Does a full moon affect your fishing?

ImageEverything seemed perfect. It was a warm, stable day that had nicely transitioned into a calm evening. I was catching bluegill almost at will. Nothing big, but enough to keep things interesting. My friend, Dave Gourley, and I figured the bass would start going crazy when the sun went off the water. We waited and waited, but there was barely any activity. Dave landed a couple nice fish and one smaller bass. I switched over to bass tackle and caught one nice fish. But the evening flurry of activity we expected never happened. I took a few moments to snap some photos of a golden moon rising. It wasn't until the next morning that it dawned on me that full moons are supposed to turn off the fishing. As the conventional wisdom goes, fish (and animals) are able to feed all night, so they hole up during the usual prime times of early morning and evening.

Not sure if that was the case, but it seemed to play out with the bass. But why were the bluegill still biting?

That's the challenge with nature. It doesn't color inside the lines. Had we each caught a few more bass, I probably wouldn't have thought about the moon phase. Truth be told, I don't think about it. When I want to fish, I go, and accept whatever happens for better or worse. But I still enjoy trying to figure out the puzzle nature lays before us.

not tonight

Does it affect my fishing? Yes.

I believe a full moon affects a woman's libido.
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You fry wants with that?

Partial Lunar Eclipse

Was anyone up early enough to catch the partial lunar eclipse this morning?

I don't go fishing in the dark but I'd like to.


You fry wants with that?