Daily Show goofs on Simplot and the two-headed fish (Video)

Aasif Mandvi and the Daily Show have come and gone from Idaho, bringing a few laughs, making the JR Simplot Company mad and linking the two headed fish to Idaho.

Mandvi, a fine comedic actor, made it clear he was doing fake news as he keeps alive several myths about the science surrounding the selenium problem in eastern Idaho and the phosphate industry. The Idaho Statesman is running my story Sunday that will examine the issue in detail but let me clear up a few things.Daily Show

When Greater Yellowstone Coalition Idaho Director Marv Hoyt holds up a picture of a two-headed brown trout to begin the show he says: “The fish are suffering massive deformities, deformities you just don’t see in nature.”

He is only partially right. The two-headed brown trout fry was the progeny of fish taken from two creeks below Simplot’s Smokey Canyon Mine and placed in a Wyoming hatchery where they were hatched artificially.

Hatchery trout fry also were tested as a control or reference population. Both populations suffered deformities including having two heads.

But you wouldn’t see such deformities in nature because the fry would simply die.

Mandvi interviewed me during his Idaho trip for three hours at the farm of Donna Anderson in Meridian. She had lots of old, unworking tractors strewn around her barns, which producer Brennan Shroff considered the right place to have Mandvi’s secret source (me)tell the influence of the Simplot’s in Idaho.

They began by asking me why I had never written a story about the two-headed fish.

I replied that when it broke I was on vacation in Mexico and the newspaper ran the New York Times story. Mandvi held up two fingers in each hand as quote marks saying “I see, you were ‘on vacation’”

With my answers, I was not only laying out a conspiracy of silence, I was in it.

When I was done I called my son David, a regular Daily Show viewer and told him I spent three hours with Mandvi.

“You're toast Dad,” David said.

So for the last month I’ve been waiting for the broadcast that would hold me up for ridicule. Then Thursday I got a call from the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, the show was to be run last night.

Here it comes. Later, a Daily Show producer e-mailed me to tell me my segment was cut.

I dodged a bullet.

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A huge thank you to the Daily Show

I really appreciate this kind of press perpetrated by the East Coast Media...implying Idaho is just full of misfits, polluted streams and out of control corporations. Nothing could be further from the truth, but after all the shows audience is "liv'in the dream" an no doubt the attempt at humor plays well with the save the world urban dwellers.

Hopefully, they will scratch Boise and Idaho off their list of places to visit or move to...especially when historic mining has left the ground water in Colorado sooo pristine.

Sounds like you are starting to get it?

"implying Idaho is just full of misfits, polluted streams and out of control corporations"

All CC's parent ever did was make CD collections


You fry wants with that?

Do I have This Right?

The EPA is in cahoots with Simplot to despoil Idaho rivers? Are we talking about the same EPA that our illustrious President Barry Obama oversees? DAMN! Well, we should do something about that come November. Yeah baby. Away you go you dirty, conspiring, polluter and good riddance. Don't let the door hit you in the butt as you leave either you dirty, conspiring, polluter. Jon Stuart says so. Yeah.

That'll teach 'em.

I was glad to see Rocky whatever-his-last-name-is was not the story. That is REALLY important to know. BTW, Who is this Ricky, Rocky ... whatever?

A Montana Grizzly, dunno?


You fry wants with that?


No, you are talking about the EPA run by the State of Idaho. If the feds stepped in, all you would hear is about the violations of states rights. Right to use and abuse the water and lands any way they want. Right to allow the good people of Idaho all the toxic water they can drink. Right to water all the cattle upstream from Boise's water source putting e-coli in the water. Right to dump selinium in the rivers and cause two headed fish--at the very least. What is the water doing to the crops and livestock using it?

Selenium is good

From a scientific Report

Selenium at nutritional levels has been shown to have numerous anticarcinogenic or preventative effects against carcinogen-induced breast, colon, liver and skin cancer in animals. Many of these anticarcinogenic effects have been summarized. In addition, numerous mutagenic and antimutagenic effects of selenium compounds have been reported. Some of the selenium compounds frequently tested for mutagenicity are listed in Table 1. Because of the numerous reported anticarcinogenic and preventative effects of selenium, many individuals are supplementing their diets with amounts of selenium that are greater than the recommended daily requirement. Selenium is also used widely in industrial products such as selenium rectifiers, photoelectric batteries, alloys and paints. Because selenium at higher levels is known to be toxic, there should be a greater understanding about its genotoxic as well as its beneficial effect. The object of this review is to summarize experimental evidence both for the antimutagenic and the mutagenic effect of selenium.

Just Remember

If the water won't burn it is not fit to drink.

Selenium Dion is better


You fry wants with that?


Buddy? Dudly dumpster diver or some such? (n reply to, "I was glad to see Rocky whatever-his-last-name-is was not the story. That is REALLY important to know. BTW, Who is this Ricky, Rocky ... whatever?")

That is awesome! Now the rest of the world gets to

see and experience the bizarre subservient culture of Idaho saying "yes sir" "yes sir" to the corporation that controls every facet of this state. A new slogan perhaps - "Trampling Earth's Resources to Death". BTW EPA office in Boise, not a very good light you are portrayed in. Don't forget it's the citizens tax dollars that pay your salaries.

Notice the opening scene

isn't even Idaho? its from the east side of the tetons. Hopefully people wont take that bit too seriously, doesn't make Idaho look good at all.

Perfect for Montanaman, Rocky's alter ego


You fry wants with that?

Sounds like it's time for Michael Moore

to come expose this. Maybe title it "Hillbilly 911" or "Mining for 2 Headed Fish". "Cow-tipping & Politics" would work too. Or maybe, "My Own Private Systemically Corrupt Idaho".

Michael Moore is an EEEDIOT


You fry wants with that?


Read your own statement. Selenium beyond "nutritional" levels is also mutagenic / genotoxic, (look it up if you have to). Decades ago there was a plan to reclaim the Salton Sea, (created by "accident") because the high concentrations of Selenium were causing deformities of birds that would nest or stage during migration.

I love how many in the Far-Right feel they have to become Apologists for Anonymous Societies / Corporations, when such corporations, now that they have the rights of People, fail to live up to their Responsibilities.

Won't be one long, look at Mono Lake


You fry wants with that?

Ostrich in the sand

Yeah I got it, no need for the Webster, thanks.

You might notice those are not my words. They are from a scientific report.

Some is good- too much is bad. Sounds like a lot of your food sold in a grocery store.

Hey, Ostrich, maybe you could tell us how many mutations occur in a trout population in a normal perfectly controlled population? Better yet, tell us the results of the control population used for this MEDIA blitz. That's the scientific way right?

Also, while you're at it, report back the % of occurance in the HUMAN population of Siamese Twins. What, too much selenium?

Jump in the water. It feels good.

Understanding Simplot's Mutant Fish

I have an M.S. in Fisheries Management and am a retired biologist with 25 years experience with Idaho fisheries. I have electrofished and handled thousands if not millions of wild trout throughout Idaho and have not seen one two-headed trout.

If the streams in question contained any mutant trout, something serious is amiss!

The fact that two-headed trout can be produced in a hatchery under contract with Simplot has no relevance to the issue whatsoever.

Bill Goodnight

Jon Stewart's fake news

An important thing to remember is that Jon Stewart is fake news, like Fox News. The difference is Stewart's fake news is both amusing and has an element of truth, Simplot does have a huge political influence in Idaho, and it isn't wise to say so. It takes someone from the outside. Fox fake News claims to be true, plus fair and balanced. It is instead mean and not funny.

Simplot is certainly not improving the creeks and river of Eastern Idaho. That's the truth.


Only a moron like Rocko would participate is such a scam.

"Daily Show Goofs"
"He is only partially right"
"fake news"--

Unfortunately, Rocko, there are a LOT of IDIOTS out there that read (or hear about) stuff like this and they truly believe it. Obama birthers and those that beleive Obama is Muslim --- for 2 examples.

YOU, Rocko, are part of the media problem by propagating THIS mutation of a story. You should feel bad for your lack of professional standards. :-(

And you still stink.