Labrador grazing bill passes House Commitee

Idaho Republican Rep Raúl Labrador’s “Grazing Improvement Act of 2012” passed the House Resources Committee, 27--15.

The bill, co-sponsored by Democratic Rep. Jim Costa of California, would extend grazing permits from 10 to 20 years. The bill also would codify appropriation rider language authored by Rep. Mike Simpson that requires expired grazing permits to be renewed under existing terms and conditions until the renewal process is complete.

“Local federal land managing offices cannot keep up with the pace of litigation and the endless environmental analysis, Labrador said. “This diverts the already-limited resources from these offices and leaves ranchers at risk of losing their grazing permits and jeopardizing their livelihoods.”

WWP won't like this

Odds on lawsuits?

What a disaster,

if those ranchers had to raise their livestock on their own property, like many of us do.

What property?


You fry wants with that?

A Democrat co-sponsored

It will not get to the floor.

It also decreases revenue

It also decreases revenue going from 10 to 20 years on the permits and decreases the local land Managers ability to remove the animals when the rancher refuses to move them when they're past their permit. Not sure if you've seen an area where cattle have been allowed to sit for extended periods of time, but lets just say that were it not for our current protections most of the West would look like one big cattlyard with no watersheds or riparian areas. It costs money and time to move that t-bone around which cuts into profits off the rates that should have been adjusted decades ago. We got them woofs, now we gotta get them land managers off our backs eh Labrador? How bout we just decrease ALL risk to the ranchers and pay them to NOT have cattle on the land? OH BOY I think we do that A LOT here in Idaho for the farmers already. Maybe that's what we're really after lol.

Bunches of Urban Cowboys

Commenting based on their "persuasions" rather than reality.

Urban Cowboy. Is'nt that a John Travolta thing?

Or perhaps you're referring to my degree in Wildlife biology with emphasis in range management? Or that I'm a 4th gen Idahoan with the previous 2 of those working to preserve Federal land from misuse? But it's soooo much easier to make snide remarks isn't it?

family tradition

Very scientific and thoughtful for a person packing a biology degree:
"most of the West would look like one big cattlyard with no watersheds or riparian areas. It costs money and time to move that t-bone around which cuts into profits"

Based on your self agrandizing comments Bioman,

it has yet to be shown that you know the difference between a cow pie and a burger patty. On the other hand, your bull pie building skills are at least one standard deviation above the norm.

ahhhh proof -

Quoted from above referrenced paper

"The removal of vegetation and trampling by livestock denudes and compacts the soil, promoting drying, heating and alteration of the biological community. Precipitation is less effectively captured by the soil and runs off, carrying away the topsoil. In areas of the Bear River Range in northern Utah, as a result of livestock grazing, topsoil loss has approached one or two feet (Winward, 1999). This alteration in the watershed results in more rapid delivery of storm or snowmelt runoff into watercourses, carrying with it increased sediment and nutrient loads. This increase in runoff reduces the amount of water infiltrating into the ground and depletes the groundwater, resulting in lowered water tables and desertification."

ie: cattlyard, are they not t-bones? or would you prefer methane producers? sorry for trying to inject some humor to another poorly written attempt at legislation that again takes away the science for the short term profit.

more proof

write it as "Wildlife biology" and "range management"
don't know how to use the reply button.
use WWP as a source.
the citation is junk.
think referenced has 2 'r's.
don't know how to use colons.
think short-term doesn't use a hyphen.
well, let's summarize by saying you write like Barker writes. And it's just more WWP garbage.

You and Barker ought to be in a club. Maybe the two of you got your degrees of "higher education" at the same place. That could be your club- The Cracker Jack's Club.

Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for commenting on my typing and English skills. Guess I should have spent more time typing according to you instead of higher math and statistics. You must be so proud of your ability to come onto forums and spout anonymous things to people. The reference has YEARS of research in it, calling it junk shows that you belong to the far right wingers denial club when it comes to the environment.
So I guess I'll ask you which you are? the 6% 4 year graduation rate from BSU? or the 26% 6 year? LOL


"So I guess I'll ask you which you are?"

Stop it or we'll sic Razor on you.


You fry wants with that?

Stop Labrador from grazing!

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You fry wants with that?