Baumbach blogs: 'I’ll put myself on the line for the freedom of others'

Lucas Baumbach says his charge of driving without privileges stems from a citation over auto insurance — and a traffic stop the day after his wedding.

Writing on his blog, the former state Senate and Boise City Council candidate said he will fight the charges.

"In court I will be fighting to defend our freedom to move without ridiculous restrictions that make criminals out of all of us. I will also be fighting to keep Idahoans from having their license suspended without due process and actual conviction. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? I’ll put myself on the line for the freedom of others. But, who thinks that any man can fight alone? Even King David had his thirty warriors. I encourage the courageous to find their voice. If we don’t speak out, these things will not change."

The legal sags, as Baumbach explains it, is complicated.

Baumbach said he was cited six months ago on the insurance change, and was told to bring his auto insurance policy up to date. He says he did this the following day.

Yet on April 15, after a traffic stop, a police officer cited Baumbach on a charge of driving without a license — and Baumbach says he was told the charge may have stemmed from the insurance citation.

A warrant was issued for Baumbach's arrest. Baumbach turned himself in Thursday on a failure to obey citation, a misdemeanor count stemming from the driving-without-privileges citation.

Here's a link to Baumbach's full blog post

(Hat tip: George Prentice of Boise Weekly, who originally wrote about Baumbach's post.)

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oh yeah

Didn't this issue come up about a month ago?

On the forum here, it was pointed out Baumbach protesting his loss of license without due process-- same dude?

And now his mug shot is just the result of that....

oh, goody

Another Phil Hart wannabe, this time about driving. Is he protesting the law that requires him to have insurance? A driver's license? Or is it just that he thinks he gets dispensation because it was near his wedding day, the same way Hart thought he should get dispensation for being in the Legislature?

we trust the Statesman will feature the full story?

If Baumbach's account is even mostly true (and it sounds plausible enough), it's definitely worth more coverage to correct the mysterious arrest-and-mug-shot story.

The guy should hire a good lawyer and address his personal problems before he goes full tilt after the windmills of injustice, would be my advice. It sounds like he has too many distractions in his life as it is.

The full story

Yes, it would be nice if there was more to Lucas' claims. Sadly, it's just another guy committing personal mistakes and then complaining about the laws that they want to conveniently ignore. Lucas is a Phil Hart (non-taxpaying Idaho legislator) who wants to pass laws that apply to others, but not him. Or maybe Lucas is a Joe Palmer. You remember Joe. He's the state legislator whose son had so many unpaid parking tickets that they towed his car from a parking space in front of the State Capitol. Did Pappa Joe talk a little sense into his kid about paying old parking fines? No. Pappa Joe decided to waste our State Legislature's time and instead introduced legislation to eliminate parking meters around the Capitol building. Yep, that's how a lot of these so-called "Conservative Republicans" think. Maybe Lucas is hoping his friend Mark Patterson (another Baumbach, Hart, Palmer type) wins his state House race in November and will introduce legislation to save his buddy Lucas from this government oppression.

Lucas, maybe Mark Patterson and Phil Hart will be your soldiers

Lucas, maybe Mark Patterson (who you have endorsed for state Legislature) and Phil Hart (thrown out by his constituents in the primaries) will volunteer to be your soldiers. Lucas, I've known others who have been cited for failure to have auto insurance and/or Driving Without Privileges. All of them accepted responsibility for their mistakes. They did not cry tears about the tyranny of government or the lack of legal due process for their own knuckleheaded conduct. Indeed, why are you complaining about not having your day in court? You were arrested for failing to appear at a Court date. Stop trying to make this into a crusade. Nobody is buying it. Maybe you can team up with those that want to legalize meth and bath salts since it's a "personal freedom" issue.

Yes Baumbach,

put yourself on the line for the freedom of others. There are military, recruiting offices all over Idaho that would be glad to help you do that

Most excellent reply...

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart


Where's the LIKE button here.


Lucas, certainly you are reading this blog.

Vaughn Ward took his chances for freedom- how about you Lucus?

Oh, brother. Talk about illusions of grandeur

King David and his warriors? Are you kidding me? "I will put myself on the line for the freedom of others." Mr. Baumbach, don't do anything on my behalf. Get your paperwork together like the rest of us stop acting like a martyr. I see no reason for anyone to be a "soldier" for a guy who simply can't get his act together.


"I see no reason for anyone to be a "soldier" for a guy who simply can't get his act together." And, even if he did, couldn't lift it.

Save Us From This Group of Leaders (?)

If this is the best we can come up with for candidates the battle is lost. Sorry group of warriors.


How about freedom from scofflaw politicians.

Typical republican, thinking

Typical republican, thinking laws are for everyone else to follow. Coles, Craig, Yzaguirre, Noble, McGee, Otter, Hart, etc. etc. etc.


... is an idiot's idiot.
How did this loser find someone to marry him?

What's with the victim mentality in this crowd?

Baumback and his buddies talk of personal responsibility for others, but always have some "the big bad government" excuse for their own actions.

There are real issues of government over reach and personal/civil rights. Figuring out your own car insurance isn't one of them.

No wonder this guy can't get elected. Although I have to admit, I find him somewhat entertaining.