EPA photo exhibit at Discovery Center through Wednesday

If you hurry you can see a remarkable photo exhibit at the Discovery Center of Idaho. The EPA-sponsored traveling exhibit will leave Thursday morning.

Back when the Environmental Protection Agency was young in the early 70s, some of its leaders thought to document photographically the conditions of the environment and the people at a time when rivers ran brown with pollution, garbage was dumped haphazardly across the landscape and the air was thick with poisons. The project “Documerica,” became the first pictorial examination of the environment.

The idea was to capture visually the changes so Congress and the people could measure the progress through the years. The collection has 15,000 images that were largely lost until rediscovered in time to kick off a new public effort on Earth Day in 2011 called State of the Environment.

The new project is an opportunity for the public to participate and engage in a modern revitalization of Documerica. There are nearly 2,000 new images that have been submitted to EPA through Flickr.

The EPA photo project will continue accepting submissions through the end of 2013. Public entries will be considered for a larger exhibit of both projects set for March-September 2013 at the U.S. National Archives’ Lawrence F. O’Brien Gallery in Washington, D.C.

The latest public call for is for photos of Idaho’s Snake River. You can see many of the images on line at the National Archives.

And what about the PSA...

the one that says not using energy saving stuff is like throwing all the things you could buy away...

A couple tosses an HDTV, bicycle, foosball table (isn't that reused and 2-3 don't use POWER)...maybe it was an AIR HOCKEY table but I haven't seen AIR HOCKEY since the NHL playoffs!

1. Isn't unauthorized dumping ILLEGAL?

2. Wasn't the EPA founded to COMBAT POLLUTION?

I don't care if it's SIMULATED??? We've spent GENERATIONS teaching Americans not to pollute and we can't foster such a lazy advertisement and attitude--


Don't be careless.


You fry wants with that?