A big summer project for two Treasure Valley teen entrepreneurs

Clancy Johnston of New Plymouth and Jordan Hepton of Nampa just opened a resale clothing business in Eagle, south of the intersection of Eagle Road and State St.

The young men were more passionate about launching a business than about any particular kind of business. So after ruling out mostly Web-based ideas, they settled on Fashion City Exchange, a resale clothing store.

Fashion City Exchange

"We like the business model, we like the numbers" they predicted for the store, Johnston said. "We're not that into fashion [but] we appreciate it."

Johnston said the store is probably just a summer project, and they're currently the only employees. They're hoping to earn experience and contacts, not a big profit, he said.

What's a lesson they've already learned? Permits and licenses don't come easy, Johnston said.

"Oh boy, let me tell you," he said. "There's a reason why 95 percent of the population doesn't start a business. ... You never truly know what stress means until you open a business."

Unsurprisingly, both teens plan to study business in college. They are founders of Teen Entrepreneurs of Idaho, an organization for teens to get a mentor's help as they start a business.

The whole thing will die on gas prices, sadly.


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