Crapo: Obama immigration rule an 'end run around Congress' (w/VIDEO)

By implementing the DREAM Act unilaterally, President Obama hasn't just provided illegal immigrants with a path to citizenship.

The president's "end run around Congress" also complicates efforts to get a comprehensive immigration law through Congress, Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, said in a weekly teleconference today.

We discussed the Obama decision in our weekly editorial board meeting today, and we're thinking about weighing in for the weekend. Our editorial board has argued for the need for comprehensive reform, a point Crapo makes in the video below. But, in this election year, the prospects for comprehensive reform are nil — a point that I doubt Crapo would dispute.

Here's a link to Crapo's statement on Obama's rule:

There is a way to keep Obama from an end run...

around Congress. Get something done! If you actually made some progress in this area, he wouldn't have any opportunity to go around you. How many years has Congress been working on this issue only to hide in the corner any time you have to make a tough decision that might cause you to be uncomfortable in an election year?

Even with his dismal approval ratings, Obama rates three time better than Congress. Why? Because you are so absolutely ineffective at addressing the problems of this country. Instead of complaining about Obama for actually doing something, why don't you ride your colleagues a bit more to get something done?

I hate to criticize Crapo because I think he is better than most at trying to find solutions. Instead of repeating the latest talking points, I wish he would spend more time getting his fellow senators to do their jobs.

Oh come on!

Can you do better than just repeating talk radio ppppllllzzz? You sound like old guy Vasquez from 2C having another fit. Maybe the majority of Americans approve of this move by Obama for a reason? Oh, but you have to use your brain a little. A few hints: how can creating one more million educated taxpayers who will no longer be unaccountable living in the shadows of security instead becoming clients, investors, customers, job creating, discovering new cures for illnesses doing research, enriching our social fabric etc. how can this be so wrong?

Wait for Congressional Republicans to act?

If Obama had somehow first asked Congress to endorse his decision to raid Bin Laden's compound, the Republicans would have voted against it.

The Republicans are incapable of working with Obama on anything. I challenge anyone to name something, anything, they have cooperated with Obama on in the last two years.

chirp chirp chirp

Congress should do something

Senator Crapo is right...Congress should do something. Unfortunately this would decapitate the Republican re-election effort, which is to do everything, including tanking the economy, in order to defeat President Obama. So addressing immigration would never work for the GOP. The tragedy is that 300 million Americans are expecting Congress, including the GOP to do its job by crossing party lines to solve problems. So Congress, Idaho delegation, do something constructive!

Mr. Crapo - a swing and a miss

Sorry, but this one goes to the Pres. Congress did nothing long enough that Obama did something about it. Wasn't perfect, but Congress has refused to work together on this one. Ya got what ya earned this inning.