As if Boise wasn't cool enough already, bull moose in a backyard!

This came from Idaho Fish and Game: "F&G officials Wednesday, June 6, captured a young bull moose that had been wandering through backyards along Warm Springs Avenue in east Boise for the past few days.

"The moose was successfully tranquilized, examined by Mark Drew, the state wildlife veterinarian, and relocated up Thorn Creek on Wednesday afternoon. Moose rarely wander into Boise. This young moose apparently had simply followed the Boise River and wound up in town. Biologists found him in a backyard with good fences, and a safe place to dart the animal.

Okay all you haters, spare us the diatribes about mountain lions being killed and moose darted. Let's just call this one a win for wildlife.


Awesome, any photo's exist?

They are such a cool animal. I love the Jackson Hole commuter traffic jams caused by Moose!

F&G did not include photos

Hard to believe no one took any, but we haven't seen them yet.

A Win for Wildlife?

Yes! And good job to IDFG!

There's a photo on the main page.

I think I want a moose in my backyard. Seems kinda cool to me.


Boise River

Followed the Boise River...
Okay, maybe using the Boise River. But where did he come from? Seems more likely he droppped in over the Aldape Summitt direction rather than coming from Lucky Peak direction.

F&G knew of it yesterday?!

Why would F&G not notifiy EVERYONE via the news?

In other news:
So my kids were playing in the back yard when they spooked a MOOSE. Guess what happened?

It was the topic on the radio for the Northern Exposure town?


You fry wants with that?

Honey, it was Mr. Roosevelt! The FIRST one!


You fry wants with that?