Otter to get an Idaho GOP chairman he can live with, but floor fight still possible

Gov. Butch Otter said Monday that he can support either of two candidates he expects to run for the office next week.

The prospects are Elmore County GOP Chairman Barry Peterson and GOP Legislative District 14 Chairwoman Gayann DeMordaunt, the wife of freshman GOP Rep. Reed DeMourdaunt, R-Eagle.

"I was hoping to avoid a floor fight, but I gave both of them the green light," Otter said.

Four years ago, the Idaho Republican Central Committee rejected Otter's choice, then-Chairman Kirk Sullivan, and elected lawyer/lobbyist Norm Semanko. Semanko is not seeking another term at next week's state convention in Twin Falls.

After his speech to the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry, Otter briefed House Speaker Lawerence Denney and Senate President Pro Tem Brent Hill on the chairmanship race. He then spoke to me about the contest.

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Must be wonderful,

Pope Butch giving his blessings.

Oh, they LIKE to fight, even without vodka.


You fry wants with that?

Thank God In Heaven

We have a Republican controlled state. Can you imagine the absolute chaos if Democrats had any say in this state? Think Greece and Illinois and New York and California. If there was EVER a reason for voters to cringe when a Democrat speaks just think Occupy Wall Street, Harry Reid, Nanacy Pelosi and worst of all, Barack Obama. It makes me shudder.

No way. OWS are their own demonic cult. Out of bounds, chile


You fry wants with that?


I had no idea Greece was controlled by democrats.....

Don't mess with Greece! They invented it!