Idaho Controller Jones faces long rehab for neck broken in car crash last month

Gov. Butch Otter on Monday said Controller Donna Jones left the intensive care unit this weekend after what he called "a terrible car accident" May 25.

"Obviously, her condition is getting better," Otter told the annual meeting of the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry meeting in Sun Valley.

Jones, 73, had surgery to fuse three vertebrae, Otter said, injuries suffered when she rolled her vehicle on Interstate 84 near Rupert, breaking her neck. She was first taken to a Rupert hospital but quickly flown to Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise.

"She had to undergo some critical operations," Otter said. "But we already knew that it hadn't affected her spinal cord because she kicked a pillow off the bed because she didn't want it, and then she moved her arms around."

Otter asked the group of business leaders and elected officials to keep Jones in their prayers.

"I am told she is going to have a long rehabilitation," Otter said, "but for those of you who deal with that office, know that the office is up and running and Donna will continue to contact that office and make sure that the quality that comes out of her office will continue."

The controller is Idaho's chief fiscal officer, paying bills and processing payroll. Jones, a former GOP lawmaker from Payette, also is one of five members of the Idaho Land Board.

Get well soon...

...Ms. Jones.

Best of luck

for a speedy recovery.

I wish

her well.
She's got better health coverage than I do.


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I don't care about that. She's got a lot of hard work and there are a lot of her friends who will worry for her. This is one nasty break and we ALL wish for her recovery.


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A lot of people work just as hard and have a lot less. What's so creepy about pointing that out?

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I don't really want to bring this up here, but, isn't a government employee with state health insurance the epitome of entitlement-leeches to the right-wingers?

All the best Donna

and a speedy recovery.

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^^well then good thing it's not all about you...



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Donna Jones

Donna, wanting you to know that we are keeping you in our prayers and praying for you to h ave a quick and complete recovery. God Bless, Bill & Ellen Farley


she's lucky to be alive. Love that she's kicking pillows off the bed.