The Boise mall's about to look different

We reported last week that Swedish clothing retailer H&M plans to open a shop at the Boise Towne Square mall.

The mall has filed for permits to do a renovation on the space that Borders used to occupy, to make it look more like an H&M. Here's what the mall entrance would look like after the makeover:

H&M remodel

Suuurrrre, that's an improvement...

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Not at all.


All the takers on the dole are always the ones complaining. Eh, Mr. Boise Poet.

Still the stupid mall.


You fry wants with that?

Do You Have Anything to Do but B#@ch?

Of course it is an improvement. H & M is a great urban retailer. It is a compliment to the vibrancy of the Boise market that they are willing to locate here. You may not like the style of their remodel, but it is better than an empty Borders.

I'd be thrilled to have one myself but that's another thing.


You fry wants with that?

Welcome to H & M

thanks for coming to no attention to the complainers!

They don't read this.


You fry wants with that?