Snake River tells Payette County it plans seismic exploration

Snake River Oil and Gas is planning a new round of seismic testing around New Plymouth as it continues its exploration for oil and gas in southwest Idaho.

The areas that has been leased stretches north into Washington and Gem counties, east into Ada and Canyon counties and west in Oregon. But Snake River is focusing its attention in the area around the wells that revealed commercial levels of natural gas and liquid gas in 2010.

Ron McLeod, a geologist hired by Snake River explained his program to Payette County commissioners in late May. He said he would be hiring local people in his work that will result in an image of geology below using low frequency sound waves.

This three-dimensional picture will allow Snake River or its partners to drill in precisely the right spot to hit natural gas and perhaps liquid gas as Bridge Resources discovered in wells drilled in 2010.

Here's a video of a seismic operation in Pennsylvania using trucks:

All the natural gas is located in HQ...

The liquid gas is sick, sick sick.


You fry wants with that?

And people are afraid of Dynamis?

This is the beginning of the end of potable water in and around New Plymouth. In EVERY state where drilling and "fracking" has taken place the ground water has been contaminated to the point that it will catch fire! (See the documentary "Gasland". There are also a number of Face Book pages and websites that address this very dangerous problem)

Property owners have had to walk away from ranches in Wyoming and Colorado because the well water has been poisoned by chemicals used in the drilling process making their land worthless. The same thing has happened in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

People in this region have started to reject the idea of gas wells but in the New Plymouth area it is already too late. Some of you think that the proposed waste to energy plant at the Ada County landfill is evil. Gas wells and fracking are much much scarier and it’s starting, NOW.

Maybe STOP Dynamis should quit politics and re-name the effort STOP Drilling. Because if our water is compromised we're all screwed!

But that's just MY opinion, I could be wrong.

I'll still be your waiter in he11, so calm down, Rev/


You fry wants with that?