Changes to

You will notice that the design of the story pages on is different today. (The changes actually took place on Sunday.)

The changes were made based on reader and advertiser input and are a part of an ongoing process to improve readers' experience on our site.

Some of the changes:

* The right column was moved up next to the headline in order to get related story content higher on the page.

* When available, the primary photo is larger on the page than it was before.

* There is an ad in the body of the story.

* We've added "next story" and "previous story" links to help you navigate through a section online.

Please let me know what you think of the new design.

Darlene Carnopis
Online Initiatives Editor

"Queen's husband in hospital with bladder infection"......

and this is Entertainment News? Get a grip and stop rearranging the deck chairs.

Did the queen use that one simple trick for cheap insurance?


You fry wants with that?