A new produce stand opens in Hyde Park

If you're in Hyde Park this weekend, you'll notice something new at 13th and Brumback streets.

Farm and Garden Produce is open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., every day through the end of October.

Here's a sample of what they're selling:

Bonnie and husband Stephen Harris opened the stand May 25. A few photos:

A preview of what's for sale:

The owners plan to have a 100-percent locally sourced (and organic when possible) inventory soon. They'll have eggs bought through Idaho's Bounty and herbs from Purple Sage Farms soon, said Bonnie. They're also selling Idaho-made honey.

This is the couple's first retail venture. Bonnie Harris grew up on a farm in the Magic Valley, and Stephen is an electrician and union organizer. They used personal funds and a small line of credit to open the business.

"We will be buying directly from farmers as much as we can," Bonnie said.

Find them on Twitter at @HydeParkProduce and on Facebook at facebook.com/FarmAndGardenProduce.

100% Local and Organic!

It will be great to have a produce stand that doesn't sell lemons and oranges and apples from god knows where. Good for them!

Lemons, limes and oranges cannot grow in Idaho.

Bananas neither.

The interesting thing is that oranges, lemons and limes can be grown in the warmer parts of the US and there is a season for them here. I don't think bananas will grow well in the CONUS.

US law requires country of origin labeling displayed on the packaging and at the market display for agricultural products such as meat, poultry, pork and produce. As such, you may freely use the computer you employed to post recently to find out more about that country.

And by all means, visit usda.gov for critical information about handling, diseases and recalls.

You are the key to your life, no matter where you source anything.

PS Organic does not mean local per se, it merely signifies by an organic standard (Such as Oregon's "Tilth? Law) that the product is made with organic certified ingredients (not that Aunt Jennie in Kuna made it).

Organic products could be made in UGANDA. Any part of it could be found anywhere, so long as it can ve called organic. Not all things can be organic nor might they be created without a distantly imported ingredient. It depends. Still organic and local are not always the same thing, like rectangles and squares.


You fry wants with that?

They all grow

in Idaho. Ever hear of geothermal heating? Here's your fries---Go to bed.


You're such an optimist!

Weed grows here because it grows anywhere some dummy will try.


You fry wants with that?

Good use

for that lot that's been vacant since ????


Local is a different word than organic. They're not always the same, but often are. Too, just because it's sold outside under a tent hardly means it's not fresh off the truck from L.A.

What is important is that these fine folks have demonstrated through their media outreach that they are committed to being 100% both local and organic. For that I support them. Given the neighborhood they've chosen to occupy, that's exactly what they should be. It's a good retail model for their demographic. I wish them luck.

As for growing with geothermal, indeed it can be done. I've not had bananas grown in Idaho, but visited a greenhouse in Hagerman where citrus is being grown. Pretty good, too.

They made no such commitments

They were actually pretty clear that they weren't starting with much in the way of local produce, but would add as much as they could as the season went on.

If you want to start a business not selling what customers want, you do that. Get down with your bad self. I will go to the produce stand that sells what I want that is grown god know where because the prices and convenience make it worth it to me. Not because of some self righteous wet dream fantasy. Go back to your commune, freak.

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"Get on down the road with your bad self". Geriatrics don't like being misquoted, particularly by arrogant quasi/neo/pseudo cerebral cabbages.

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Anyone selling local strawberries yet???? or are they not ripe yet? I am tired of buying California strawberries.

Continue the impatience, they have a better growing climate


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I'm Happy

Looks like another business that will pay union scale. We just have to pay an extra 50 cents per pound there.

Wow a fruit stand run by a union organizer.

Sounds like a money laundering operation for the mob.

Will the two you be quiet?

At least one of you knows better.


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You fry wants with that?