Former state Senate, City Council candidate arrested (UPDATED, 11:50 a.m. Friday)

UPDATED, 11:50 a.m., with additional information from court documents and the Ada County sheriff's office. (The information from court records comes from Patrick Orr.)

It's been the kind of week that blurs the line between the political beat and the police blotter.

On Thursday, the Ada County sheriff's office issued Lucas Baumbach a failure to obey citation, a misdemeanor.

The failure to obey citation was filed in connection with an April 15 citation, when Baumbach was charged with a misdemeanor count of driving without privileges. According to Idaho court records, police discovered Baumbach did not have a valid driver’s license.

Baumbach was supposed to appear in court on that charge May 4, but court records indicate he did not show, so a failure to obey warrant was issued for Baumbach on June 7.

Baumbauch turned himself in Thursday morning, Ada County sheriff's spokeswoman Andrea Dearden said Friday. Ada County jail records show he was released after posting a $500 bond.

Baumbach, 33, ran for state Senate on the GOP ticket in 2010, losing to Boise Democratic Sen. Elliot Werk. He also ran unsuccessfully for Boise City Council in 2009. He may be best known for a video mashup, released the day before the 2010 GOP primary, showing wording similarities in speeches by GOP congressional candidate Vaughn Ward and President Obama. Ward lost the next day, and the video certainly didn't help.

A small-world footnote: last July, after then-state Sen. John McGee pleaded guilty on a drunken driving charge, Baumbach was one of two Boise Republicans who urged the state GOP central committee to censure and expel McGee from the committee. Ultimately, the central committee gave McGee a vote of no confidence.

Said Baumbach at the time: "We must, as the Idaho Republican Party, attract individuals of character and moral fiber to run for public office. ... How can we do that when we harbor and give safe haven to people who do not have good moral fiber?"

McGee turned himself in Tuesday on a charge of disturbing the peace, two days before Baumbach's arrest.

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Failure to obey what?

A yield sign?
A school zone speed limit?
Pledging allegiance to the flag?
(strike that last one)

Yeah, that is strange

"Failure to Obey" sounds Orwellian from one perspective, or kind of juvenile from another. The Statesman really needs to explain what is the content of all this.

Well it looks like they added that in.

So that is good.

Being issued a citation

does not necesarilly mean being arrested. So which is it Kevin, cited or arrested or cited and arrested?
Never mind Kevin, I brought it up on the Ada County Sheriff's website, he was arrested.


I guess KR doesn't know.


Baumbach has endorsed a number of candidates for 2012. Some of them survived the primaries and will be on the November general election ballot. Interestingly, Baumbach is working closely with Mark Patterson (Republican House candidate) who was also endorsed my Phil Hart. I wonder if Patterson is reconsidering the politicians that he associates with (Baumbach, Phil Hart, etc) since Baumbach and Hart both made the news today.

Talk of good moral fiber from Baumbach makes me laugh

So, is this some sort of Phil Hart-style "protest" against the government or does he simply lack the moral fiber to follow the law?

driving without a license?

srsly? How'd that happen? Or is he a driver's license version of Phil Hart?


Every politician needs
1) to be arrested at least once,
2) file a lawsuit against a local govt agency, and
3) be self-serving while in office.

That makes a career!

Family Ties?

Is he by chance related to either Phil Hart or Joe Palmer?