Rock band Journey is headed to Idaho Center Amphitheater for a Saturday night show

There are two important facts to note when considering a Journey concert:

1) Original singer Steve Perry is no longer in the band.

2) Nobody really cares that he's no longer in the band.

After Filipino soundalike Arnel Pineda joined the group, most fans embraced Journey like nothing had changed. As a rock 'n' roll purist, it's hard to fully understand the phenomenon. But Pineda’s amazing story is inspiring.

Journey will make its first stop in years at the Idaho Center Amphitheater on Saturday, Aug. 4, with — wait for it! — opening act Loverboy. When Journey last played outdoors in Nampa in 1999 with Foreigner, 10,588 people showed up. Update: Another fun fact about that 1999 show: about 150 kegs of beer were drained. However, as a reader who hasn't killed all of his/her brain cells with Budweiser keenly points out, the last time Journey played the Idaho Center Amphitheater actually was two years later in 2001 — with Peter Frampton and John Waite.

I could list all the hits by Journey and Loverboy, but if you’ve read this far, you already have them cranking on your iPod. (A third act also will be on this bill but hasn’t been announced.)

Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. June 15 for $49.50 to $99.50 at ICTickets.

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Saw them in 1999 in the Amphitheater.... just an insane show!!!
Going for sure!!

Journey coming back to the valley..

Can't wait for this show. They are great, also can't wait to see who the special guest is going to be....

Are you sure on your dates?

They are scheduled to be in Colorado on 08/04. Could this possibly be 08/02 instead? They have Loverboy and Pat Benatar playing with them in SLC. Lets hope she is on this bill as well. She puts on an awesome show!

Nah, I just threw a dart at the calendar

They won't be in Colorado on Aug. 4. They'll be in Nampa. Don't stop believin'. Oh, just FYI, Pat Benatar definitely will not be on this bill.

So if your wrong...

I get free tickets right? ;)

I'm not.

And now you owe me tickets for misspelling "you're"! *evil cackle*


Ya Puke!!

Wait a minute!

I care. Steve Perry WAS the band. I am an original Journey fan, and will always be an original Journey fan. I would have given birth to his babies. While Pineda is great, he is not the same. Loverboy, not so much.

Saw Loveryboy

Right after the get Lucky album came out. Good show, It was the foreigner four tour, with Joan Jet off her first album, Blue Oyster Cult when they still mattered (Joan Crawford was the new song), and some local bands from Eugene. Can't believe these guys are still around. Last time I saw Mike Reno, he had no chance of fitting into those pants on the cover. Here is to hoping he got back on coke.

Journey 2001

I remember Journey playing outdoors in Nampa in 2001 with Peter Frampton and John Waite as opening acts. Am I wrong Mr. Deeds
or just showing my age?

No, no, wait ...

You are right. I remember that. But it wasn't as big of a show as the 1999 event, which set some sort of beer-drinking world record. Thanks. I'll update the blog.

Journey, Loverboy, and Pat Benetar would be nice!

I'm hoping they bring the SLC lineup here, that would be cool!

I caught Journey with Def Lepard, and then with Heart

I've seen Journey at least a half a dozen times and never been disappointed (my wife probably a dozen times!). We saw them last at Taco Bell arena, we caught the band on their way out to their buses and were able to chat with them, get some pictures and autographs. That was way cool, and they were about as nice as you can get! Neil Schon said he was disappointed with the sound in Taco Bell Arena, but was happy with the vibe.

One of the coolest shows we caught was one of their last shows of a tour in Tampa, FL around 2002 - 2003. They had an opening band on the bill but never said who it was. The band came on the stage and played a medley of some older 70's tunes and never announced who they were. They were awesome, and had the crowd into it. When Journey came on they said "How about a big hand for our Roadies"! A talented group of Roadies!!! Then Journey went to work on a nearly 3hr set. That was probably one of my top shows, right up there with sitting front row center and meeting the band backstage at the Idaho Center!

If you were a back stage roadie, chances are

you caught more than that...

nice backstage sights!

When i was in my early 20's, living back east, i used to have what was called "Concert club seats". For an extra few bucks i had 1rst dibbs on the same seats for every show that came to that venue in Buffalo, NY. I chose seats that were level with the stage and on stage left. It not only gave me a great view of whoever was playing on stage left, but also the lineup of scantily clad "women" hanging around the back and side of the stage waiting for the group to finish. It was fun to see the different signals groups had back then to signal their roadies who would then escort the girls back stage. There was a lot more to watch than just the show! As a 20 seomething yr old i defenitely got my money's worth that year!!!! :)

Metamucil and depends will be handed out at the door.

Walkers and wheelchairs can be reserved for 5$ and a special alzheimers booth will be available for the old stoners who forget where they are.


come on av-joe. I resemble that remark, and proud of it. 420 anyone?

I'll be there using the alzheimers booth!

Just sounded funny. I turned around today and noticed all my hair was white. We are getting old. I was a big Journey fan.

My hair is still brown and I saw them with Styx, REO inside.

After your Ampitheather dates.

That grass (the non-420 kind) tends to get me slightly itchy but I couldn't afford the seats.


You fry wants with that?

Hey Michael, Bob Welch killed himself, can we get a story?


You fry wants with that?