Concert notebook: Nickelback on Groupon; Alive After Five, Indigenous fire up tonight

Bad news, guys. I'd expect your local Spearmint Rhino and Torch Lounge gentlemen's clubs to be closed June 13, since every stripper in the Valley took the night off for the Idaho Center's Nickelback concert. But you're in luck: You can afford to go the show, too, since it's today's daily deal on Groupon. This is how they remind you of what they really are.

— Ready to party? Alive After Five begins tonight with singer-songwriter Maia Sharp and local opener Workin' On Fire. Despite the cooler weather, the fountain is supposed to be cranked, so don't forget to donate your empty beer cup to a needy child.

— Blues-rock band Indigenous — featuring Strat annihilator Mato Nanji — headlines tonight at the New Frontier Club in Meridian. Cover is $10 at the door. Check out my interview with Nanji last week here.

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5¢Back has to use a groupon to sell tickets!! bah ha ha ha!!

Why the need to hate nickleback

I'm not a fan of theirs, but i don't understand the need of poser hipsters to rag on them all the time. Does it make you feel good. I didn't get journey either, but I understood that some people liked them. I'm not better than them because I have different taste in music.

Grow up.

Success causes jealousy

Nickelback is successful, so it makes them a target of some folks. I doubt Nickelback cares if a few folks like to "rag on them" as long as they sell tickets, downloads, and CD's! :)

I don't hate Nickelback

And I agree that holier-than-thou trashing on Nickelback is a cliche. They are what they are. Still ... Groupon? That is a statement, baby. Anyway, "Bottoms Up" is a prime pole-dancing energizer. That's why I posted it. Also, I would much rather attend a Nickelback show than a Creed show.

I'm not jealous, spiteful or overmocking of our 5centbags

It's just that I have the 3-disc Director's Cut of Woodstock on laserdisc.


Richie Havens!


Their music sounds the same, there is even a YouTube video that shows it. And the lead singer is a jerk. What is t there to hate about nickelback?

You had to use search though.


You fry wants with that?