The Blue goes global as Japanese university installs Bronco-like football field

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

Hosei University outside Tokyo has extended its relationship with Boise State and its football program by installing a blue football field. It's the first international license granted by Boise State, which holds a trademark for its signature blue field with orange end zones. The licenses are free.

The two schools have been partners since 2006. Since then, 65 students have been exchanged on a semester- or year-long basis. Boise State’s Center for School Improvement in the College of Education has sent about 35 local educators to visit schools in Tokyo. The Intensive English Program hosted a group of 21 Japanese sports medicine and health studies majors and three faculty members from Hosei last fall.

“The exchange with Hosei University is emblematic of our expanding global outreach as a university and city,” Boise State President Bob Kustra said in a press release. “The relationship continues to blossom in several ways as the two universities have developed an international friendship and gained so much academically, athletically and culturally.”

Hosei's school colors are blue and orange and the team's nickname is the Tomahawks. Hosei players and coaches have been visiting Boise State during spring football since 2008. A Boise State flag signed by the coaching staff was present at the Hosei field's dedication ceremony Sunday.

Hosei has 41,420 students on three campuses around Toyko, offering 16 undergraduate colleges and 14 graduate schools.



I just threw up in my mouth a little


Knowing the Japanese they probably made it smaller, cheaper and of better quality.


Outstanding post.

Thats great

I'm glad BSU gave them the go ahead to do this. I hope they enjoy their blue field as much as most of the BSU fans have enjoyed ours. Woo hoo it's almost football time. Go BSU!!!

Answer: The Blue Tin Funas

Hosei's school colors are blue and orange and the team's nickname is?


The Hosei State Honchos.

I wonder

What the Hosei grad rate is? Suppose it can't be much worse than 26%. Way to go Kustra!

grad rate

Now be nice - they jumped up to 28% in 2010!

That is really. . .

That is really cool. Not a bad looking field either.

Can we...

... send Paul J, Caves and Prater to do their play by play.

Great Idea!

They could provide incoherent broadcasts in two different languages.

if it's incoherent....

one language would do.
Field looks great. Has anyone noticed the color of the field hockey field in London for the Olympics? I see a fashion trend.

Looks like

they are already due for a stadium expansion.

Their favorite cheer....