Wolf pup brings national spotlight to Idaho wolves again (video)

A male wolf pup was walking on Warm Springs Road northwest of Ketchum in the Smoky Mountains Friday when a car came along.

The out-of-town campers thought the pup might be someone's pet dog and picked it up and took it to a local vet.

Thus began the latest wolf media frenzy in Idaho.

Twitter was viral with wolf puppy stories and the Defenders of Wildlife story is getting much of the attention. The only story getting more attention was a group of Pocatello students claiming to have seen Bigfoot.

A technician at the vet’s office, recognizing the pup as a wolf, called Patrick Graham of Defenders of Wildlife. She contacted the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and together they agreed to try to find the wolf’s parents.

If it is wild, the parents might have been moving it from a den to a rendezvous site.

The traffic might have scared the pack back into the woods. For Fish and Game, it's an old story. People pick up wild babies all the time.

“They didn’t know that the pack would have been right there,” said Mike Keckler, Fish and Game communications chief.

After a weekend search, Fish and Game officials never were confident they were near a pack to leave the pup. They took the wolf pup to Zoo Boise, where he is getting care.

Zoo officials’ reported Thursday that the male pup is eating and his health improving.

DNA tests are underway but will take about two weeks to determine if it is a wild wolf or hybrid. Meanwhile Zoo officials are looking around for a future zoo home for the little guy.

At least this time the story doesn’t feed the polarizing narrative of wolves versus hunters or wolves versus ranchers. No one is talking about shoot, shovel and shut up.

How can people hate an adorable creature like a puppy?
wolf pup
Idaho Fish and Game photo

Here is a video from Defenders of Wildlife

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Aww... So cute

Hope to see many more released in downtown Ketchum.

Most babies are cute, but I

Most babies are cute, but I agree foreignoregonian. This pup looks pretty young, but the adults are quite large. The one adult I have seen in person, looked nearly as big as a Great Dane, but it was far more intimidating than a GD. And there is no need to release more wolves in Ketchum. That is where I saw the adult on one of our rare drives through the area. And I am sure there is a good sized pack of wolves living just outside of town.

Just euthanize it

It really doesn't matter if it's a wolf or a hybrid, once you find out which what are you going to do?

Just euthanize it

It's not like we have a shortage of wolves these days. Just release him in time for the general hunt, with no pack affiliation he'll be easy game.

No shortage of trigger happy rednecks in Idaho

Typical attitude from a bloodthirsty trigger happy redneck who wants to kill things with his guns. There is no shortage of trigger happy rednecks in Idaho.

Nor any dearth of people mocking disgust and sighing a lot.


You fry wants with that?

People in Idaho

What the heck is wrong with the people in Idaho. Kill this, kill that. Wildlife is wildlife they are all part of food chain. Its too bad animals didn't get guns too, there would be far less idiots in idaho.

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#1 Idiot

Our #1 Idiot wrote this in a headline:
Rescued Idaho puppy turns out to be a wolf

And then in the body he wrote:
"Fish and Game officials still aren’t absolutely sure the pup is a wild wolf;"

He might just be looking for an over/under dance club you know.


You fry wants with that?

to the guy/gal who wants folks in idaho shot by critters...lol

hope YOU live in Idaho!!!!!

nothing wrong with that pup

actually the pup looks to be in very good shape, it probably is the runt and could not keep up with the pack, (Natures natural selection) I suppose it will become the new 'Poster Child' for the offenders of wildlife, when will folks learn that all the wolves are to them, is a 'business' and cash cow from the public! all babies are cute until they grow up! I expect this pup will eventually find a home in some zoo somewhere, with a plaque in front of it's CAGE like 'smokey the bear' telling it's story of survival against man and the elements... Bosh! sure sorry for Idaho having the spotlight back on them for defending their state.

Jeffrey Dahmer

was a cute baby too.

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You fry wants with that?