Offensive lineman from Texas commits to Boise State football team

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

Center Andrew Tercek of San Antonio, Texas, already was going to commit to the Boise State football team when coach Chris Petersen told him why the Broncos are known for playing so hard.

The Broncos, Petersen told him, often take players who are considered a little too small or are otherwise overlooked and play with a chip on the shoulder.

“When he said that, it kind of fit me perfectly,” said Tercek, who committed Friday during his first visit to campus. “I knew that was the right place for me.”

Tercek is 6-foot-3, 285 pounds. He has started at left tackle for three years at East Central High but is moving to center this year. He has been the backup center throughout high school and played the position at lower levels.

The 2013 commit also had offers from Rice, Nevada, Navy and North Texas. He attended the Texas football camp last summer, saw the way the larger players were studied by the coaches and knew he wasn’t likely to get an offer from the elite schools in his state.

He told one of the Texas coaches he could outplay the taller kids.

“Sure enough, he watched me and said, ‘You did hold up to your word. You’re a heck of a player,’ ” Tercek said. “I never heard from them again.”

Tercek ranks 13th in his class of about 700 academically, he said, with a GPA around 4.0.

He was sitting on the Boise State offer for about two weeks before visiting. He came to Boise with the intent to commit and had to wait till the end of a 7-hour schedule Friday to meet with Petersen.

“I wanted to get it off my chest,” he said. “After that, (Petersen) had a big ol’ smile on his face. He jumped up and gave me a hug, went to the other coaches’ offices and yelled out, ‘We have a new Bronco.’ ”

Tercek was drawn to Boise State largely by the relationships he built with the coaches. He liked them personally, and was impressed that they cared about more than football.
“I understand when I get up there that family feel will all go out the window and it’s all about work — and tough work — and I’m prepared for that,” he said. “I can’t express to you how much I’m looking forward to it — not only to play for Coach Pete, but to live in Boise. It’s a beautiful town. It’s probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.”

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— C Andrew Tercek, 6-3, 285, East Central HS (San Antonio, Texas)

Welcome Andrew!

You sound like OKG to me!

Take a look on facebook at this kid--

He is standing in front of BSU blue field and he's solid as a rock. He's gonna be big kid by time he's a senior. Welcome to BSU and best of luck down the road Andrew.

Tercek looks like a great prospect

The smartest guys on the field usually play o-line and the center is usually the smartest guy on the o-line. Any kid that has the physical tools AND a 4.0 shoulld do fine anchoring the line at center.

Tercek Joins An Already Awesome Group For 2013

Welcome To Boise, its a great place to be your best. I hope you reach your goals and dreams as a Bronco.


to Boise and Boise State!


I read this news several days ago. What took you so long to post it, Cripe?

BTW, he's the first 4-Star athlete we've had since Jeremy Childs.

C'mon, RM:

Have you read Cripe's columns for the past few years? He knows exactly what he's doing and frequently busts stuff early, and at other times uses his desecration.

The Statesman Sports Desk has been nothing short of stellar the past few years. Stellar.

§ No chance

that "... other times uses his desecration ..." gets by, bye, or buy.

Nice try, Sinatra.


Interesting that Reno recruited this student athlete as well. TX is sort of a new recruiting area for us. I wonder how many players UNR is able to pluck from TX.

Good to see ...

Cupcake State is running with the big boys in recruiting...."The 2013 commit also had offers from Rice, Nevada, Navy and North Texas"

This Sunday.

Father's day is coming up this Sunday, Pony.

Don't bother sending your dad a Happy Father's Day Card. He did a lousy job.


Pony's dad does not want to be reminded that Pony is even his son. Sure is proud of his girls however. They dance at the KitKat club so are much more successful than Pony.

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interesting comment by Tercek on Texas. They continue to struggle with their taller, four and five star athletes. Maybe they need a change in culture beginning at the top with the head coach. Coach Pete and his staff don't look at the stars, they look at the individual and find quality guys like Tercek.

It's a common attitude

Most "elite" schools have that mindset. Yet, schools like Boise State and TCU continue to show them up. I've said it many times before: Chris Petersen and his staff accomplish far more with "lesser" talent than the big name coaches do with their 4- and 5-star athletes. Where would Saban or Kiffin or Miles be if they only had 2- and 3-star players?

Another one in the fold maybe

He isn't on the list

ESPN has a good list of all recruits. This kid McCray isn't even on it.

RM read the article

The kid is waiting for a WV offer, it's why I added "Maybe"


That explains.

2013 BSU Recruits

BSU has added a 5TH ***Star commit; 6'-2" 175 lb CB Chris Seisay from American Canyon,Ca.

2013 Recruits

I was checking out some of the videos of our "Committed" Recruits on ESPN.

I checked out Seisay, but his video only showed him getting the first pass, and the second-to-last pass (which was broken up by the DB). He looks like a good fit. Not a speedster, but great hands.

I'm not too impressed with OL Eli McCullough. He didn't do very well blocking the DL in the One-On-One Drills.

But, there was this one DL that kept blowing past his blockers: Eddie Vanderdoes from Auburn, CA. Wow! He's on our list of guys we're looking at, but he's also on the list of about 50 other teams. He's the #7 DT and 4-Star Athlete in the country, and it was apparent from that video.

If the Boise State staff can pull him from the likes of the SEC and Pac-12 and Big 12, we might have a chance. He's going to be a great player.

eddie vanderdoes

Vanderdoes has been upgraded to 5***** and #3 DL in the country!

No chance we land him.

I didn't know....

he'd been upgraded. You are right. We won't land him. Until we get into the Big East, we won't land any Top 150 players. Oh well.