Krispy Kreme looking at sites for an East Boise store

The doughnut chain already has a drive-through and sit-down shop in Meridian at Fairview and Eagle. Now, the local franchise owner is looking at spots for a second shop in East Boise, according to their brokerage firm Capital Commercial Properties LLC.

Possible homes for the second Krispy Kreme include Vista and Broadway avenues — to the delight of many Boise State students with morning classes, no doubt.

If all goes well, there might be a third Krispy Kreme in the Treasure Valley's future, the firm said.

Read more in tomorrow's paper.


Just what students need, more fat in their diets.

How about

the state capitol where the fat cats hang out.

Love it! Get the fat even

Love it! Get the fat even quicker now with a drive through. Where you don't even have to actually get out of your car to walk into the store. You reach up and grab the 6 pack and down it before you get to work. What a lovely freaking concept.

You know what else is a lovely concept?

Personal responsibility. I have one Krispy Kreme every so often as a treat. If others choose to overindulge, don't blame the business, blame the people who do that.

I have found many lovely concepts...

but few dates.

I prefer the occasional chocolate one with filling

Because I've been a type II for well over 15 years and let's face it

We are all checking out and going underground

Think good thoughts and chew well. It can't be the time YET.


You fry wants with that?

Well, I am NOT a Type 2. I

Well, I am NOT a Type 2. I will do everything I can NOT to be a Type 2. Many in my family are diabetic. They are that way because they let diabetes control them, not the other way around. I don't eat doughnuts. Never have. We don't have white flour or sugar products of any kind in our kitchen. No soda, no candy, no chips, no ice cream. Are we missing out? Heck, no! My point is Krispy Kreme has no bearing in my life and I will never set foot inside a store. I just have to sit back and shake my head at the ones that do.

I lost 100 pounds to 200 and then got the news.

And millions of people eat sweets yet do not get either form. I have to believe there are other, internal cues that create a weakened pancreas and these problems.

Maybe you are one of the blessed but I couldn't eat can after can of green beans alone. Sugar has never been the cause of diabetes. Heavy usage is a possible symptom as your body isn't getting the breakdown to simple sugars it needs and over indulges trying to compensate.

Most in my family are NOT diabetic. In fact I was conceived by a previous boyfriend and I haplve NO IDEA about his history, only my mother's and the man who stayed and WAS my father. I can grasp the worry and anxiety you have and why you have been so strict. I can't stand life without the sensation of sweet and tart occasionally so I use artificial sweeteners. I am very fortunate that NutraSweet came out years before my diagnosis or I would've had a sour run. You have a hard battle with what you are given by this world,not just your genes.

I don't bake much of anything but my sister's youngest has gluten allergies. I think it's short of a farce that food companies have to label stuff as free because nobody taught them to know. That and reduced fat usually means more carbohydrates but in reality fats are complex carbohydrates, etc.

1 1/2 generations lost this knowledge. That why we're here.

My border collie was put to sleep for diabetes in the mid seventies, when I was nine. I'm hardly cavalier and told mom that if I got it I didn't want to be shot.

I hate books and movies where they shoot the boy's dog for that reason as well.

One of my 3 prescripions can cause hypoglycemia if food isn't eaten and the best way to temporarily combat it is a donut or 12-20 oz of some (less I think for a juice) and get back to moving. You can't always be 100% I got tired of wandering around a Grocery Outlet trying to find good stuff on 83 dollars and about 120 cash. two on stamps will starve on love.

It's me and no starvees and I'm not asking anybody. Gets a bit old.


You fry wants with that?