Summer comes to Stanley


Wildflowers are carpeting the meadows around Stanley in shades of purple and pink with a dash of yellow here and there. I've had readers asking about wildflowers in Sawtooth Valley and the peak should be coming next week in places, depending on the elevation.

You'll also be surprised to see sandhill cranes in the meadows doing their annual spring dances in preparation for nesting season.

Camping is prime right now and campgrounds downriver from Stanley are pretty good picks to get away from the crowds.

Well, that's an update for now. Snow has pretty much disappeared on Banner Summit.

Photo by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman


The penstemons are just starting to bloom here at 4800 feet. Nice photo Pete.

I had to take a double-take

It is almost an exact replica of one I took up there last week :D


It always amazes me when I talk to folks who haven't ventured any further down the river than Lower Stanley. There are always campsites, and there are various hot springs located along the river.

Just 11 miles down is the Yankee Fork of the Salmon where you can see the old Sunbeam Dam. Go up the Yankee Fork (only about 10 miles) and you can tour the old dredge, visit Boot Hill, or visit the very cool ghost towns of Bonanza and Custer.

About 30 miles from Stanley, down river on Highway 75, is the town of Clayton. The museum is only open on weekends (I think by appointment as well), but it is a gem of a surprise in that old silver mining region.

off road

How about that meadow you were worried about last summer, Zimo? Any pics?

NOt yet

I has hauling to Missoula and didn't stop to get a photo. Will do it again this summer. Thanks for the reminder.