River park dedication set


The dedication and official opening of the Boise River Recreation Park is set for June 28.

The event will run from 5 to 7 p.m., with the formal ceremony and remarks set for 6 p.m.

"Fourteen years ago, a group of volunteers laid the groundwork for this park," Mayor David Bieter said. "This month we will see that vision become reality as we gather together to celebrate this wonderful new amenity."

Construction of the in-river elements was completed in February, but high water levels, cold temperatures and the installation of shoreline improvements have prevented the park from opening until this month, according to Boise Parks and Recreation.

The park is being funded by the City of Boise, the J.A. & Kathryn Albertson Foundation and private donations generated by the volunteer Friends of the Park. It is located near 3400 W. Pleasanton Ave., west of downtown Boise between Main Street and Veterans Memorial Park.

As part of the celebration, the City of Boise acknowledges the Harvey and Margo Neef family, who have donated $100,000 to the project in honor of their late son, Ray Neef, MD.

The dedication event will include an official ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Boise River Park overlook followed by refreshments at Idaho River Sports, 3100 W. Pleasanton Ave.

Photo of kayakers using the park earlier this spring - Photo by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman


Zimo, I'm surprised I haven't seen any coverage from you about the new park in Harris Ranch. That place has some primo Greenbelt asphalt for speed roller blading and the smoothest bike ride you can get be in Ada County. I just kept going back and forth - enjoying the smooth ride. :-)

The HArris Ranch park is going to be a really nice park.

Boise is the Best Place!

I was able to ride my bike past the new water park this week and it looks incredible in every way. On a weekday evening, there were 20-25 kayaks in the water (either the river or adjacent pond), families were milling about, and numerous greenbelt users were around. The new greenbelt enhancements are excellent.

With the 30th Street project due to get underway in 2013, that area of Boise and Garden City will fundamentally change for the better over the next decade. It's always easy to throw abuse at the powers that be, but the fact is that Boise has been blessed with good mayors over the past 25 years...Kempthorne, Coles, and now Bieter. They each have faults, of course, but they have collectively been responsible for the city's resurgence for a generation and deserve our thanks.

Thanks for the update, Zimo. You're the best.


greasy-handed polticos and their cronies have nothing more on their minds than shiny, happy, smiling citizens.
Grow up.

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You fry wants with that?