of the WAC or MWC or Big least and leave the real college football to those who have staying power and back it up on the field.

You see La Tech and Idaho and SJSU and SDSU and Wyoming and Navy and Idaho St and Fresno St and the rest of the third tier teams Boise plays just don't cut it. When you do the work you get rewarded...BYU, Utah, TCU...when you puss out and play one big time team year in and year out then whiiiiinnnnne about unfairness,,,well, everyone just blinks their eyes till you go away...magically that is what has happened...

Rack me as per usual...as Eddie from Boise famously said,,,"hey vine thanks for the jim",,,click!! bye bye Eddie...Bye bye blue pee foos

We'll see...

how the Pac-3 does this season.

Question, BDuck: If the Boise State wrestling team is good enough athletically and academically to compete in the Pac-3, why isn't the Boise State football team?

How may PAC 12 schools have

How may PAC 12 schools have wrestling? When will the rest drop it?

January 20th,be there.You will see why Wrestling will thrive...

Attend the BSU ASU dual meet in Boise next January 20th. Be there. You will see why Wrestling will not be dropped. Sounds like you have never seen top wrestling schools go head to head in dual competition. Congrats to BSU building an impressive wrestling program.

If you didn’t attend the PAC12 Wrestling championships in Boise last year, you missed one of the most exciting athletic events last year in Idaho. Wrestling--the first sport--thrives in High Schools. Wrestling Universities and colleges are those who were able to balance important Title 9 initiatives. .

Boisean Mike Davies, two time all-American, three time PAC 10 champion. Led the Sun Devils to the 1988 NCAA National Championship. See PAC champions 1980 to present. Go Devils. Go Broncos.
1980 ASU
1981 ORE
1982 ORE
1983 OSU
1984 OSU
1985 ASU
1986 ASU
1987 ASU
1988 ASU
1989 ASU
1990 ASU
1991 ASU
1992 OSU
1993 ASU
1994 OSU
1995 ASU
1996 CSUB
1997 ASU
1998 ASU
1999 CSUB
2000 Boise State
2001 ASU
2002 Boise State
2003 ASU
2004 Boise State
2005 ASU
2006 ASU
2007 OSU
2008 Boise State
2009 Boise State
2010 Oregon State
2011 Boise State
2012 Oregon State


Even if BSU did "do the work," it still would not have made any difference. TCU, BYU, and Utah have always had certain things that BSU may never have: a big market to back themselves up, a large fan base, and financial backing. This aligning is not about "doing the work," it's only about who has the most money. But then again, your brain doesn't have the capacity to absorb logic, so I guess you will never show your face in public.

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Works both ways.


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state the facts, which means there is no way I am on drugs.

Then act like a man.


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back it up on the field????????????

How did that work out for Oregon?


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Who cares. I am your evil Eeyore. Rack out.


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YAY, we're done with all that crap finally.


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This just moves the controversy

So instead of the controversy of the BCS deciding the #1 and #2 teams to play in the BCS championship, this will just move it to a controversy of how the top 4 teams are selected.

I still think that the NCAA has to force everyone, including ND into a conference, even out the number of temas in each conference, and all conferences have a conference championship. You win you advance, you lose then there are some nice consolation bowls for you.

Sure a team can go 11-0 then lose in the conference championship and miss a piece of the pie, but hey, you want to eliminate the biases of the polls and put it on the field and that can happen. But I think it owuld still give us some great mtachups, make everyone a lot of money and keep us occupied until the NFL playoffs.

My lack of a sex life is a lot more pressing.


You fry wants with that?

I have no problem with...

a team going undefeated, but not going to the playoffs because they lost their Conference Championship. The way I see it, the Conference Championship game is the first round of the playoffs.

Back from the desert just in time...

SOS...This will just allow Alabama to play in the sugar bowl, and LSU to play in the Fiesta bowl and then both play in the NC game because they are so awesome...and just leave ND out.

This just in ....

The BCS leaders have just announced that USC, Texas, Alabama, and Ohio State have been seeded for the four-team playoff in 2014.

After further consideration

The Pac-12 is determined to be unworthy of one of the spots due to poor recent BCS NC Game performance. So, an SEC-team-to-be-named-later will be the final spot.

Talks are just beginning to determine if the Big 12 representative should ALSO be replaced with an SEC team.

Hyper-inflation heading its way....

to cfb football too....

Popcorn will be up at least 25%....
Hotdogs and Pretzles at least 10%....
Colas and drinks around 10%....
Tickets around 10%....

QE3 will lower dollar thus stadium will be expensive....

Watch your electronic dollar? Bankers can delete and take....

the dems have drones flying over stadiums and recording conversations and phone calls....no privacy....

Organic food, not really organic....

Silver? Gold?

cfb wont be as much fun this year....

You forgot one

The cheerleaders will be replaced by members of the marching band.

No Vixen Video alumni?



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