Boise State won't release details of Mountain West offer

By Brian Murphy

Boise State's general counsel conducted "correspondence and discussions with the Mountain West" about remaining in the league, the school told the Idaho Statesman in response to a public records request. The school refused to release any documents associated with the discussions, citing attorney-client privilege.

The response confirms what the Mountain West said in May and contradicts what Boise State Athletic Director Mark Coyle told media members at the Big East meetings when he denied the school had conversations with the league about staying.

That denial caused the Mountain West league office to issue a statement outlining the discussions. Colorado State Athletic Director Jack Graham said the league offered to share revenues based on on-field success, a plan that could have helped the Broncos' powerful football program, but that Boise State declined.

No Boise State official attended the Mountain West meetings earlier this month outside of San Diego.

Boise State is scheduled to move its football program to the Big East in July 2013. The Broncos are scheduled to move their other sports programs to the WAC in July 2013, but have applied for membership in the Big West.

The Broncos completed the Big West's 11-page "New Member Assessment Tool" and have sent it to the league. The assessment tool is a collection of data — general campus information, sports sponsorship assessment, academic assessment, athletic competitiveness assessment, NCAA Championship participation, athletic department funding and marketing assessment — and includes no statements as to why the Broncos want to join the league or why the league should accept Boise State.

In its response to the Statesman, Boise State said it has not submitted membership applications to any other Division I conference.

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In other words....

Boise State's AD lied!

Statesman Isn't Surprised

Actually Coyle lied on behalf of Kustra as he is a puppet. BSU always lies to the media, has been for year's. Good for the Statesman for finally calling them on it.

Chicken Little

The sky is falling. Meanwhile, back at the WAC... New Mexico State will play Idaho for the conference football title.



I Love It

One guy THINKS he heard some something but wasn't quite sure what it was but that didn't matter. He drew consusions anyway and told everyone who would listen that it was golden, iron clad and absolutley true. Sounds like a Democrat.


...sounds more like Bush/Cheney.

Are you sure?

Obama jumped to conclusions with both Trayvon Martin and that Harvard professor. He made statements without knowing all facts.

But, only Bush/Cheney jump to conclusions?

You're an idiot. Log off your computer and go live in a cave. The idea that your dumb a-s-s can vote scares me.

are YOU sure?

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Don't go there unless you really want to

I did a term paper on WMDs using actual newsreports throughout the country, including the Navy Times publication. Unlike you, I don't get biased opinions from anti-war idiots who will say anything they want regardless of facts. WMDs were found, and were viable. American soldiers were exposed to them. Those are unchallengable truths. If you refuse to believe it, you admit your own stupidity.

“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” ~John Adams Dec 1770

So regardless of what you want to believe, your opinion is thoroughly squashed by fact. Nice try, Libtard.

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You are a confused little girl

The issue was jumping to conclusions. Our current President did just that. Nothing about Bush or Cheney comes even remotely close to that. Start two wars? Are you F-ing kidding me? Constitutionally speaking, you can't jump to a conclusion regarding war without evidence and the approval of Congress. And, your own dumb-a-s-s Liberal buddies also voted overwhelmingly to start these two wars. But, idiots like you and your boyfriend above seem to forget that.

Here are a few steps to get you to understand:
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Only a Republican would bring up politics and sports at the same time. At least Democrats know when to keep their mouths closed. What does Obama have to do with Boise State and who are you to call the President of the United States a liar...? I mean what are your credentials?

A sports fan is one thing, a political commentator is another.

both have woman problems


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"At least Democrats know when to keep their mouths closed."

Are you joking? You ARE talking about the party of Joe Biden and Barack Obama, right? You can't possibly be serious.

And, YES, the President of the United State is a LIAR.

He's got a great job though.


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Private means private

Not sure why the Statesman and the FANS are entitled to confidential and very sensitive information about the schools ongoing DANCE marathon in regards to conference affiliation. Folks know there is lots and lots of money at stake, not to mention coach and recruit tenure. Coyle isn't about to do anything that makes Lil'Kustra look bad or jeopardize his new JOB.

The Big East is a DOG...The MWC is a bigger DOG...that said if we could convince SDS to stay in the MWC and recruit a couple other WESTERN / TEXAS schools...Boise State could lead the conference into the future...forget the BCS...that is sooo yesterday. Scoreboard Baby!

Enjoy the Ride...there is no return ticket.

Wait ...

If you ask me, getting caught in a lie can make Kustra look bad and jeopardize his new job.

We didn't ask you on purpose


You fry wants with that?

His job is older than my jockey shorts.


You fry wants with that?

but, most importantly...

...he isn't going to say anything that would weaken Boise State's negotiating position with anyone else.

Well since Boise State

Is a state schools they have no expectation of privacy since all records are owned by the people of Idaho.

Yes football is self sustaining But all communications and data are subject to the open records laws.

When Facisim comes to America, It will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross

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Republican Caucus?

BSU will probably claim that communications were from the Caucus to MWC and not public record.


I have no issue with BSU's AD. If he chose to say what he did in order to project an aura of solidarity with and commitment to the Big East then I'm OK with that. I do find it surprising that BSU turned down additional revenue from the MWC. This isn't about $$$ it's about wearing blue uniforms on blue turf!


it's about collecting $7-8M as a Big East member, something the Mountain West cannot come even close to.

What ever on overlooking -------

a few details. What was important on the little detail of not wearing blue to a few bronco fans? Wonder how much flack president will get if we stay in MWC? I never liked move to MWC to start, but thats just me.
Guess we'll soon see what happens.

Attorney client privileged?

How can BSU refuse to provide documents of correspondence with the MWC under the guise of attorney client privilege? Does BSU's general counsel represent the MWC? No. Just because an attorney communicates with someone doesn't make that communication privileged. The privilege only comes with the attorney's own client.

And if BSU's counsel either copies his client on the correspondence (with the MWC) or forwards it to his client, that still doesn't make the communications with the MWC privileged, as they have no privilege with BSU's attorney.

The Statesman's legal counsel needs to look at this and follow-up. It doesn't make sense.

By fans, you mean taxpayers

By fans, you mean taxpayers who are entitled to information pertaining to the state university they support financially, right?

THAT doesn't make any sense...


You fry wants with that?

MEANT to reply to guardrail,

MEANT to reply to guardrail, don't know what happened there...

Still didn't make any sense

you're consistent though


You fry wants with that?

football pays its own way.

What a fool.

Football isn't paying its

Football isn't paying its own way to expand a stadium that hasn't even sold out consistently over the last 5 years.


Care to take a swipe at how many BSU football games have not sold out in the last 5 years?

Not a swipe - I looked it

Not a swipe - I looked it up. Enjoy.

From 2007-2011, Boise State has played 32 home games. I used capacity figures from BSU Athletics of 30,000 in 2007, 32,000 in 2008, and 33,500 from 2009-2011. Using attendance figures compiled from ESPN, the Statesman, and BSU Athletics, Bronco Stadium sold out for 24 of the 32 games during this period. That's a 75% sellout rate. Given that the team was ranked in the top 25 nationally for all but 6 of these 32 games, while playing in a stadium that falls in the lower half of the Mountain West by capacity, I stand by my statement that Bronco Stadium has not consistently sold out over the last 5 years.

Failing to fill a stadium, with capacity no higher than 33,500, one in every four games is simply unimpressive, no matter how you look at it. Especially for a highly ranked team.

BSU had two sellout crowds in its seven home games last year

That is a quote from this article.

§ Nice try, but wrong

That brief article was written in August 2010, making it nearly 2 years old.

The reference within it was to the 2009 season.

For 2011 the Broncos had six home games with overall attendance for those at 204,110, an average of 34,018. With a seating capacity of 33,500, this means that the average per game was more than 500 above capacity.


average home game surpassed capacity by 500?

ca·pac·i·ty/kəˈpasitē/Noun: 1.The maximum amount that something can contain: "seating capacity".
2.Fully occupying the available area or space: "a capacity crowd".

Shhhhh...don't let the fire marshall know about this

Capacity isn't a finite number

Exceeding capacity happens all the time, especially in a college football venue. Check out this site (I know it's Wikipedia, but there are links to actual news reports as proof):

Click on the Record tab, and you'll notice SEVERAL times that the record crowd far exceeded the "capacity". Here are a few highlights (with home team listed first):

Michigan Vs Notre Dame, 9/10/2011: 4903 extra attendees
Penn State Vs Nebraska, 9/14/2002: 3471 extra attendees
Tennessee Vs Florida, 9/18/2004: 6606 extra attendees!!
USC Vs Ohios State, 1/1/1973 (Rose Bowl): 14,327 extra attendees!!!!!

So, "capacity" doesn't mean jack-squat. There are always ways to add seats, as well as standing room.

Try not to be too patronizing while looking like a total a-s-s.