Crews clean Boise River Park Wave Shapers


Surf’s up. Surf’s down.

Whitewater boaters and spectators were doing double takes at the wave diversion at the Ray Neef M.D. Boise River Recreation Park over the last week.

One day there would be a wave across the river and the next it was gone with water pouring through one slot in the diversion.

Workers, including a diver, have been clearing sediment and other debris from the Wave Shaper devices and flashboards in the diversion that accumulated from high water, said Amy Stahl, a spokesperson with Boise Parks and Recreation.

Sediment from where construction crews were working in the river bottom during the winter, and also debris from upstream, clogged the mechanisms on the surfing diversion.

Work is continuing this week to remove debris and the waves at the diversion will continue to change as adjustments are made. Surfers are still using the area.

Not only rocks and gravel were clogging the mechanisms. Crews found golf balls, trash and piles of leaves in the structure.

The sediment and debris prevented the flashboards or flaps that create waves from being lowered in the river.

The first phase of the river park was built this winter and whitewater boaters are using it daily. Besides the kayaker play areas, the park also has launch ramps, a viewpoint, new paths along the river and newly planted vegetation.

The river park was funded by the city of Boise, the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation and other private donations and grants.

A dedication of the park is planned June 28.

Photo of the wave on June 5 by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman


Boise Parks doesn't even maintain grassy areas very well.
Where is the budget here for a diver to be cleaning wave shapers that maybe 200 kayakers are going to use?

Design- was this not considered? There will be golf balls- forever. There will be debris -forever. Spring run off.... = maintenance costs and efforts - forever.

Are there dedicated budget funds for maintenance of this thing? Or is this coming out of Parks general funds?

Sounds a little bit like the Simplot house. Donate it without maintenace funds. What's the story here Zimo?

See? I told you it would bust and become a trolley.


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How many

lawsuits can be created by a wave shaper?

Ask the recording industry.


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tracy59 wrote: How many lawsuits can be created by a wave shaper?

How many lawsuits came about when the girl drowned at that diversion 2 years ago?

What does a drowned girl have to do with such permutations?


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kayak haters

For pete's sake you people are mentally challenged. BP&R is not perfect but they sure as heck do maintain hundreds of acres of lawn in a very nice fashion. And how do you know that the divers were not volunteers? This is a once or twice a year maintenance and it sure the heck is thousands of times cheaper than mowing, fertilizing and weed killing of the hundreds of acres of turf.

Are we forgetting the dangerous and nearly useless diversion that used to be there? Are we forgetting the girl who drowned there summer before last? Like it or not people are floating that section of river and a new diversion dam was necessary. 200 kayakers? Where do you get your info? I've seen kayakers, rafters, fishermen and spectators all using the facility so far. It's only a matter of time before tubers go over it. I've been over it and it is much safer/better/funner than before. The whitewater park section of greenbelt is now the busiest most popular section of greenbelt in the whole valley and I'll bet money on it.

One last thing, the flash board maintenance is nothing new. The canal company got in the water before and placed the 2x10 planks each spring and removed them each fall. The flash boards are to send water down the canal and that takes precedent over recreationalists every day.

Man it sucks having to school people on this forum every day. I should get paid.

And another thing, wildlife huggers, the mink and heron both are back already. Told you so. The only problem is the idiots who are trampling and eroding the bank before the new plantings have a chance to take root.


however, Boise Parks and Rec weren't the ones performing the maintenance on the canal distric's diversion dam prior to the park's construction, but now they will be.

kayakers = tax revenue

People coming from out of town and out of state to use the whitewater park are contributing to the local economy and local tax revenue. Give it a few years, the whitewater park is not even close to done. Once done, I would bet it's a net gain with respect to maintenance money spent compared to tax revenue created.

Big deal. The accidents will mess it up royally.


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Tubers used it over the weekend

Zimo: The wave manager said they had tubers floating over it on Sunday.

whitewater park and river flow

Zimo, you're leaving out the part that the river is now down to less than 1000 CFS. Maintenance or not, only one slot, maybe two, is going to be open at these flow levels if I'm not mistaken. Head must be maintained for the canal and that takes precedent over all other uses. I went over that one slot in a raft and it was great. Also, it's probably going to take a while to get the adjustments right considering the thousands of possible flashboard position combinations.

A big thank you to Garden City, or to whomever removed the snags.

Signs ..signs ...everywhere signs ...f'n up the scenery and...

All those big honking red DANGER signs and not one single sign that might remotely suggest that park users should wear a lifejacket?

Conventional wisdom says that you don't spend million of dollars building something to attract visitors, and then plastering said site with danger signage, but then again, were talking about a city that decided NOT to make it illegal for kids to jump onto/at rafts from bridges!


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Does this mean tubing will be crappy from now on?

I don't really know what dinghy things were floated here.


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Don't know?

It's quite evident that you and Mr Pimp don't know much of anything about this.


I know golf balls and debris were clogging the mechanism.
What more is necessary to know?

Oh wait, it would be nice to know who is paying for the diver?
Do you know the answer to that whiz-bang swb?

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If it has downtime as often as has already been hinted at you should put a trolley on it.

Sounds like a recalled car so far.


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