Ada Democrats meeting Wednesday to discuss Dynamis waste-to-energy plant

Four weeks after outgoing Republican Ada County Commissioner Sharon Ullman cast a vote to extend the contract with Dynamis Energy from 2019 to 2042, Democrats will meet to discuss "what we can do about it," according to a Facebook posting by Ada Democratic Chairwoman Colleen Fellows.

The hour-long meeting begins at 7 p.m. Wednesday in the IBEW Hall at 225 16th St. in Boise. The public is welcome.

"There are far too many unanswered questions about how our County Commission has handled the project and how the plant will operate," writes Fellows. "This is our backyard!"

On May 22, a week after Ullman was defeated in the GOP primary by Dynamis opponent Dave Case, she and GOP Commissioner Rick Yzaguirre approved an agreement to “amend and restate” the county’s deal with Dynamis. The new contract now allows Dynamis to bring in waste from other sources “with a higher BTU content," perhaps including old tires.

Three days after the 2-0 vote, Case was appointed by Gov. Butch Otter to fill a vacancy on the commission left by the retirement of Vern Bisterfeldt for health reasons. Case faces Democrat Thomas Howell in November. GOP nominee Jim Tibbs faces Democrat Larry Rincover in the second commission race. Yzaguirre is not on the ballot until 2014.

Ada entered a public/private partnership with Dynamis Energy in June 2010 to build a waste-to-energy plant at the Ada County landfill. The county paid Dynamis $2 million to design the plant, which will cost about $70 million to build.

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Hopefully The Democrats Will Embrace This Environmental Project

You can't have your cake and eat it too. If you want environmental projects to proceed, then when they do, you need to embrace them. Enough of this NIMBY stuff. A waste-to-energy project is a good thing.... sure, look at the details and make sure the plant is designed and operated correctly. The biggest things on a project like this is to make sure waste segregation gets adequate attention and that the air pollution control devices are run, monitored, and have automatic waste feed cut-offs if the operational monitors detect potential issues.

But, most importantly - GET OVER YOURSELVES. You want environmental projects? Well, here is one. Now embrace it instead of trying to throw obstacles in front of it. Here's your chance you're really supportive of environmental projects. Now get it done & stop crying.

Environmental Projects and NIMBY...

No one wants to stop the project, unless it doesn't meet guidelines for pollution. If Dynamis can do the job they say they can, without causing more harmful pollution, then fine. If not, then this plant doesn't belong in our Foothills.

During the winter, we already have pollution issues. Do we really want to risk adding to that without solid proof? Furthermore, when Sharon Ullman has basically spent the county's money without any solid facts or history to justify the expenditure, why wouldn't people question it?

Excellent response by snicholson

From what I've noticed, environmentalists are all in favor of green energy projects, until someone starts to build one. Then they're either silent as the neighbors tear it down, or they oppose it with the neighbors.

It's not a Democrat thing

Despite the article's obvious bent that it's a partisan issue.

There are a lot of folks pulling the NIMBY argument but the majority of concerns relate to a few things:

1. How the contract was handled at all. Was this even legal?
2. Dynamis seems to be making a LOT of promises but they've got nothing to show for it. Honestly, all of their sales pitches seem to be "look, we're going to build on of these over there too!"
3. It sounds too good to be true. Really, in your life, have you ever gotten something for nothing? That's what they promise. They'll take trash, turn it into energy and it'll won't cost us anything, it won't pollute and we'll all benefit.

Look, I would love NOTHING more than a plant that takes garbage and turns it into energy in a good way. But I think this is just a pipe dream. It'll either pollute the air for us all, it won't produce nearly the volume of energy, or it will use more energy to "gasify" the trash than it'll generate. In the end, you and I, the tax payer, will foot the bill for a poorly designed, poorly thought out and poorly documented project.

The more they talk the more I keep hearing the word "Tamarack" in the background. It just smells the same. They're borrowing against loans to show that they're fiscally sound.

Concern #2... where I have been for months. I WANT to believe this thing will work as promised, but I'm a track record guy (which is why I would never vote for Obama). If you promise me pie-in-the-sky, I want to know that you have at least baked a pie in your kitchen before.

Where's the Dynamis track record? It inspires more doubt than confidence.

Environmental project?

How is this an environmental project? there are no hard facts to how much air pollution this plant will emit. Its starting to look like nothing more than a scam for Dynamis to collect fees from other municipalities for a way for them to get rid of their old tires. If this was such a sound project there should be private investors beating the doors down to get a piece of the action yet the Dynamis, who have zero experience in this type of project and a recent string of failures, has to go begging monies from Ada County. The sooner this boondoggle goes away and we taxpayers get our $2,000,000 back the better.

Regarding the pollution

It is up to the DEQ to enforce the standards and fine or shut down someone who breaks them, and the DEQ does this on a regular basis. People can't simply say, "The developer hasn't told us how much this would pollute the air and we think it would give us all cancer, so we think it shouldn't be built." Nothing could ever get built if that view prevailed. So the process we have is, the DEQ requires the developers to submit sufficient proof this installation will meet accepted pollution limits, then the DEQ enforces them. If the DEQ thinks the developers haven't submitted enough substantiation, then the developers don't get permission to build.

+1, Scott

you guys do know that Scott is a serious environmental engineer? And gets new technology development?

Anyway, once again he says it much better than I could. New technology is never a sure thing. (Will the controls be appropriate? Was the political stuff problematic? Those are separate issues. Either this will be a positive green project or it won't work. Are there risks? Duh. )

buy your own shovel.


You fry wants with that?

Yes, but we need

Yes, but we need environmental projects which won't wind up giving folks cancer or breathing problems.
These clowns at Dynamis have never put together a similar project anywhere that has show to be safe and effective.Don't make my family and others out here into human guinea pigs.
Ocean's 14, er I mean Dynamis, is a bunch of characters just trying to make a "killing" and get the heck out of here.
Fight the good fight folks!
Say no to this morally bankrupt scheme!!!!!

This is one time I'm siding with the Democrats.

This has stunk since the beginning, and it's not just the garbage that smells. Dynamis has always seemed a little fishy in my opinion, and I won't even mention what I've always thought about Ullman and Yzaguirre...Sunny...


I have to agree wholeheartedly....Good Post

Finally, the Ada Democrats

Flex their political muscles. Boise doesn't need an industrial tire-burning factory in the foothills. The brown cloud would obscure Sunny's view of the sunrise.

You're correct Sand,

and if you can see that kind of air, think what it does to the lungs of those that breathe it. I remember many times coming back from Jordan Valley at night, and there were a couple places on Hwy. 95 coming down this side of the Owyhees that you could see a very bright light when you looked towards Boise. It was the cross on Tablerock. Of course, that was about 50 years ago before all the air and light pollution. Kinda miss those days....Sunny...

Why is this a...

..."D" or "R" issue?

Ullman, if you'll recall, has run as both and will run again as whatever gives her the best chance to regain her seat at the public trough. She was defeated by an "R" who opposed the project.

Skepticism about Dynamis is very much bi-partisan.

Just dig a bigger hole?

Gee, use waste to create energy, all while the EPA insists on air quality standards in doing so. What, again, is the problem? Or do you all just hate anything different? Are we just universally opposed to inceration because we can't get past images of dirty smokestacks--however outdated?

Or do we just dig more and bigger holes and bury the problem. Never mind the methane gas that oozes from landfills -- never mind it's a horrible greenhouse gas???

People, we talk about alternative energy and then we line up to kill the ideas. We have to start moving forward here. This is NOT unproven technology. Doing NOTHING is NOT an answer.

I thought want progressive energy solutions that reduces reliance on fossil fuels, nuclear power, etc. And he's a way to get rid of GARBAGE and we're gonna put all kinds of roadblocks. And in the process we're going to miss an opportunity to put a lot of people to work.

Or do think it's a bad idea because people are going to profit from it?

If this works as promised...

...then Dynamis deserves to profit from it (assuming it turns any profit). That's not my issue; heck, I might even buy some stock.

My problem is that I'm not convinced that it won't cost more and pollute more than promised, all while producing less energy and reducing less waste than we've been led to believe. I'll be thrilled if my skepticism turns out to be unjustified.


Correct me if I'm wrong but the only way this project pencils out is if Idaho Power is forced to pay for power from this plant at an exorbitant rate. The original people from Dynamis and the people they hired from DBSI all have tainted track records for the recent projects they have been involved in.

The methane gas from the landfill is already collected and burned off for power generation.

so far the only thing in the hole

is Ada County, to the tune of $2 million.

The problem is more about

The problem is more about how Ullman and Yzaguire pushed this contract through without any public input. And when people questioned it, they quickly shut those people up and pushed the contract through even quicker. Just a few months ago, it was the republicans complaining about the $2million. Now that an article comes out about democrats not supporting it, people are blaming democrats and all of a sudden its a good thing. strange. people are just strange.

It's a bad idea because

They want to burn tires, the most polluting of all waste products and the hardest to get rid of. They passed this with no public input. Since Ullman was voted out, her decision should be overturned.

Ullman was full of crap and trying to pump them up.

More vindictive braindeath.


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You fry wants with that?

great meeting

two rooms full, listening to scientists

And still a huge FRAUD.


You fry wants with that?