Idaho set to make two-headed fish splash on Comedy Central next week

In mid-May, a “news” crew from Comedy Central’s ”Daily Show with Jon Stewart" visited Boise to ask questions about the J.R. Simplot Company’s infamous two-headed trout. Although they were declined interviews by certain terrified Idahoans, they did interview others — including Statesman environmental expert Rocky Barker — and managed to create a disturbance by parading around in a giant fish costume.

When will this slice of comedic awesomeness see the light of day? Right now, it’s scheduled to air Tuesday, June 12. Things sometimes shift at "The Daily Show," so check back for updates as that day draws nearer.

I've always wondered...

why anyone would agree to be on The Daily Show. They almost always come off looking like idiots.

Rocky Barker always looks

Rocky Barker always looks like an idiot, so that wasn't a factor for him when deciding to be interviewed.

A lot of posters here...

and in other internet forums look like it, too. Seems to be no shortage of people willing to look like idiots. At least the daily show has humor.


The story is so old and tired that I thought the country was done with again making fun of Idaho. Don't get me wrong...any press to steer folks clear of our borders is O.K. with me. but the two headed fish is right up there with smurf turf in Boise.

Enjoy the Ride...there is no return ticket.

Environmental Expert?????WTF

Rocky Barker, Environmental expert?? Yeah right.

Environmental Expert...

Heavy emphasis on 'mental'. IMHO, Rocky is about as knowledgeable about environmental issues as that other pinhead, John Clayton of ESPN talking about football.

What of these odd fish? There were a few in Nyssa, no Simplot.

Also dead coyotes or dogs and plenty of refundable cans around the Parma side boat docks (where the former bridge terminated prior to about 1967).


You fry wants with that?