DNA tests show wolf pup at ZooBoise is wild

wolf pupThe first DNA test is back and it's confirmed, the wolf pup is wild.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game officials reported Tuesday that the DNA tests confirm what experts believed, that the young male wolf picked up by out-of-state campers last month near Ketchum came from a wild pack. The agency sent blood away to three different testing labs but the first findings support what biologists suspected.

Fish and Game Wildlife Manager Jon Rachael said the agency will now move on to finding the pup a new home in an accredited zoo with the help of Zoo Boise. That’s where the pup has been living since picked up on Warm Springs Road in the Smoky Mountains northwest of Ketchum.

Efforts by Fish and Game and Defenders of Wildlife to find the pup’s pack were unsuccessful.


So will there be charges brought up against the out-of-state campers for stealing an "Endangered Species"?

Not federally protected anymore

In Idaho wolves are not endangered

"Endangered Species"?

good grief!

It's a malformed wallabee. Geez...


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If the wolf pup stays here...

...the guy that bagged his deer at Zoo Boise a few years back can fill his wolf tag this year.

Canadian or Idaho Wolf

Do the DNA results indicate this little guy is the Canadian Gray or a orginal Idaho Timber Wolf?

Before the Canadian type was introduced in the mid 90's if you asked old timer who lived in the Sawtooths most all of them state the orginal species was living in Idaho but were just not seen as often as they are now with the rapid reproduction of the CGW.

Simple fallacy

I covered Idaho's wolves before reintroduction. They were all the same. In fact several existing wolves bred with reintroduced wolves.

Simple History

I covered the Pilgrims before the Mayflower landing. They were all the same. In fact, several Wampanoag Indians bred with the reintroduced Pilgrims.

Junk junk junk junk. Choo choo!

No you didn't.

Thanks for responding to a fact with .....whatever that was.

Well, you didn't get to breed with those indians...bummer?


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PS ET was there!


You fry wants with that?


Let me break this down for you HC, since you are such a fan of the Rock.

Step 1.
He said, "I covered Idaho wolves before the reintroduction".

"Idaho wolves" BEFORE the reintroduction?
According the whole concept of endangered species and the purpose of the introduction, there were NO "Idaho wolves".
Wanna go with the accurate #'s and admit there were some wolves here before 1995? Okay, those few came from Montana, and those MT ones came from Alberta. Are those the same as the wolves here 100 years ago? No. And where is Rocko's published articles of him "covering" those elusive wolves?

For more back up-- from forwolves.org:
"...although in reality all the wolves in Idaho in 1995-6, reintroduced or not, originated directly or indirectly from Canada."

Step 2.
"They were all the same"
What does that even mean?
They? The introduced Canadian wolves were all the same? Same as what? Or is Rocko trying to say the Canadian wolves were the same as the historical Idaho wolves? And the Canadian wolf is the same as the Mexican Wolf?

I saw a hunting show yesterday - the guide said "here we get bears 250lbs to 400lbs. Down on the coast they get bears 350lbs to 700lbs". You and Rocko would say those are "the same" bear right? Which one would you rather meet over a salmon dinner? This whole "same" argument is krap.

An Eskimo is not the same as a Mexican. A person in Africa is not the same as a person in Norway.

Geographic location causes adaption and evolution. Evolution creates different creatures- and that's a good thing. It's call biodiversity and that is somethign every enviro wants.

Step 3.
"In fact several existing wolves bred with reintroduced wolves"

This is just stupid and has NO support to the "they're the same" argument.

A domestic dog can breed with a wolf. A coyote and a wolf can breed together. And a red wolf can breed with a gray wolf. Go to your local dog pound and you will find proof the Rocko's krappo statement means NOTHING.
And for something you might understand, Hells Canyon, a horse and donkey---- They can breed together. Does that mean they are the same?

So where exactly did these "SEVERAL existing wolves" come from, that bred with the Canadian wolves? I'm asking YOU, Hellscanyon.

So, Hellscanyon, maybe even YOU can see in 3 easy steps, here is further evidence Rocko writes krappo- or call it "whatever" if you please, but there is certainly not any facts coming from Rocko's keyboard on this blog.

BTW, it's not even a wild pup- it NOW lives in a zoo. boo hoo.
Thanks campers.

Dear Biggest Fan:

I'm not going to argue with any of your opinions.

The fact is I wrote a lot about wolves before 1995. I even wrote a book, Saving All the Parts. It includes stories about Idaho's wolves before 1995.

Wouldn't know that.

Didn't buy the Statesman then and hardly knew what was online as we just got it and that was the clinic's community computer, not cheap then.


You fry wants with that?

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You fry wants with that?

Woman killed by pack of wolves in Swedish zoo


Its not the first time these wolves have attacked people. Blaming the victim each time lead to a tragic death.