Weird twist in debt collection case that Idaho helped crack

The Consumerist blog today highlighted a twist in a Federal Trade Commission charge against bogus debt collectors.

The FTC's claims, briefly: People in India placed millions of calls to U.S. consumers, using threats and intimidation to collect more than $5 million from people who didn't owe them a dime.

A few Idahoans were tricked into paying, and Idaho's financial regulators got calls from scared consumers, they said.

The Idaho Department of Finance was one of six agencies that aided the investigation. It got a very public thank-you from the FTC earlier this year for helping with the case.

Now, the man allegedly running the show in the U.S. is saying he's innocent — that he was swindled, too. Click here to read the full story reported by ABC News.

That's a first

Usually Idaho is all about the "free market" and "limited government". How dare they stick their nose in private business transactions.

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LOL, hit the nail on the

LOL, hit the nail on the head w/your reply comment!

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You fry wants with that?

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You fry wants with that?