Idaho Democrats announce delegates elected to Democratic National Convention, including Rep. Cronin, Sen. Werk

Among those in the 31-member delegation to the national convention are Boise Rep. Brian Cronin, Boise Sen. Elliot Werk and Pocatello Sens. Diane Bilyeu and Edgar Malepeai. Delegates were named Saturday by the Idaho State Democratic Convention to attend the national convention in Charlotte, N.C., the week of Sept. 3.

A photo of the group is on the state party's web page. The complete list follows:

Diane Bilyeu, Pocatello

Carolyn Boyce, Boise

Bill Bonner, Meridian, (alternate)

Darin Brunstad, Deary

Jeanne Buell, Worley

Stephen Cooke, Moscow

Brian Cronin, Boise

Sean Fay, Pocatello

Colleen Fellows, Boise

Jim Fletcher, Pocatello

Sheila Gary, Coeur d’Alene

Pete Gertonsen, Winchester

Larry Grant, Fruitland

Cindy Gross, Boise

Leroy Hayes, Twin Falls

Cindy Hedge, Boise

Morgan Hill Jr., Boise

Melanie Hutchinson, Twin Falls

Paulette Jordan, Worley

Don Kershner, Boise

Edgar Malepeai, Pocatello

Jennifer Martinez, Boise

Lisa Prochnow, Coeur d’Alene

Elisabeth Ratcliff, Garden City

Christina Rutledge, Caldwell

Illene Rounsefell, Wendell

Steve Scanlin, Boise, (alternate)

Deborah Silver, Twin Falls

Silas Whitman, Lapwai

Elliot Werk, Boise

Albert Wilkerson Jr., Coeur d’Alene

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WOW! I didn't realize

they sent EVERY Democrat in Idaho to this thing.

I hope they vote with an open mind and critical thinking. And not by herd mentality.

Try being a little more original.


One could...

argue that in Idaho being a Democrat means you're already thinking outside of the herd mentality.

At least in this state it appears that the GOP is guilty of the close minded lack of critical though herd mentality. At least as guilty as the Dems here in the state anyway.


That's Funny. I am afraid the entire event will resemble the Lemming migration...over the cliff.

Enjoy the Ride...there is no return ticket.

The Great American Myth is that People will always vote in their

best economic interest. If ever this was true, it certainly is no longer the case today. It is difficult to criticize a voter who is informed and casts a vote for a candidate who support positions that are in the best interest of that voter. Most voters today identify idealogically with one party or the other and always vote for that party regardless of their economic self interest. I can't blame any voter who has an annual income exceeding $400k for voting Republican as it is squarely in their best interest to do so. But there appears to be a signifant number of voters who take the bait every election cycle and become distracted by fabricated issues like gun control, religious expression, xenophobia and subsequently vote against their own economic self interest.


I guess she couldn't get work release... No one from Blackfoot, IF, Rexburg, etc.... Hmmmm oh thats right, not too many Dem's over there...

Idaho Falls

There were actually a fair number of attendees from Idaho Falls; I don't know whether none of them signed up to be a national delegate, or they didn't win the election. But you're right, I don't remember meeting anyone from Blackfoot or Rexburg.

You're worse than Dan Popkey

and his obsession with all things Larry Craig.

What's the point?

They know they're going for the party-ing. I like the DNC, but let's be realistic - your votes in ID don't mean diddly.

Idaho Falls?

Wot?! Not one from Idaho Falls?! So much for diversity.