Ticks are out in force

Here's a creepy story.

Reader Steve Gurnsey alerted us that his brother was hiking in the area of Lucky Peak and ended up removing 65 ticks from his body and clothing.

I've heard stories of being in the wrong place at the wrong time when ticks hatch out. A female tick can lay 22,000 eggs and that's a lot of youngsters crawling around looking for a host.

The only experience I've ever had with a massive tick hatch was when I shot a deer in the South Hills, south of Twin Falls. I brought it home and hung it in the shed. The next day I went in to check things out and ticks were all over the place, apparently abandoning ship.

The best thing when traveling in areas where you think there might be ticks, especially foothills and sagebrush country this time of the year, is to wear insect-repellant clothing.

Be sure to use insect repellant if you don't have the high tech insect-repellant clothing treated with Permethrin.

A lot of hikers wear gaiters with long pants and that keeps the critters from getting in near your boots and crawling up your legs.

Frequent tick checks are also recommended.

In a world where people were THICK-SKINNED...TICK PLATOON!

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