Joe Walsh will headline grand opening of Revolution Concert House

Eagles guitarist and singer Joe Walsh will headline the grand opening of Revolution Concert House and Event Center, a 2,200-capacity venue at Glenwood Street and Chinden Boulevard in Garden City.

The Aug. 22 concert will kick off a new era for the Boise music scene. The 20,000-square-foot space claims to be the biggest concert house and event center in the Northwest. It's certainly the biggest in the Treasure Valley. As I explained back in January, a mid-sized venue should open up a fresh spectrum of artists for this market. And it could result in more-affordable prices for certain acts.

Although Revolution is more than twice the size of the 999-capacity Knitting Factory Concert House, the venues definitely will compete. Here’s the initial slate of shows at Revolution. Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday, June 22, for the events that have prices listed:

Joe Walsh - Grand Opening - Aug. 22 - $49.50 general admission, $149.50 VIP (only 100 available), Ticketfly.
Michael Franti & Spearhead, Ziggy Marley - Aug. 28 - $39.50, $59.50 VIP (only 100), Ticketfly.
Boise Tactical Expo - Sept. 22 - info TBA
George Thorogood & The Destroyers - Sept. 26 - $29.50 Tickets, $49.50 VIP (only 100), Ticketfly.
The Music of Abba (Arrival from Sweden) – Oct. 5 - info TBA
DJ Steve Aoki – Oct. 24 - info TBA
Chef Robert Irvine of Food Network’s “Restaurant: Impossible” - Cooking Seminar and Show – Nov. 18 - info TBA
Alice Cooper, Halestorm - Nov 21st- $35 Tickets, $55 VIP (only 100), Ticketfly.

Strip Mall Concert Hall

Maybe Deeds could do an article on just how the heck you are going to get any sort of decent sound in a concrete box like to 'ol De Alessardo's? I still remember the god awful shows put on at the fairgrounds...if it was LOUD enough it didn't matter.

Enjoy the Ride...there is no return ticket.

It's possible

Surface treatments, baffles, proper stage positioning makes it possible. I remember the concerts at the fairgrouds, too, but that was a cinderblock building with no attempt at making it acoustically viable. Even the Morrison Center is a concrete box - but well designed concrete box.

I can see parking as a problem, though. A 2000 seat sellout would be something like a thousand cars. That might be a problem.

Couldn't possibly

hear anything over your pizzing and moaning, YES??


Where are the people going to park? Did they make some sort of agreement with the Fairgrounds? And what about crossing Glenwood... I can see a ton of jaywalkers coming very soon. I guess Garden City PD will make more money!

parking lot

700 parking spots
1500 going to see a gig....i don't see them getting 2,200 for every event.

You make

a fabulous whine.

for something called the Revolution

you'd think they could book something from this century.

Cynicism is easy---

Appreciation is much more rewarding.

Are you proposing they book

Are you proposing they book 12 year olds? Are you a Beiber fan?

Good ol' D'Allessandro's! I

Good ol' D'Allessandro's! I remember he got busted for embezzlement. I'm sure the acoustics are AMAZING between those brick walls... :rolls eyes:

The lineup looks like more of the same crud that comes through here every six months. Same crap, different venue.


On the video, that looks like Steve Cropper & the late Donald "Duck" Dunn.
Wonder who Walsh will bring to this gig. Plus, he's got his first studio record in 20 years out now. Now matter what, Walsh always brings it.

Congrats to the Revolution.


Is as ugly as a truck wreck, but the man is a great guitar player and song writer.....


Yeah, the place is awful

Yeah, the place is just awful. Bad sound, no parking, a haunted building. Yeah, don't buy tickets. Well, if I scared off enough people, it shouldn't be too hard for me to get nice front row tickets!


are good badams, very good!


3 important things here, PARKING, SOUND and AFFORDABILITY.
I would love to see fellow ham Joe Walsh, but not for $50
Other venue's
Idaho center-sucks as it takes for ever to get outta there
Century Link or BOA center downtown Boise-Sound sucks big time
Taco bell arena- Need more shows there, its an awesome venue.
Knitting factory- good nachos, too small.
Did I leave anything out here????

Cost is not a problem

Joe Walsh tickets in other states like Kansas is around the 80-90 dollar range.
50.00 is actually a decent price for a concert.

Oh c'mon.

Why don't you bring up the price of a gallon of gas?
A $50 ticket in reality costs at least double that in the "Hope and Change" Administration.

George and the Destroyers are thoroly good

Don't miss the Destroyers at this price! It will be nonstop fun and great Georgy-style guitar playing. I'm going.

Joe's the Man!

I don't care if Joe Walsh is playing in a barn, count me in!

Sounds awesome but you have to obey your kidneys...

And mine about had it the 18th, lucky to be here.

Do enjoy.


You fry wants with that?