Boise State football earns NCAA award for academics

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

The NCAA has honored the Boise State football program for its academic performance for the second straight year.

The NCAA announced its Public Recognition Awards on Thursday. The honorees are those teams that finish among the top 10 percent in the nation in their sport based on Academic Progress Rate.

The actual APR numbers will be released next week.

The football team was Boise State's only award winner. Other football winners include Clemson, Middle Tennessee, Duke, Northern Illinois, Northwestern, Rice, Rutgers, Ohio State, Air Force, Miami and Vanderbilt.

wait a minute...

I thought Idaho was the leading academic school in the state?! WHOA?!?!


stupid response. And I am a BSU fan


No need to go there.

Don't worry about the Vanduls

they'll always come up with excuses and never look to the future. They think the cold war is still going on and that we are still in the 20th century.


If you're going to stir up a hornets' nest, it's better to do it with a long pole than by just sticking your hand in it.


It's funny how Idaho becomes the focal point of a lot of BSU articles, usually at the prodding of BSU fans. Kudos to the BSU football team though.

That is quite an honor...

check out the other schools receiving the recognition...almost a who's who of academic excellence.

No Surprise Here...

This proves Boise State runs an excellent "program" both on & off the field. I've been saying this for years now...BSU is the premiere university in Idaho & will lead in every category both academically & athletically going forward. Simply put, our football program is generating more resources for the academic side which drive success. One only needs to take a walk around campus to see these dollars at work.

The first sentence is

The first sentence is correct, then you get delusional.

Boise State Program

The football program has done well both on and off the field. The general student body is another story.

The five year grad rate has droped from 22.3% in 2002 to 20.3% in 2010. That is a 10% decrease.

BSU needs to get stuff together before they can claim that BSU is the premiere university in Idaho & will lead in every category both academically & athletically going forward.

They are ahead of Idaho in athletics but they are FAR behind most colleges in Idaho academically. Look at US News for the stats

Growing pains

I'm guessing part of that 10% drop you talk about may be the result of a university that is growing too fast? I've seen others where this happens, and it takes a while for the alumni donations to catch up.

Just a guess, i could be way off base!

Don't worry

about Robert. Either he doesn't have the capability of understanding BSU's situation, or he does understand it but would rather not acknowledge it and live in his closed-minded world. He thinks that improving a graduation rate at a school that has never been given enough state funding is supposed to be a walk in the park, but in reality, it is a very difficult task that is going to take a generation or two to be resolved.

well stated

we have the people in place. it is a very long term fix.

***Boise State Program***


If you turn the page after the academic rankings, you'll find these statistics: "Tragic Endings of Dating Your Professor", and "Falling Out of Balconies While Drunk".

U of I ranks 1st in both.

Wow. What a heartless, insensitive, jerky comment.

I hope you are not a Bronco.


I hope you're not a Bronco

Location, location, location

BSU is a victim of its location. It's a non-residential, non-traditional university that essentially has to take all comers, if they're state residents. There is a tremendous number of students who are not full time or who start full time, but finish up part time. Or, like me, were boneheads when they started and took an extra year to get all the remedial stuff out of the way.

I doubt that BSU's graduation rate will ever be stellar, unless the school can become much more selective of its applicants. Also, without a thriving residential population along with fraternities and sororities, the peer-based academic support system will be a constant struggle. BSU isn't unique in its situation, but I wouldn't say that it's a common one.

Are CWI students included in the grad rate?

Just curious as to whether those students who left to enroll at CWI are included in the number. Do you have any idea?

Nice Math

Uh, I believe a drop in grad rate from 22.3% to 20.3% would be a 2% decrease. I am a proud BSU graduate and I can do that math in my head. Correctly. Also, statistics certainly can have various drivers and you shouldn't use a single statistic to make a statement that BSU is far behind most colleges in idaho in academics.

With your math and reasoning skills, I am curious what proud institution you attended?

10% was right

The drop in real numbers is 2%, but 2% almost 10% of 22%, so is a relative drop of 10%. When talking year over year, or any time period over time period, it is considered a 10% drop. Unfortunate any way you look at it, since we need the numbers to improve.

I think you missed his angle

If we are talking about 10% of a percentage, then that would be 10% of 0.223, which is 0.0223, correct?

So, if the numbers went from 22.3% to 20.3%, or from 0.223 to 0.203, then it would have been a decrease of 0.020, which is a decrease of approxiamtely 10% of the original value of 0.223.

YOUR answer of 2% is way off. What is 2% of 0.223? It is 0.00446! Did the original percentage decrease from 22.3% to 21.854%? No. The decrease was more than that.

So, mathematically, HE is correct. You, RJones74, are not. Of course, 10% was just an approximation of the true value, which I don't have the desire to compute. The true value is probably between a 9% and 10% decrease. But, it is a lot closer to the correct answer than your answer of a mere 2%.

And, I am (still) a Pre-Med student at Boise State.

Interesting way of looking at it....

I suppose you could make the argument the way you have (both Sanford and Pilgrim) though I still contend that is not correct math... For practical application this should be a subtraction problem as the information was already presented in percentages, therefore the % change is an addition / subtraction problem. When dealing with something such as this, you can only have 100% so stating that graduating 2 less out of every 100 students is a 10% decrease just doesn't make sense, at least from my perspective and experience as a CPA and management member of a Fortune 50 US company. Moving from 22% to 20% is a 2% change. Moving from 22 (not %) to 20 is a 10% change. If I used that math when reporting financials and metrics as a professional, I'd quickly be unemployed.

Good luck with your Pre-Med studies, I hope your experience and doors opened through attending BSU are as rewarding as mine were.

Look at US news and world report

US News and World report is the Bible that Colleges and Universities for rankings in academics. FACT

Look Up BSU, The facts will shock even the Most Fair Weathered BSU Fan.

NNU, EWU, WWU, CWU, are rated better than BSU, Heck most of the big sky schools are rated higher.

This is real tough love.

Who cares?

US News and World Report is just as slanted/biased as Time or Newsweek. Considering this report is from the NCAA, and is limited to the players associated with the football team, I seriously doubt US News is going to look that in-depth.

"NNU, EWU, WWU, CWU, are rated better than BSU"

Do all those schools have football teams? Are those players ranked high by the NCAA, the entity that matters?

OOC, why is it important for you to be a douche about this issue?

Rankings are a pile of crap...

I hope you're sitting down... Turns out your beloved US News rankings are a giant pile of crap as I've stated for years. The largest weighting for rank is based on high school counselor's opinion & rival institution perception. Ridiculous! Even if you believe the ranking U of I sits at #160 on the list. Is this something you're proud of? Really?

"The largest factors in the rankings — worth 22.5 percent for National Universities — is the combined as_sessment of a school’s reputation by academics from rival institutions and by high school college admissions counselors. For National Universities, peer as_sessment is worth 15 percent (it used to be 25 percent) plus 7.5 percent for high school counselors."

2 articles that will turn your world upside down:


Great news for these student athletes. !!

Thanks Coach Pete

It's the student athlete who actually performs on the field and in the class, but it's Coach Pete who finds em' and who they follow here.

Coach Pete..........worth every penny!!!

Go figure

Another puff piece to soothe the delicate and fragile egos of bsu fans. Congrats to these student athletes, they deserve it. Now if that school would put half the effort they do towards educating and graduating athletes, they might, just might, have a better academic reputation than Kuna high school.

No offense intended toward Kuna high school.


Wow what did BSU do to hurt your fragile little ego? Way to go BSU not only for the great award but for also upsetting RK!!!

Just like everything else

Critics of BSU suggest that they win because they play an inferior schedule. If that is the case then why doesn't every non-BCS league have a dominate top-five program that qualifies for BSC games? Similar to academics. Many of the critiques in this thread suggest that BSU graduates athletics because it offers inferior education. Well if that is the case then why doesn't every open enrollment university receive a public recognition award?


are closed-minded. They only see what they want to see. Even when there is improvement(such as new buildings), they will never acknowledge it.

all this stuff

No need to smack, but in point of fact BSU's admissions standards are the highest of all the Idaho STATE schools. What that means..who knows.

academics and athletics ...

what a concept. It's good to see excellence extend beyond the blue turf. Well done Broncos!

Didnt Arafat and the current

prez win the Nobel Peace Prize....

Stats are meaningless.

When will

BSU bulldoze the library and build an adequate parking garage so real Bronco Fans can attend home games without being inconvenienced and riding a too-toot train for a bunch of blocks?

It is begining to look like President Kustra is not as supportive of BSU as a Football University as was once thought.

It is the loyal Bronco Football Fans who built BSU and not having had several generations of small engine repair and Bondo Bumper Basics students footing the bill to keep BSU afloat. It is high time that President Kustra gave back to Bronco Football Fans, Bronco Nation, and BSU athletics what he has recently been funnelling toward academics - every penny.

I am seeing the quality erroding of the level of care I am receiving on many of my vehicles by BSU driveline and transmission graduates compared to those of their Fathers and Grandfathers. Just another sterling example of a reason to bulldoze the BSU library (the room for future hoists and air lines for tools is being taken up by thoughtless instructors insisting their star and advanced students read certain books and cut out certain pictures from certain magazines to make collages and posters for art classses.

BSU has changed and not for the better - waaaaay too much emphasis on academics and not enough on football.

that's great, at the rate they get injured


You fry wants with that?

Proud to give to

academics and athletics at BSU and UofI

But that's just me.....